Tejero Water Park in Valencia, Negros Oriental – Philippines

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  1. cool place Henry. I know u said it is slow during the weeek but it looked like u were literally the only person (besides employees) in the whole place – lol

  2. Valencia and the park look like pleasant places to visit. This video is a nice change of pace. No talk about your search for a gf, inferred sexual encounters, or women problems. Other people may enjoy hearing about all that of course and I would think general info about dating and the hazards there of, courting etiquette, mores, etc. is helpful and of interest not only to myself but to many others. I appreciate your videos about life in the Phils, activites to experience, things to see and do and all the procedural bureaucracy which one encounters and has to deal with. I also like learning about those things which would never occur to those of us who have never been there to even think about, i.e. mandatory brownouts, water cutoffs,crowing roosters etc.

    1. There is a weight limit at Tierra Alta Zip Line. My teen daughters have done it and that was my first time ever. This was few months ago whilst on holiday . The limit was a 100 kilos. Hubby who’s little less few kilos wasn’t even considered . I only suspect they don’t trust what appears on their weigh  scale –  perhaps it makes lies . That was a disappointment for hubby. But anyway, I was relieved he didn’t go haha , mainly for safety. I suspect there are other hidden rules that applies at different times  for the Zip Line. 

  3. Henry, that song is by 80s new wave band Fra Lippo Lippi called Stitches and Burns. If you listen to the lyrics closely you will realize it to be apropos to the “Tampo” video X(^_^)X

  4. Good job henry , dumaguetenian and valencianes will adore u more for all these beautiful videos of negros.. I like valencia videos more on green , the ambience is awesome , free from pollution , stress free, good for relaxation……wowwwww….. Even just watching the video it makes me smile , more calm, more peaceful, a therapy video…….. Thank you so much Henry …. Waiting for the next awesome video of yours,…

  5. Nice place.  I enjoy all of your videos, but my favorites are the ones with your personal life and observations.  I also enjoy vids with people and everyday activity like malls (it’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen you in a mall) and the recent Sunday evening at the church / town center and similar. Thanks for all of them.

  6. Very nice, Brother Henry!  Just one question: how much extra does the lady cost?  Can you enjoy her W/O the psycho ex-BF shooting you in the head?  LOL!

    1. @Eliz Cuervo i like it there.  Ocean24 is another very cool place in Valencia to hang out at for swimming.  A Return to Ocean24 Resort, with the GoPro Hero3

  7. Sometimes you gotta wonder how such a poor country like the Phils can have such
    expensive recreational places like this. Looks really like a nice place to go. I’d go
    on the weekends and watch all the pretty girls walking around or swimming. This
    place sort of reminds me of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico-really nice place as well.

    1. +Grant P You can see the name Phil South in the bottom of the hot pool in the vid. They’re a major real estate developer/road paver etc in the area.

    2. @Grant P there are many poor people, but there are also many people who can afford a day at the water park as well.  the middle class here is perhaps smaller than the usa, but it’s here.  most of the customers i’ve seen here have been locals, not tourists.

  8. Bring your own toilet paper by the way. Speaking of which-that river water may not be the cleanest in its natural state considering what goes on in any river here with people living near the river using it as a restroom, dumping their garbage/dead animals in it etc etc .

    So Don’t Drink The Water !

  9. I know im late to comment but I love this place since i was so small when i was 4-5 today i am 11 and now Tejeros has 2 new slides Blue and Yellow

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