Thailand, A Celebration Under Quarantine.

Vlog#821 Today Is a very unusual day in Thailand. April 13th is one of the most popular holidays in Thailand. It is Thai New Year, also known as Songkron. There are Bans on All celebrations world wide, and it seam Thai people are doing there best to make this go away. This Is everyday life living in the land of smiles, behind a face mask.
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  1. Songkron celebrations should be like this every year. For a country that has major drought, celebrations that waste water should be logically banned.

  2. I think the advantage that Thais have is that it’s not normal behaviour in Thailand to touch other people. Bowing instead of shaking hands. Etc. Is in built social distancing. And temperature above 38°C probably helps too. But lower temperatures in the 30’s don’t make a difference.

    1. I have wondered about that myself, if the lack of physical contact in public made a difference. Also surfaces outside. The virus can survive up to three days on metal but i bet it’s never tackled a Thai handrail in full sun. The surface of the sun is cooler. Don’t ask me how i know 55.

  3. Happy subdued Songkran. We’re just kickin back and relaxing, just like you guys. Have not heard of any cases in the Khantharalk area as everyone is trying to stay safe and limit their activity. We don’t drink so that hasn’t been a problem. Just alot og reading and wife tinkering on her vegetable gardin.

  4. The water scene with Paige throwing water was suppose to be my twin throwing the water. lol Not sure what happen. Thanks for the comments guys, see you on the next video

  5. You could call this vid, The Director’s Cut..for the people commenting, you could rename it …CCC…Chuck’s Commentary Collection…voila ! Let’em blab, mai pen arai….eh ? 👍🏻 kop for vid 🙏🏻

  6. Chuck I love the conversation so please keep doing what you’re doing. I know I’ve commented to ignore the idiots and that kind of thing, but I enjoy the discussion. 👍👍 beers on me as soon as I can get back over there to Thailand!

  7. Happy Songkran and Thai New Year Chuck and Paige and to Paw Red and Maa Maw and the rest of the family. May our year transition from despair to a prosperous and healthy one! Sawatdee pii mai tuk khon!

  8. Nicely put Chuck.
    If people can’t enjoy your vid’s and have to whine when you comment about the negative few who bag you, then yes they really need to take a chill pill.

    Don’t change anything Chuck. This is a saviour for a lot of people at this moment in our world.

  9. Hey chuck…I googled it for you, Thailand is about 3 times bigger then FLA and 4 times PA. Thailand has 5 times the population of PA. We have 10 times more COVID19 here in Pennsylvania then the country of Thailand :-(, safer in Thailand…wish I was there.

  10. When the flowers 🌷 on the 🌹 u will get black buds we call this be heading when u break them of when you do this u will have a lot more flowers 🌹 page is just a blue of fun I was trying to lean thia with those lockdown but with my stroke I cannot remember it I will have to relay on tec

  11. This Covid-19 is a Virus, it’s like the flu or a cold. It is going to keep coming back year after year ! What is the world going to do shut down every time it comes around ? They say it mutates like the flu and even if the come up with a vaccine, it will still be like the flu and the vaccine they force on everyone will be the wrong one for the strain that is going around, so this lock down is all for nothing !!!

    1. True the flu virus mutates but every year they modify the vaccine for the expected new strain. The same will apply to this one. At the moment things are bad because this one is new to humans and there is no degree of immunity but when new vaccines arrive it will be same as before.

  12. Wow. Hearing that there was only 1 new case. So happy for everyone there. Here in the U.S, very different story. I’ve been on lock down for 30 days in TX area. Because of my disability, if i contract COVID-19, I’m in the “high-risk of fatality” demographic. As of this morning in Thailand, they have reported 2643 cases with 43 deaths in comparison, I live in Denton County, there are 507 cases and 13 deaths.

  13. No matter what viewers say, keep on keeping on. It might be tough to whether the storm, but once you get to the other side, you will be happier to didn’t give up. I enjoy your videos and your points of view. I appreciate your honesty and respect for the Thai culture. You don’t have Covid.

  14. Hey Chuck don’t give the negative commenters any power , you do you like only YOU can do ! I think when things are back to normal I’m going to miss the “Lunch With Chuck And Paige ” segments , Be well , Cheers you two ! P.S. Oh and when your away next time I would be happy to be your “stand in” as the food taster LOL !

  15. Another 2 months? People will be bankrupt and dying by then. All for one covid death a day? Anyway, no Sonkran………every cloud has a silver lining.

  16. Hi All I hope your Easter break in Thai lock down was ok?? Always Great Videos Chuck & Paige !!!! Keep them coming, a question for you and all about the below please:-)

    A question please to you both and anyone looking at comments, I am a British single guy 54 and plan to retire to Thailand when I am 60. I do have a long time Thai Girlfriend 46 and I wanted to know what you think about approx total living costs per month.

