Thailand lock down. All Foreigners and Expats, WEAR A MASK! Day 4

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Thailand lock down. All Foreigners and Expats, WEAR A MASK! In this live stream, I will explain the stigma of foreigners and expats not wearing a mask in Thailand. Many Thailand businesses, specifically in Bangkok and Pattaya, are requesting that everyone wears a mask before entering their establishments. If you are a expat or foreigner in Thailand, according to reports, you must wear a mask to enter the vast majority of businesses in Thailand. This is not a situation where Thai’s are being unforgiving. It is a situation, which they have been told that masks are a good source of protection. The Thai’s are simply following their government’s suggestions, just as you are following your government’s suggestions. It’s really simple. Wear a mask in Bangkok, Pattaya, or any other area in Thailand when you leave your home, hotel, or apartment.

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    1. because they are in close direct contact with sick people. The cast majority of people walking around is not in direct contact with sick people.

  1. They say one should wear a mask only if one is sick. How about if you are asymptomatic, a carrier for this virus infection but experience no symptoms. How do you know your sick ?

  2. I’m in Canada and masks, hand sanitizer and even toilet paper been sold out for months, luckily got some ventilators and stocked up on hand sanitizer, soap, food and ass wipe, now they say may be months before you can get Lysol wipes, masks, etc,

    1. There are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to make your own masks. Women who can sew are sewing them by the bunch and donating them to hospitals.

  3. Masks protect the wearer from droplets that contain the”vito.” When I break the seal on my door to go walk the streets of Bangkok, I wear a mask. In Thailand, I see it as a sign of respect towards my Thai neighbors and friends.

    1. I just heard about the situation in CT Lee. It sounds fairly grim. I wish you all the best sir. I hope the situation around you improves quickly.

    1. I understand your frustration, however, the live chats are there to build a community and make people feel part of the community. That is why I operate the live stream the way I do. I’m very sorry if it’s uncomfortable for you, please enjoy the rest of the content on the channel. Thank you for your comment..

  4. the problem is with the masks, you see many people with it down to their chin. People who wear masks generally touch their face more adjusting the mask. This is how you are getting more bacteria and virus on your face.

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