Thailand Implements an Emergency Decree: What You Need to Know | Lock down in Bangkok | Day 1

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Today, Thailand implemented it’s emergency decree. For reasons pertaining to the spread of this virus, Thailand has implemented a state of emergency, which includes a soft lock down of the country. In this video, I will explain what you need to know if you are in, or traveling to Thailand. Most of the country is practicing the same measures as other countries around the world. The Thai Government has done an excellent job thus far, keeping expats, foreigners, and Thai citizens safe. I live and work in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok has seen the most disruption, of any city in Thailand, due to the number of tourists who pass through the city. This is my report from Bangkok, Thailand on Day one of the soft lock down.

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  1. Good hat. Thanks for covering the news. I’m in social distancing til further notice. Thank God got my new Visa yesterday inspite of huge crowds at Chiang Wattana.

  2. We are here on Lockdown in Ireland too Jeremy. I did a video recently on Staying positive in these uncertain times check it out if you get time bro.

  3. Gloves are fine, just make sure that you discard them before entering your apartment and wash and sanitize your hands often. Stay safe and I now hope to return to Thailand the 1st of July.

  4. Don’t really need gloves, washing hand and using hand sanitizers is more efficient. The virus doesn’t penetrate the skin. Gloves retain the virus on them and you just continue to spread it when you touch anything with the gloves. Wash hand and use sanitizer kills the virus.

  5. thanks for the update. over here in Bang Na area (Bangkok province) BTS is vacant but indeed working. NOTE: if you go past Bearing, there is an Army checkpoint as that’s the province boarder. So far, HappyFresh & FoodPanda are my friends over here near True Digital Park. CRAZY quiet last night about 12mid when I went out for a walk. cool albeit a bit odd. be well.

  6. Good video. Very informative. I’ve been to Thailand 20 times. I like the free-spirited feeling of the country. I met some nice people, and had some good adventures in Thailand.

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