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Thailand will always have a special place in my heart. it was here that i learnt travelling wan’t just about seeing new destinations, but it was also about the people you venture into them with, that happiness comes from the smiles around us not the amount of items we possess. i grew so much here in a short amount of time, and i can’t wait to be back. My journey started in Phuket where i met some other travellers at a hostel. We became best friends in a matter of days, and travelled to the phi phi islands, Krabi, Koh Tao, Koh pha ngan and many more places. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai from Chiang Rai to Pai, i managed to see almost all of Thailand and met so many unforgettable faces along the way. What a journey it was! i Can’t wait to travel to Thailand again! Cup coon cup!

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  2. ทุกคนสวัสดีครับ
    Can please anyone tell where are the places from 2:22, 3:18, 3:20

  3. Could you make tutorial how to make those transactions? Some of them are are awesome like that one at 2:42 haven’t seen better once for a while now. Or if you used template which one was it ? Great video and love Thailand too

  4. I always come back here. Your video is outstanding. I’ve been there and saw all these beautiful places. I get flashbacks everytime I see this and hope to go back someday.

  5. Wow! Just remember my last summer there! Amazing. Which cameras are you using in your adventures? Thank you from Lisbon, Portugal

  6. ใครสามารถแปลให้ได้ย้างคะอยากรู้ว่าเขาพูดอะไร

  7. Wish local Thai people will appreciate their beautiful county and stop littering everywhere!! Trash everywhere in the city. Bangkok canals are more like sewers!! All the Asian cities I visited are super clean but sadly not Thailand. Dont blame tourist for littering too because I saw tourists couldn’t take it and help cleaning up the street. Shame on you Thai people.

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