    Now I am not looking for on a breadline tight budget nor a High Roller lifestyle just a comfortable one and was thinking can 2 people live on say 60,000 Baht per month which includes everything food,rent,electricity,water,wifi/internet,transport,medical insurance? what do you think? or what would you think a reasonable amount per month would be say between 60,000 to 80,000 Baht? Pease All can I have your comments and Many Thanks for your replies, and Yes I do not have that much money so the max would be between 60,000 to 80,000 per month. Thanks & Regards Eddie Griffiths(British Expat currently living and working from home in Holland.

  17. What does an eye infection have to do with the coronavirus?
    It’s the same in America. People are so paranoid. They believe everything but the truth backed up with facts.
    The cases of coronavirus keep going up . But the good news is that there haven’t been any cases of the flu, 0 murders , no fatalities in car accidents, and no rapes.

  18. Songkron is one of the best celebrations I have ever experienced. Had to cancel this year, but we are now planning to make it back to Sisaket for next year’s. Time permitting, we will stop through Nakhon Phanom for a beer….like you need more of that! Enjoy your videos and can’t wait for our move in 2027.

  19. Quiet lunch with Chuck and Paige!!! We are all having quiet dinners. Happy Thai New Year to you and yours. Thanks for the glimpse of daily quarantined life in Thailand…. Keep up the great videos and your personal comments….

  20. Hey Chuck. You got me drinking my coffee with you every morning. Appreciate that. Regarding the criticism of going over your comments, I see it as expressing your opinion on YOUR channel. Who cares what the haters think? I see it as it’s cathartic for you to express your feelings with an English speaking audience. We all need an outlet.
    Bet you get to 50K subs soon.
    Thank you!

  21. looks like Page has had a few extra espressos 🙂

    re CV cases, I agree that if there were more than the govt stats the word would be everywhere on social media. IMO, the thai govt is following instructions from other bigger govts and perhaps the WHO. makes no sense to lock down the country when barely 40 people have died in 3 months.

    1. I think most of the South East Asian contries have handled this much better than the west. They have dealt with SARS before and know what to do. We rely on computer modelling and we know how well that has gone. I’m trapped in the UK and it has been catastrophic. They had a model to copy already and it was in Asia.

  22. Love your videos. You two are the people I’d love to meet and hang out with one day I hope. My wife is from Chiang mai but lives in a suburb of Vancouver Canada now. It’s 20 Celsius today and complains it’s too hot lol I don’t get it?

  23. I’m surprised by Thailands low numbers. When you see how close the girls are (and how close they live together) in places like Soi 6, Nana Plaza etc etc and how high risk such places must be for one person getting it. Then look at how people stand shoulder to shoulder in Busses, Trains and sociaI & religious events the numbers are amazingly low. I think the numbers can be massaged a bit but not by much.

  24. Thanks for this video Chuck, it really calmed me down, so much stress trapoed at home here in Malaysia. I would say very few can make a 45 min video so calming, interesting, everyday. There is such a lack of “normal” content on yt, that channel “babe where’s my…” trash! Watching you and Paige through this period is really preserving my sanity.

  25. Loved the video ! A bit of cheer for my day. Waiting in an isolation room at a bone marrow transplant clinic for a booster transfusion. I hope you keep doing more conversations with Paige, they’re a hit! One thing about this year is it’s a shared experience worldwide! The first , and I think, the last time we will fight a viral pandemic this way.

  26. Ola Chuck! I don’t have but admiration for you! Thank you for sharing your videos and I wish you the best for you!. Your beautiful wife and your family! Hope to meet you some day and thank you personally Frank in Chicago.!

  27. Should be studying. My night course has moved on line but I’m watching your video and my exam is starting in 45 minutes. The little Joy’s in quarantine you have to take them where you can

  28. It’s a hateful feeling when some one Bose thatto u with waiter but funny when u cam down it is one of those things that is always a good idea at that moment enjoy 😊 it was funny to watch my sister in law did it to me with cold water in thiland it’s warm here it is cool keep talking u will always get one don’t change anything if it s not braking don’t fix it if I could I would move to thiland tomorrow and I went to thiland about ten times but watching ur channel hs help me understand the people more with family Anthony keep it going page 💋 2page

  29. Chuck it’s your show, do your thing… You be You, and damn the comments… Let those negative commentators create their own show… Just saying…

    If there any good to come from this virus and subsequent quarantine, is that we need to be genuinely grateful for all the good we have and have experienced…

  30. Thanks for update.why does bars installed on the kitchen windows?bad guys were trying to steal your beer?he he.anyway thanks Chuck that you ‘re keep going.good luck to you and family.

