Thailand Now – New Travel Restrictions COVID-19 (Bangkok)

In this video I bring you into Bangkok BTS station, Mall and Grocery Store to show you both the impact and measures put into place to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus COVID – 19 here in Thailand. I also talk about some new travel restrictions/requirements put in place due to the worldwide pandemic. I also talk about tourism hotspots that are temporarily closed down in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.


  1. I was a bad boy and went to Bike Week in Daytona last week, it was packed and people from all over the country was there so I knew I was taking a risk but since I came back I have stayed away from people especially the elderly like my 80 year old mom. I don’t worry so much about myself but I would feel terrible giving it to someone else. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Gift and family 🙏
    Cheers 🍻

  2. UPDATE: I arrived BKK at 07:30am on March 20. I was able to get through Immigration and to my house okay. The additional thing all travelers were required to do at BKK before being allowed to proceed to the Immigration Officer was to download the “AOT Airports” app on your mobile phone, take a picture of your photo passport page, fill out all information for the COVID-19 Inbound Passenger Control on your mobile phone and after you have successfully filled in the info, SHOW the person checking that you downloaded the app and successfully completed the info and then they let you proceed to the Immigration Officer. This was the only additional thing you had to do as of 07:30am on March 20. I heard that starting tomorrow (March 21) the rules are changing again and you’ll need to show proof of insurance and maybe something else. All I know is, the talk at the airport is the requirements will change again starting on the 21st. What exactly, I don’t know. Check BEFORE you fly. And download the AOT airport app and fill out the info BEFORE heading to the immigration officer. It was a cluster f* .

  3. Thank you for this Joe. We currently have a number of close friends who currently have it. Fortunately my family began social distancing some weeks back, phew.
    We are meant to be in Hua Hin right now but chose to re arrange our trip, your vlog confirmed that we made the right decision. However I’d gladly fly over just to stock up on toilet paper 😊. Stay safe guys, we can get through this if we work together.

  4. It is extremely concerning Joe that is for sure . here in the US most states have closed down bars and restaurants for the most, you can only get delivery or pickup of food from these places and hours have been cut back . Our grocery stores are doing ok with fresh stock several times a week , however the problem is that people are hoarding and shopping as if they will never be able to for weeks. TP is a big problem , but we are doing what families did many years ago …using cloths like they did with diapers…we use them then wash them in beach to reuse, but the younger generation think that is below them to do . Most governments locally are telling the people to shop for a week at a time, but you said it most aren’t . We have decided to stay home…we did a grocery shopping order on line an paid the extra 10 bucks to have it delivered . I saw the news brief with that kid saying what he did…and I almost fell out of my chair…so selfish for sure. Not to many years ago kids his age would have turned and said what can I do to help others or my country with this matter . But if you watched the news the spring break areas in the US are full of people out and about without a care in the world. They are either are to dumb or like you said just pure shellfish to realize this issue. I wish you and Gift all the best in your move and I pray for the world for a fast and safe end to this virus ….

  5. not sure if you registered with S.T.E.P. but US State Dept sent out an email notifying Stage 4 Travel Advisory. Meaning, officials/diplomats that work at the US Embassy can leave to come back to US and they may close. and as a US citizen “you may be forced to remain outside of the United States for an indefinite timeframe.”

    1. @Foreigner Joe so far so good. Was over at Emporium/EM Quartier today. Which, I guess is the last day of “Mall” for a while. All good. Thailand is still a great fit for me! Be well 🙂

  6. Just a note about the travel insurance requirement Joe >
    UK travel insurance has been suspended.
    Because our Foreign Office advises against all none essences travel.
    No cover for coronavirus.
    So the Thai requirement for insurance is a show stopper.

    Even if you have travel insurance.
    The situation is this > you may be covered (check with your insurance compNy)
    If you do anything that could increase the risk your claim may be rejected.
    Including >
    Ignoring any Government advice
    Travelling to a country that is a higher risk.
    Attending a mass gathering or event a concert or convention.
    The insurance company can find a way to refuse a payout.

