Thailand and Covid Mix Like Oil and Water

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This video is for informational purposes only. There is no science- related dialogue in this video, regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic. This video simply explains that Thailand and Covid Mix like oil and water. This means, Covid being in Thailand is not good for the tourism sector of Thailand. The tourism sector generates approximately 20% of Thailand’s GDP. Covid has had a major economic impact on Thailand and Thailand’s tourism industry. In this video, I discuss those topics. Thailand has dealt with controlling the spread of the illness very well, according to the W.H.O. In this video, I talk about the loss of industry Thailand has suffered because of the first lock down, and the subsequent second cluster of cases. However, the Thai people are resilient. They always pull through situations like this. This is my story of living in Thailand, throughout the pandemic. I hope this information allows people to know what it has been like, living in Thailand.

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  1. For about 5 years in a row Bangkok was the most visited city in the world. Considering the size of Thailand, it really magnifies how important tourism is. I doubt any country, per person, has been hit harder than Thailand financially.

  2. I believe Thailands objective with their add campaign is to scare the people enough so they will not be so apt to break the rules. Make the best of what you have and keep doing more life 😎✌🏼

  3. Hey Jeremy, good points with the video. One thing I would add on the “paranoia” comment is that the paranoia basically traces back to the superb job that the government and local media did at making people terrified of the disease…and people believing what they are told. You can see more-or-less the same thing in the US with the segments of the population that believe everything they are told on the idiot box as well…very stark divide between those who are “paranoid” and those who aren’t.

    The only thing I hope is that with this current outbreak of the dreaded “C” is that the paranoia isn’t combined with xenophobia against guavas (guava in Thai is “farang”), like there was in some segments of society back in the March/April timeframe during the initial lockdown.

  4. Let’s hope this madness ends soon. I’ve never been to SE Asia and really want to go. Thanks for this information. I’m sure it covers more than just Thailand.

  5. Yucatan Mexico is mostly open. Never closed, other than no foreigners in certain areas for three months. The govt could not survive a longer lockdown with 90% Tourism GDP. Gotta open the globe and live with the risk.

  6. I am happy to receive the vaccine, despite having already had the virus, but in return I expect to be exempted from quarantine. I wait for Thailand to agree…

  7. I think the Philippines has even more paranoia, some of there restrictions were much more draconian! It’s not a cure it’s a vaccine that will hopefully finish it. Just heard that expats will be able to get the vaccine in private hospitals when available!

  8. The people we considered to be our leaders, who are supposed to protect us and provide general conditions for the people to survive and thrive in a country, HAVE LET US DOWN. There’s three ways to look at their failure:
    1) They are doing the best they can with the information they have; they have risen to their level of incompetence
    2) They are using this situation as an opportunity to “reset” things in their favour. By “their” I mean the ruling elites of every country.
    3) A combination of 1) and 2)
    I believe most countries are experiencing 3). People will not stand for this much longer. There’s very little talk about the countless suicides and death from other means because of the “measures”. We are going to see uprisings in some countries that have extreme measures in relation to their covid situation. We are also going to see more of this type of disease and will have to deal with them, but not in the way covid was handled.

    The silver lining: We may have been forced to jump ahead 5 to 10 years when it comes to work and living i.e. working from home has now become the norm for many segments of the workforce. That’s not a bad thing; less time spent in traffic, less stress of driving. More time with family and friends. More time in the natural world if you live near green space. In the long run, this might be better for the planet and for our well being.

  9. There will never be a cure because it is a virus not a disease. And just like all other viruses we learn to navigate life with them. The vaccines will help but just like the normal flu, people will still get this strand or a different strand. We need to return to our normal lives soon so people and their businesses do not continue to suffer.

  10. Many don’t know this, but Thailand was ranked #6 country in the world in ability to deal with a global pandemic in a John Hopkins study released in November of 2019 (before COVID was even really out there). They just have systems in place to really deal with pandemics and I am sure that is due to the fact they realize, a country receiving over 30 millions visitors a year, they are highly vulnerable to world diseases coming into their country. Your point is well taken. This virus is changing the world, quickly. The USA is practically falling apart right now to very dangerous levels. Finally, I know many businesses, such as hotels, are now starting to close back down with reopen dates set for beyond June of 2021 (6 months closures). The expectations is that Thailand will not see a rebound in tourism until the second half of 2021 at the earliest if not until 2022.

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