  31. No real waterparty but wth Sawasdee pimai 💦💦💦💦💦💦 and !! Don’t forget your still in paradise 😉
    Another great video 👍🏻 thx for sharing

  32. no Songkran as we are used to from Thailand, but a good initiative from the Thai government to not let it go now .. I have never experienced that in the 35 years that I know Thailand .. good that there are not a lot of people are infected in Thailand, I hope it stays that way .. here we will get a second and third wave .. haha ​​the ice remains cheap in isan only 20 bht..haha, oops, then I am one of those commenters on your videos, hopefully they are not negative for you😂..all I have never been annoyed by your comment on the vlogg, but maybe you do my comment annoyed 😂 .your thai stew looks delicious.yup from tamarind i also have go sometimes the toilet was a good video again, so as always👍up from me

  33. Keep on keeping on keeping it real! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your candor. The occasional wart is all a part of everyone’s daily life. Definitely no time for anyone to be negative or sad. Stay well and happy my friends and Paige… I love your hair. 😍

  34. What is the name of the Thai music playing at the beginning of the video when you are cycling around? You sometimes play the same music when driving too. Could you post the name even if it is in Thai script maybe I can find it on spotify or something similar? 😀

  35. I really appreciate your tolerance and openness.
    Youtube seem to protect the negative and the dislikers, this is NOT a good thing.
    I enjoy a good discussion, and it amuses me how anti-social social media can be.
    My hobby sometimes is to try to make trolls explode in the light, but it can be too many negative waves, so mostly I just watch and enjoy a slowly growing stupidity 🙂
    When I am in Thailand, I do not bother about things like that, Thai do not want to bother about this or that, some good food and a few cold ones with good friends makes life easy that day.
    Tomorrow never come . . . .

  36. The reason why thai people arent getting the virus as much is because they probably eat better food and are more healthy on average. Another reason and this is fact look it up were ever there is 5 G people are getting the sickest. 5G weakens your imune system. The first place 5G was installed was Wuhan china.

  37. might be a good idea that songkran is cancelled some places are very short of water and supplies are being rationed in some places such as pattaya , the big lake there is down to 5% of capacity

  38. Happy Songkran 💙 Maybe not many cases in Thailand because they eat such healthy food 🥘 & not stressed out, happy smiley people 😁

  39. Hi Chuck. I just wanted to say that for the most part I watch your videos using a TV media box (on my TV), and the TV App version of YouTube I have does not have the option to make comments. I just don’t enjoy as much watching YouTube on my PC or Phone, otherwise I would leave more comments (positive comments of course). Maybe that defines me as just being lazy, but that’s the way it is. If it’s a video I like rest assured that you will still get a thumbs up from me.

  40. Call me a geography nazi but … Thailand is about 3.7 times bigger than Florida.
    Florida is approximately 139,670 sq km, while Thailand is approximately 513,120 sq km, making Thailand 267% larger than Florida. Thailand is around the same size as Spain.
    Spain is approximately 505,370 sq km, while Thailand is approximately 513,120 sq km, making Thailand 2% larger than Spain. Meanwhile, the population of Spain is ~49.0 million people (19.5 million more people live in Thailand). Thailand is 75% the size of Texas.

  41. Chuck, you are ok. I was in a Bad Mood , stuck in the house for three weeks. The Thai music at the start of the video made me feel happy. Made me feel like I am in Korat.

  42. Really enjoy seeing your everyday life. Haters will be haters and they must have miserable lives. I feel sorry for them. Keep up the great work!

  43. Just keep doing what you do Chuck, if someone doesn’t like it that’s their problem. Your like a caged lion ready to bust out, lol. Hopefully be all over soon and everyone can be free! Take care

  44. Hi, over the last week, I’ve watched every one of your videos and I am nearly finished with this video but felt compelled to comment before the end.

    First and foremost, thank you.

    I am 52, I just retired with 32 years on with one of the largest Sheriff’s departments in the USA and a former Army MP reservist with 9 years.

    Your videos are so down to earth and informative, they arent the polished infomercial like videos that seem to be everywhere on YouTube.

    Your videos are concise, down to earth as if my buddy is talking to me like he is sending me a vlog from Thailand and I love every second of it.

    I appreciate everything you publish and I appreciate you taking the time to help people like me, who are seriously considering vacationing there to get the lay of the land, so I can make an educated, logical decision about retiring in Thailand.

    One last thing. You dont have Pink eye, you have a Stye, a plugged oil gland on your eye lid that has become infected.

    Get a wash cloth, run hot water on it, wring it out and apply the hot compress every 20 minutes on your eye, one hour before bed.

    You should see a vast improvement by the next day. The hot compress will unplug the oil gland.

    Continue as needed.

    I had the EXACT same thing two years ago, my doctor recommended the process and it worked.


    1. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the compliment. Yes it is a stye not pink eye or Corona. It is being managed thank you. And thanks for your service.

  45. I actually really liked this particular hybrid Songkran video. Listening to you both talk with each other was very refreshing to hear. Kind of a nice down home frank discussion over a meal. Of course all your videos are top notch. Can’t wait to return to Issan. Thank you both 🥳

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