1. Unload net,quickly,into a catch basin filled with water:2′ wide x 4′ long x 18″ deep. Use a dip net to retrieve the non-dying fish from the catch basin…..Sort as required and return what you want to the pond and repeat.Add new oxygenated water from the pond to the catch basin every 30 minutes or so:50% of the volume.Cast net was a success.To transport the live fish to a buyer look for and purchase a 12V aquarium type air pump to keep them alive in the container you are going to use.

  2. Tatay did a good job throwing the net. But when pulling it in, just grab the rope and pull the net tight. That pulls the net closed. Then bring ashore and empty the net. Easy-peasy

  3. Yeah that’s the way to fish. Brian I forgot to tell you thank you for trying to help sandy with the water pump. When they turned the power on the the impeller was turning way to slow like it was slipping on the shaft. I think they may have used it for a sand pump in the beginning lol.

  4. Brian, your Funny! Let Marecil eat she’s breast feeding and she need’s all the food she could gooble Charlie is heavy to carry for Marecil size :-))

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