Shopping Centres to Reopen in Thailand, Covid-19 Curfew EasedPublished 1 day ago on May 16, 2020By CTN NewsShopping centres Reopen, covid-19 curfew eased, Thailand

Shopping malls, shopping centres and restaurants are among the businesses that will be allowed to reopen in Thailand on Sunday. Furthermore the curfew hours will be shortened by one hour to 11pm.

Convention centres, wholesale markets and swimming pools will also be allowed to reopen, said Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin. Dr. Taweesilp is the spokesman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA).

According to the governments new rules shopping centres will have to close at 8pm. In order to give shoppers sufficient time to return home before the curfew.

Thailand’s state of emergency is still in effect until May 31, 2020. However the curfew will start at 11pm, instead of 10pm, and will run until 4am starting on Sunday. Owners of businesses are also subject to the new curfew rules.

Dr Taweesilp also said cinemas, amusement parks, boxing stadiums and gymnasiums would remain closed. Even more fitness centres will be allowed to reopen under strict conditions.

The easing of restrictions and allowing businesses to reopen comes as Thailand reports fewer new Covid-19 cases and deaths. There were only seven new cases reported on Friday. The seven cases were people returning from visits to Pakistan the Bangkok Post reports. Furthermore there have been no new deaths reported.

Dr Taweesilp said no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed in restaurants businesses in Shopping centres.


My name is Jonny, I am 40 years old living Hua Hin, Thailand. I have been living in Thailand past 7 years.

πŸ”΅Some FAQs

Q. How do you make a living?
A. I have investments in housing & properties in Australia

Q. Are you single?
A. Currently I am in a relationship with my Thai girlfriend

Q. How long have you lived in Thailand?
A. I have been living in Thailand for 7 years, I spent 2 years in Phuket, about 2 years living in Bangkok. Now I am in Hua Hin Thailand.

Q. Why did you start YouTube vlogging?
A. I think I will be able to show the best and worst of Thailand though my eyes. A new perspective on Living In Thailand.

Q. Do you speak Thai?
A. No, but I am currently studying it at school.



  1. How the mighty have fallen. The Thai Kingdom was the last to resist foreign occupation but now is just a Babylonian outpost.
    Corona is a HOAX. PLANDEMIC
    Why you need to wake up now
    Global Human Slavery plan

    No more private businesses, communism, society ruled by AI, no more freedom of religion, no cash, one world currency & government, TOTAL control is the plan. They want humans fighting eachother to bring “order out of chaos” – “Ordo Ab Chao”. This is an ancient plan.

  2. “Real Social Distancing…” At night, after the 15 minute timer on your phone starts beeping, either you or the GF has to roll off the bed and spend the rest of the night on the floor. πŸ˜‹

  3. The terms and conditions in Thai mean, from now on they can track you everywhere you go via your phone.😎😎
    You probably had to show your passport when you bought your SIM card right ? πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  4. I think I changed my mind on retirement.
    Thailand has demonstrated in this times that is not really the land of smiles and friendliness but a totalitarian militaristic regime that will use any method of control on their humble and obedient citizens, even the
    Implementation of the most ridiculous and infantile
    Measures again st something they don’t even understand.
    Sure, I understand it for some countries but totally unnecessary over there.
    The whole world has gone insane.

  5. Shopping is a pain in the arse at the best of times. Hopefully get back to normal fairly soon if there is normal after this. I dread to imagine what this has done to the Thai / world economy. Cheers for Vlog Jonny, remember keep sanitising and stay safe.

  6. Wow Jonny, I don’t recognize Thailand any more…. I thought it was hilarious that the line to get checked for virus before going into the mall was the ONLY place where people were packed in close….D U H ! ! ! !

  7. Jonney give time or well be good . The UK is very close to having a vaccination for this dreadful virus factory is being built outside of Oxford expect to have vaccinations by September hopefully in time for me to jump on a flight to start my new life and my family in Thailand Stay safe Great video once againThumbs

  8. Hi Jonny, loved this vlog. To get into the mall if you have no smart phone then no entry?
    I couldn’t be bothered with that, my pet hate is queues
    Take care mate. D.

  9. well I be knackered I don’t own a smartphone big brother is is watching you . Shopping is a bloody hassle at the best of times but going through all that but it has to done and will continue you for some time I’m afraid to say . As always an interesting and informative vlog. Nice vlog as always stay safe take care Jonny and Som ,an Title

  10. @2:44 l love how that girl just blew past the queue Lol. Just for kicks when someone sees me using my hand sanitizer I offer some up, but I actually give them a squirt of Durex warming personal lubricant 🀣🀣🀣 Thanks for the vid Jonny. Take care. All the best. Mitch

  11. Theve got that phone tracking app here in australia to but you dont have to download it if you dont want to and its a bluetooth app that connects to anouther phone and tells you if youve been in contact with some one thats got the wuhan china virus im not downloading it they can get stuffed plus i live in a little country town with a big river running through it and plenty of fresh air and wide open space and no ones had the virus out here its only in the big citys and where theres a lot of people jammed in close to each other that they get it

  12. Sell ya property in aussie mate before it crashes if you owe money on it.. if ya freehold just sit tight… gonna be a bloodbath in New Zealand…

  13. I guess that will learn you for setting off a fart dart like you did a few videosago…lol
    Better start eating like the locals …No more farang food, its 20 baht road meat now…lol
    Is your gf freaked out about this covid crap?

  14. Jonny’s hairdresser has got it made … He rips him off by over charging him a shit load for a hair cut then on top of that he gets free advertising. That man should give up hairdressing and start a business school πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Its SAD how things are heading, nobody Questioning the lies and deception for the real Agenda, Million losing jobs and economies being torn apart? all leads to the cunts at the top and there big Pharma, as i write this it pops up on my mobile plans for 30 million vaccines in the uk by September? yet if you get it its a 1% chance of dying unless you are ill and elderly? they have openly admitted lying regards the numbers who actually died from this, we must say no and not be Sheep to the slaughter people.

  16. Jonny, my Thai Girlfriend just got upset with me because I give her money to buy a fridge (her brother got her’s) and I told her is going to be her birthday present…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I’m clueless when is about women in general…

  17. 20 people huddled together to register on a tracking app to help “prevent” the spread of a virus. Social distancing stickers in a LIFT, when it’s well known the minimal safe distance if 6ft (to have any real effect). It would be funny if it wasn’t sad. Conditioning on a mass scale and unfortunately the Thais seem to put up little resistance or questioning.

    If you are truly worried about catching it, stay home. That’s the only safe solution. Didn’t see a single mask in this video that was good enough to protect you from getting it. Over 50% of people are asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms. No high temperature. No coughing. 1/2 of the people in that mall could have it and no one would know. These ridiculous measures do not protect anyone, quite the opposite in fact… They give a false sense of security and show who’s in charge.

    Anyway thanks for the video Jonny. Wasn’t having a dig at you, just find this new world we live in quite bizarre

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