What is “Real Thailand”, is it a place, a way of life, an element of Thai culture, is there one particular thing in a particular place which epitomizes the “Real Thailand” ?.

From mountainous Chiang Rai to the beaches of Phuket, the throng of Bangkok to rustic Issan, the sea gypsies of the Andaman islands to the lady-boys of Pattaya, from full moon parties on Koh Phangan to temple retreats in Chiang Mai. There is no arguing Thailand is a diverse country, therefore everyone is going to have their own opinion but I would like you to scroll down the page and take a look at the photos, then use the comments box to describe your “Real Thailand”.


My name is Jonny, I am 40 years old living Hua Hin, Thailand. I have been living in Thailand past 7 years.

🔵Some FAQs

Q. How do you make a living?
A. I have investments in housing & properties in Australia

Q. Are you single?
A. Currently I am in a relationship with my Thai girlfriend

Q. How long have you lived in Thailand?
A. I have been living in Thailand for 7 years, I spent 2 years in Phuket, about 2 years living in Bangkok. Now I am in Hua Hin Thailand.

Q. Why did you start YouTube vlogging?
A. I think I will be able to show the best and worst of Thailand though my eyes. A new perspective on Living In Thailand.

Q. Do you speak Thai?
A. No, but I am currently studying it at school.



    1. @Big Steve ohh shit mate i will give you a buzz saturday on sunday mate, sorry to hear that i hope everything is ok

    2. @Jonny There Is Something Happening I might put the pots out tomorrow arvo pick them up Monday morning have a operation on Monday be out of action for a while

    1. It actually nearly flew into the restaurant lucky there was a pole there it kept hitting. Staff in the restaurant were screaming there was a river below us, thank god Joe ran over & caught it.. 🙂 We all know about losing drones don’t we 555:-)

    1. Matt

      You are in no intellectual position to presume to tell me how I should speak.

      Your comments on these Thailand videos make it clear that you hate your life and your wife and are attempting to make others feel as horribly as you feel.
      We don’t all make the same mistakes that you have made that have let to your current state of misery.

      You really should look into that.

      And if a bit of introspection doesn’t work you can always go fuck yourself.

    2. @Richard Cook lol wow you really know how to offend me 😭😂😂. Stop talking like a teenager saying stuff like ‘ sick ‘. It’s very strange and a bit creepy when a man talks like a teenager. I don’t get it and nearly everyone here won’t get it. I will wait for your next comment about my use of words. Which just proves my point you are a strange guy and can’t tell us why you feel the need to talk like a teenager.

    3. Matt

      If you’re over the age of 10 and you still don’t know the difference between your and you’re, you definitely need to have a word with yourself.

  1. Asking a monk “so you are the d.j.?” 😊 Yes those cigaret smoking, always on there phone holy men hold some of the best raveparties in Thailand, i,m surprised that you haven,t participated in one of them yet.😎

    1. If everyone is being honest they would agree with you. Temples and Waterfalls with the Mrs is painfully boring . Seen one seem them all. Unfortunately I have seen way to many. But all Thailand is really good for these days is going out and having a drink 👍 the rest is boring now and has been for a while

  2. Great 👍 video, great drone footage, and music. I love the ending, especially the look on your face when you realized something went wrong with the drone LMAO 😂.

  3. I’ve seen enough temples and waterfalls on my travels in Thailand to last me for 20 life times. My days of my Mrs dragging me around temples and me pretending to be interested are over 😴😴 🙏

  4. Very good, very good. Fantastic scenery and beautiful temples but for me there were a couple of highlights. Firstly when everyone including the owner of the trike was panicking about the possible devastation you could cause at the controls and of course the Carlsberg moment! If Carlsberg made drone pilots they wouldn’t look like you, the terror in your eyes – priceless.
    Brilliant Jonny, keep them coming.

  5. As always top class stuff Jonny, great views of the real Thailand. Great to see Som as always and also to see her more confident well done Som .Nice vlog as always

  6. All the couples I follow on here seem to know each other… The guys, Chuck, Joe, Jonny, and Jmayel have traveled with one another in some way.

  7. Your an amazing guy mate! When do you see our Aussi Dollar going up again? My standard of living could have been much better if the AUD was at parity with the USD.

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