    BBC link on this issue >

  7. Unfortunately at times like this Joe people show their true colours and we certainly have our fair share of dickheads here in the UK.  I am working from home now and we think it might be for 12 weeks.  My sister who is an NHS nurse rang me yesterday to say that they have been organised into separate teams to work on the virus.  She is in the second wave, so when the first wave get sick her team backfill and so on, to avoid everyone going down at the same time. 
    It is serious stuff and I cant go and see my parents who are in their 80’s but my dad is ex armed forces and very practical so they should be okay.  If we all keep our heads and work together we will get through this – but just need to keep the dickheads in their boxes! :).
    Good luck with the move and it sounds like good timing.

  8. I have been taking every possible precaution, but watching the situation unfold gives me a sense of helplessness and fear. It reminds us that rich or poor, old or young we are all bound by the same forces of nature. I know people have different beliefs and I respect that but prayer has returned to my daily rituals to fill in the gaps of that which I cannot control. I am not naive and know many will never be my friends yet I pray for all of humanity anyway because this plague reminds us we must work together. Stay strong.

  9. People are underestimating this virus, this is the situation now in many Italian hospitals
    Be careful Joe, stay safe you and Gift, *it’s bullshits that only the elderly get seriously ill, even young people here are getting seriously hill* , ICU beds fill up very fast, if they are not enough many people will be left to die.
    In Bergamo dead bodies have to be brought to other cities by the military because they have too many to cremate:

    And this is what happens in northern Italy (Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna) where the healthcare system usually ensures a regular good assistance, I can’t even imagine what will happen when this virus will spread in the south of Italy where the hospitals have been always an absolute crap.

  10. I only watched this once and my wife appreciated what you showed. Did I hear you mention something about moving to Prachuap? We live by Wat Huai Monghol out in the rural area. We only go shopping once a month or so. No problems here so far.

  11. I see allot of people in this video with there mask on the wrong way, the green or grey side should be inside, for keeping germs out, when the green Side is on the outside, it is to keep germs in, if you are sick you put the green side on the outside, so you don’t get other people sick, if you do not want to get germs, you put the green side inside. but personally I am happy when I am out and people have the green on the outside. it’s better for me. in pattaya there is no place with masks in stock. and the one lady I found who had a box of them charged me 1000 baht for a box of 50. and she only had two boxes. in Pattaya I only found one pharmacy that had hand sanitizer. all other places are out of it. Home pro and Big C and 7/11 have no masks and no hand sanitizer. toilet paper is not an issue in Thailand because they have butt sprayers. what you said about the people coming from pattaya being stopped by the police, that bothers me, because in Pattaya I have not heard of one person having the virus or dying from the virus. so it makes me think that Thailand is hiding what areas have the virus. and how many people are dying from it. and with the recent close down of bars and walking street. it shows that Thailand is taking it serious, I just wish they would be honest with the public with what is going on. and not hiding it like China did at first. and as far as the college kids in Florida. allot of people were disgusted by all the kids at the beach. and now Florida has shut down all the beaches. there are allot of old people at risk in Florida. but there are also old people everywhere, including me. things are getting more scary everyday. I just hope that Thailand and the USA don’t get like Italy.

  12. Greetings, it is good to know that you all are well. Take care of yourself because things are going to get very difficult, this is just beginning. We all have to prepare ourselves even emotionally because the life we were familiar with will not be the same for a long, long time. Life is

  13. I’ve been saying it a while: the virus is not the main enemy here (the overwhelming majority of those who contract it will experience nothing more than a moderate illness) – supply chain and shortages of essentials and the disruption to economies is the far, far bigger enemy and could ultimately lead to dire consequences.

  14. I payed £15 for 6 mask on ebay, which I got back in January when they outbreak happened, I work in health and social care, my bosses said the mask don’t work, this were 8 weeks ago, now they are saying we are getting them off the NHS for our work that we do, and just watching your video you pay 10 baht for 4, it’s unbelievable how much the UK charge x

  15. In Phuket now. Yeah Bangla road is closed, so are the massage, clubs and bars. But there are still an alarming amount of tourists still roaming the streets. 20% of what it usually is, which is still a decent amount of people. Stay safe everyone and good luck.

  16. Morning Joe another very good vlog in the latest over there. I hear this morning Thailand considering closing borders to Foreigners entering? Had to happen I guess. The guy you spoke to from Melbourne can return to his home but has to self isolate for 14 days. No foreigners allowed into Aus as of last night. Stay safe plenty of hand washing

  17. I totally understand your rant Joe, it’s the same in the UK, some sections of our society are so selfish, they’ve been dragged up not brought up by selfish parents. That’s why Thai culture and society is so attractive to western people, it’s how it used to be back home. Family life is still valued in Thailand, I hope it doesn’t head down the same route as my country.

  18. Joe & Gift: Stay Safe & Healthy! It’s real bad here. Masks, Gloves, Medical Supplies and everyday items are either in very short supply or it’s out of stock. We are only allowed to buy 2 Packs of any Meat per person. just a heads up to give U what’s going on here and no one would have ever dreamed of it. 10 Bhat for 4 Masks is a great deal. We wish we could have Millions of Masks, Gloves and Medical Supplies etc. Ww! Looks like U guys have everything. I may have to Import some Mask, Gloves and Hand Sanitizers etc.Blessings!

  19. Thailand is closing it’s borders without closing the borders ! No doctor in the west is going to sign this health certificate and a test is expensive and will only be performed on a sick person not on a healthy one. So with this new rule Thailand is blocking almost all tourists from coming into the country.

  20. You are always so honest and kind. I hope we can catch up some time by the beach. Im in Ottawa Canada, and things are just heating up here. This is incredibly serious and people dont care. That thing you said about that dumb college student, I saw the same video. Another reason to raise any future kids in thailand, where the children still wanna loo after the old, they have a sense of duty

  21. Things will never be normal again Joe,the corona virus is the least of the worlds problems!! the world economy is crashing,2008 was nothing in comparison to what is just around the corner…this is Un agenda 21 in full swing.soon our fiat money will be worth nothing soon. this is part of the new world order that president bush talked about on tv, years ago.hold on…its gonna get way worse than you can imagine…take care man..

  22. The person will be sorry he made this statement. The news media here in the US is still producing fake news and playing politics. We dont have time has run out on containment. Millions will die of all ages by July 4th if they do not impose marshal law by this weekend. Prayers back to you brother. Thank you for the kind words and truth. It didn’t have to be this way. Life will never be the same. I canceled by ticket Jan 7th and Jan 23rd. I kept hoping I was wrong. Now I have to go to work for 3 months without proper protective equipment because the government did not do their job and protect the citizens. I’m at the 100 and 96 score occupational risk and hope I survive without lung damage. The stupid kid might survive but could be disabled for life with lung damage. I miss my 2nd home and hope to pray again at Wat Arun the Temple of the Sun. Blessings to you. Stay inside this is very contagious and deadly. Peace

  23. Stuck in my home in Oklahoma… Nothing to do, but watch TV, eat and workout…. Actually I have rabbits and a garden to maintain… Y’all stay safe…..

  24. We were coming 25th of April from Australia but on return must self quarantine for 14 days . Australia has closed its borders no foreigners only Permanent Residents aloud back in . The Aussie government has told all Australians to not leave on flights and others to come home or risk being locked out . We are now at over 1000 cases something like 150 new cases overnight so they are saying . Only a matter of time before before more restrictions are implemented

  25. Latest word from the Canadian government is that face masks don’t prevent transmission. The dire shortages of N95 masks are putting health workers at great risk, who really need them. You cannot get them in Canada. In Asia, they are apparently a social convention, not an effective means of protection. The masks in your video have wide gaps, so won’t help. We are told to isolate at home, and use hand sanitizer. It is also impossible to find. A large number of people who are infected don’t show symptoms. This is a very “smart” vicious virus. “Flattening the curve” means delaying the inevitable: everyone will get it. Flattening just reduces the stress on the medical system. Stay safe and make sure your place is stocked up as reasonably as possible.

  26. Love you like a brother but you do know that that mask does not protect you from the virus, right? I take it that the N 95 masks were just not available for you. Yep… it is real deal bro. Be safe – and good health to you. Please… minimize your exposure to heavily populated areas. Please be safe. Sawadee krap.

  27. Hey Joe, I just discovered your channel, great to meet you and welcome to Thailand :P, I am a Flemish guy, living here since March 2007, the first time I came to Thailand was 1982, there were still rice fields in Asoke 55555. You seem to be a very nice couple, I live on Onnut.

  28. Here in California the stores are sold out of a lot of things. Today at Walmart they had a little bit of toilet paper. They would only let people buy one package per person.

  29. Just left Samui yesterday. Sad day for me. I had extended an extra month but the US state Department said come home now or maybe stranded for a long time so I changed my flight once again. I still think I would have been better off there but friends and family don’t get it! Best to you guys!

  30. If you want to see a fully stocked shop , the third world seems to be where it is at. Shopping in Australia at the moment is if you see it buy it , cause it won’t be there once you blink. Chaos.I just had to cancel two weeks in THAI because I can’t spare the quarantine time on return.Bummer momma.

  31. They are getting ready to lockdown BKK maybe tomorrow Mar.22! Lot’s better than Italy,imagine if you had stayed there! You have a guardian angel bro!

  32. When i asked my thai friends not to visit me for their own safety, they replied you tingtong. They don’t understand. Don’t they explain in thai tv or social media? My teacher even translated it to thai for me but they don’t listen

  33. The UK supermarkets are empty. Stuck here can’t get to Thailand for nobodies knowns how long before we return. It feels like the end of the world

  34. I am thankful that I found your video. My daughter is in Bangkok studying. I know that she doesn’t want me to worry and keeps her messages light. I am proud of her independent spirit and desire to reach her personal and professional goals, but it was hard for me to understand why she had to go to Thailand to achieve them. But, I am just a mom… I look forward to seeing more of your videos so that I can get a better picture of what life is like over there and know that there are ex pat’s like her enjoying an adventurous life outside of the USA. Keep safe, healthy and happy.

    1. It’s normal for parents to worry my friend. I have a son in college that I worry about all the time as well. I’m sure your daughter will be fine. Hopefully things will get better soon. Thank you 🙏 for watching. Stay safe! All the best!

  35. Hi Joe thank you for a good word
    for speaking you are thoughts.
    There are some YouTubers are not show the respect for the situation
    Like a young man you were talking about.
    I wish I was down in Thailand with my better half Under this situation.
    but I am in my home country of Denmark Our borders are closed.
    only 10 people are allowed together in public and the have to be about 6 feet from each other after government put in law right now now it’s like a Bangkok from Sunday
    We are not confined to us houses.

    I wish the best for you and a person’s around you and hope to see some more YouTube locks from you in the future

  36. I’m one of those who is in a high risk category. I’m 76 and have pulmonary problems. I’m not overly concerned, but I do wash my hand and sanitize more than I usually did. I also get aggravated with these irresponsible people who only care about themselves, and to hell with everyone else. The one thing that makes me so mad is these stupid people who are hoarding everything. I hope their day will come.
    Take care and be careful.

    1. I would like to add to my comment. Other than the illness I mentioned I am in relatively good health. I am staying at home. Only going to the grocery as I need things. I use sanitation wipes and wash my hands on a regular basis.

  37. You realise that the masks are a complete waste of time? They do nothing to stop the chance of you getting the corona virus. They are not sealed around your face so virus can get in through the sides etc. It is hilarious that people think they work

    1. @Greg Fisher The problem is that no one knows if they have it until they get the symptoms’ or they get tested my friend. I’m not disagreeing with you, I am only one person trying to do my part where possible. We are living in some crazy times that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Stay safe! All the best!

    2. @Foreigner Joe ..the information comes from leading virologists. Agree that if you have a virus then wearing a mask is appropriate. Otherwise they say they are a complete waste of time providing no real protection. Also you notice people wearing masks are also adjusting the mask so touching all the time. . Keep well

    3. I think I’ll take my chances of wearing a mask 😷 perhaps you are right. Not sure 🤔 where you got your scientific proof. The virus can be spread through many measures i.e. touching surfaces and then touching your mouth and nose. Wearing a mask prevents me from doing that when I am out and about or until I can probably wash my hands. Also, if I unknowingly do have the virus and cough or sneeze when you or someone else is around me, perhaps I can reduce the chance of spreading it to you of them. All the best!

  38. It’s not just young kids that are doing and saying stupid thing. We had the governor of oklahoma showing pic’s of him and his kids out in a full restaurant and making fun of this virus and saying he was going to keep going out . As Dr. Fauci has advised Trump and the rest of congress saying the worse is yet to come and we are only are the start of this virus.
    I live in vegas and we have 40 million visitors a year. That’s more then the whole country of thailand gets in a year. We shutdown every casino and every business unless they could show they were essential like food stores. Seven hundred just dead in one day in Italy. Twenty percent of those in the hospital were people from 20 to 50 years of age.
    The store are almost getting back to stocking the store shelves unless it’s toilet paper. Joe did you ever buy a condo?.

    1. Hopefully things get better soon my and we can get to our normal lives my friend. No, I haven’t purchased a condo and just recently relocated to Prachuap Khiri Khan. Something I planned about six months ago. Stay safe! All the best!

  39. I wonder why Thailand wait. Close it all done why waiting until more people get infected in the end if the day they have to do the same as Europe then better do it right now

    1. @Foreigner Joe It may be because I called it back for an edit. You might see it now. BTW I’ve been married to a Thai for 30+ years so we are keeping up on the situation in-country on a daily basis with family there.

  40. High-end food markets at upscale malls in Bangkok do not reflect the overall situation in Thailand. Markets like Makro around the country give a better picture of the average citizens reality. I do agree at this time looks like supply is good. But we’ll see how long the supply chain can keep up with the demand.

    1. Hi Tim, I am no longer in Bangkok my friend. I moved to Prachuap Khiri Khan. When I went to the Gourmet Market that was the situation on18 March. Here in Prachuap we went to Tesco and the same situation as in the Gourmet Market with the exception of no hand sanitizer. However, as we all know, the situation is fluid. So many things have changed in Bangkok since I left. Hopefully things will get better soon and we can all return to our normal lives. Thank you 🙏 for sharing the link, scary times. Stay safe! All the best!

  41. hey joe its Eric from canada stay safe in pattaya or bbk here its nightmare justin trudeau close are border completely and everything its gost town in here mall are close all canada airport its close 950 dead people here of the corona virus in canada i am getting back my vouchers of 8000$ flight ticket and hotel compensation from the agency and my government so i am planning going back too Thailand in 2023 in january to celebrate my 44 Stephane richer hockey players favourite number see you soon hop everything going too be normal in the world peace bro

  42. This is interesting we were in Bangkok not to many days ago at that very mall. Did not see that stylish cleansing portal though lol. In our recent video we actually did show some panic buying at a Big C… So I was surprised your store was stocked.

  43. Hi Pal are you living in thailand or juste on holiday I see through the videos that you frequent the luxurious hotels it will cost you at the end of the account. I visited it 4 times in a row, the first it was in 1993. and each time it was fabulous. So Joe pay attention to you the coronavirus is moving very quickly so take all precautions. I still wish you a good stay in the land of smiles, that i miss Moh from Algiers.

    1. Thank you 🙏. Actually, I’m on a retirement 2nd extension of stay here in Thailand my friend. I show both expensive and very inexpensive hotels. I have just recently moved out of Bangkok and am now living in Prachuap Khiri Khan and paying about $200 a month for rent. We are currently in semi self isolation with the exception of shopping for groceries and water. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. All is well my friend. Gift and I moved to Prachuap Khiri Khan and are currently busy settling in. I will will thy to post an update soon. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. Thank you 🙏 my friend. Gift and I recently moved to Prachuap Khiri Khan and have been extremely busy settling in. I will try to post an update soon. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. I’m not sure my friend. If you are subscribed to my channel, click on the bell 🔔 and you should receive a notification anytime I upload a video. Stay safe! All the best!

  44. Great video and still I see every day people socialising with a beer in group eventhough the bars are closed…I don’t know if it is out stupidity or ignorance 🤔

  45. Joe and Gift , Spent all day watching your channel, Reminds me of my time in Ubon & Bangkok.
    Keep them coming, maybe one day I’ll return, Thankyou

  46. Hello from Boston , I’m a new subscriber, been binge watching your videos all morning , Really enjoying them , I saw that video of that college kid also, when you mentioned ” …… when he gets home ” , the first thing that came to mind was that if he was my son ” when he got home …ALL HIS BELONGINGS WOULD BE ON THE FRONT STEPS !!!!!!!!
    The younger generation today just don’t have the same values we had when we were their age ( lent my 25 year old nephew a $4000.00 no interest $100/month loan , he made three payments and hasn’t returned any of my calls or texts in over a year ).
    I’ve been to Thailand twice and after watching your videos I’m getting the itch to get back there , obviously I’ll have to wait till this all blows over .
    Thanks for the videos Joe and please keep them coming !

    1. Thank you 🙏 so much for the sub my friend. I hope your nephew realizes the great uncle he has and returns to money you let him borrow. Stay safe! All the best!

  47. A little scary that is an understatement and there are some still not taking this seriously. Wish more people would practice social distance. Here now all people coming back into Canada have to do self quarantine or risk a large fine and possible jail time as well. Also if they knowingly spread the virus it could be a million dollar fine and jail time. Ah full shelves so no panic buying there at least not yet. No hand sanitizer here that I can find. Too many people like that in this world who don’t care and don’t take this seriously. I also think Trump is crazy too to think he can get thing up and running in 2 weeks. Be safe there Joe and Gift

    1. Hi Mark, we are doing well my friend. We have just been extremely busy with our move to Prachuap. We are basically staying home and self distancing when we do have to shop for anything, We hope all is well with you and your family as well. All the best!

  48. Hi Joe,and gift hope all good for you’s it’s getting a bit crazy in Aussie two guy rod 500 rolls of toilet paper what are they doing with selling on the black market who no all the best be safe Aussie pete

  49. Most of world people were misled that Thailand is living on tourism alone. No, that’s very wrong. Actually the country’s income from tourism alone is only 8 out of the total.

    The biggest slice in Thailand’s income is in fact the exported goods, and most of them is consumer products, both foods and products for living. And most of the raw materials are also from inside the country itself, because besides the tourism, Thailand is also a power in agriculture.

    So during these trying times Thailand is very capable of living on its own in decades, as long as the government won’t be so stupid that it lock down the manufacturers in long term. But I believe they won’t be that retard.

  50. Be safe Joe and Gift !! I see Thai people did not do the hoarding. I hope you two are safe and sound. Alaska has been a little crazy in stores but people have been behaving themselves.

  51. Hi Foreigner Joe I also did a posting about this strange piece of kit that has appeared or a different subject as I am new to this I have a posting which has been flagged for a copyright should I take it down? Hope all is well regards MIA Martin in Asia

    1. It depends, if it’s only flagged and not a strike on your channel, I would just leave it posted. I have several myself but I don’t care about the money just the content I produce. Stay safe! All the best!

  52. Thanks for updating Joe. We were supposed to arrive there in 2 weeks but that has been put on the back burner indefinitely now, as we are on total lock down. Hope you an Gift are safe and stay well.

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