Technology Market in Bangkok Thailand

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Today I visited Bangkok’s legendary tech mall, Fortune Town IT.

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  1. Love to visit that place man, if you are in market for new lens check I think it’s called Camera Exchange or something in 3rd or 4th Floor, tons of 2nd hand lenses and camera bodies and they also take your old gear in exchange.

  2. Chad, if money was (relatively) no object with video editing as the primary focus, what laptop would you buy and what do you consider the best editing software?

  3. I dig the programmed female voice on the BTS announcing stops and other asides. This male voice with ” the situation ” advisories is a fail.

  4. Hi bro I feel you about the masks it look crazy when people’s have it and check in and out from a store and people were think you crazy when you speak to you self sorry too see like that .
    I live in danmark we don’t use the masks at all and we don’t care . But great to see you back too the Bangkok 🚗~~~~~

  5. hey chad thank you for the video , and thanks for the info about the thailand mall , i remember you went there last time with alex and tim k ,
    you had lots of fun there you said .haaa its an amazing place bro it looks huge , omg i could spend a fortune there . great to see you got the laptop fixed chad .
    ryzon 7 , wow good one chad should run amazing now youve got 20 gb in it .
    keep up the great work bro , stay safe , thank you again for the video, peaceeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. You forgot to use the QR code when you exited the building ,yes your distracted by still recording, let’s hope they don’t come looking for you .

  7. Epic content once again! Thanks so much, Chad. I’m a Thai national stuck in Denver, CO but I’m keen to buy some shirts! Do you ship your products to the US?

  8. Why do westerns
    Complain about using a mask ?
    Thai s don’t want to be in your videos ,
    could care less about you filming yourself
    ask before you film them

  9. Imagine how weird it is for a Thai to be constantly hearing messages on the train in English. Imagine the London Underground with constant announcements in German.

  10. The BTS and MRT gives you two expressions for one basic idea: satanee rot fai faa (sky train station, faa is blue like the sky), and satanee rot fai tai din (underground). I love little victories in being understood and functioning!

  11. Yo CB! Where da underground at? I want to to come there but gotta get around the whole “No Tourists” BS. What do ya say? Help a brother out? LOL

  12. you’re funny dude! I don’t get how you can (want) to stay way down by the river? I’m a lower Suk kinda guy, all my friends are in the Thong Lor, Ekamai, or On Nut areas. I don’t live in BKK but I do visit 2-3 times per year and I prefer to stay on the even side of Sukhumvit between sois 16 and 22. I like the MRT stations aircon over the open platforms of the BTS. While you’re in that neck of the woods you should spend a little time exploring Din Daeng and Huai Khwang areas. The next MRT stop is Thailand Cultural Center and a cool mall Esplanade. At night they put on a big market next door with lots of food and cute girls everywhere! Next stop is Huai Kwang and down (West) on Pracha Songkhro Rd. another night market that has some of the best seafood in BKK! Lots of other fun stuff like Soapy’s and Karaoke bars up and down Ratchadapisek, a few Thai police owned agogo’s down on Sutthisan Rd. (next MRT stop) All and all not a bad place to be and prices are pretty great considering the access.

  13. Pls take the mask off when you are active and need oxygen, it could overload your system with carbon dioxide, it will stop you from breathing !! Just from my wife , a nurse !! Be careful Chad !!!

  14. Your channel is taking off and it’s just reward for all the hard work.
    There will come a time when you simply won’t be able to keep up with all the comments etc but please don’t get wound up by all the haters and the keyboard warriors- they seem to attach themselves to all vloggers and are not worth worrying about.
    None of us know everything so we can feed off each other.

  15. Another good vlog and thank you for teaching us things about Thailand and BKK (even for us Thais :-)) Have my ticket for July 20 but not sure if they’ll open Thailand’s airspace by then 🙂 Don’t pay attention to those haters and complainers! BTW, you can also get the MRT card as well, just like the BTS card, just put money in an ride, so easy and convenient. I’ve been living here in Los Angeles for 40 years and with transportation and the set up here feels so out of date compared to Thailand now. Fortunately I get to visit Thailand once or twice a year to enjoy what you’re enjoying now. Can’t wait!!! Love the self promotion on that big screen! And yeah, why do farangs don’t like to see other farangs blogging themselves? What’s up with that? Keep up the good work!

  16. More more more of the mall. I also think a 12v usb charger to hook up to the bikes that you ride and that way while your ridding you can plug your bag in and everything in your bag is plugged in to that. This way the 3hr trips can charge most things not to worry when you get to your hotel and just plug the bag in there to finish charging.

  17. I like pantip plaza. They have an A&W root beer store on the first floor. Nothing like a rootbeer float on a hot bangkok day to remind me of home : )

  18. Hi there, loving your videos. How long would you recommend for a vacation to Bangkok and surround areas? Just a chill out time, for a solo traveller guy (40s), no sleazy clubs, just food beer and walks?

  19. Great vids, keep them coming. Man, I’m surprised they didn’t shut your filming down. Hearing some of these malls are prohibiting “extended” video filming.

  20. I don’t often subscribe to channels, but watched a lot of yours and good variety and entertaining content bro.
    I live just around the corner from you… on Suk 50. I am a car guy, I have an Alfa Romeo here… I’m a Brit, 25 years here. Going to get my wheels refurb’d (SUPER cheap) and a cut/polish Thurs/Fri… Can’t wait.
    Lemme know if you want ideas for crazy sh*t here… I have a quarter of a century of random knowledge, and speak Thai fluently. Line: thejudgegiles
    Nice to know you Chad… Keep up the good work mate, 100k only days away!

  21. My daily fix of thailand, I LOVE IT 😉
    Chad, nxt time do some more food stuff. Bangkok has so much to offer in that regard.
    Stay safe

  22. Man do I miss Amazon Cafes! LOL, I would start my mornings with some Thai Milk Tea before heading out on road trips! That mall just overwhelmed me the times I went there. I never really bought much- didn’t want to carry it back to the US, the prices weren’t that great for what I was looking for but for looking and touching items, amazing!!! Thanks and wear that mask man, it looks just fine on camera! Can’t Vlog if you are sick!!!

  23. Chad, love your channel and content. Just for your consideration – if your going to build a tower pc from your laptop Mobo – I hope you considered a dedicated video card. adding extra Ram is a plus always but if your building a video editing beast – invest in a decent video card. Stay awesome my dude.

  24. You should be worried YouTube is tracking you look at your video list it shows every trip that you went on in Thailand. And those foreigners are right nobody wants to know about what you’re doing taking videos I mean 90.9 K subscribers don’t really care. Those people looking at you weird are about as bad as I am.

  25. Hey Chad, love your videos, I’m from Atlanta as well. There’s a card you can get for the MRT system just like the BTS system. Keep up the great videos bud.

  26. I’m not sure about the laptop version, but the desktop version of the CPU in your laptop is a beast for video editing. I think it might be the best choice in the price bracket it is in for that purpose. Just a heads-up in case you didn’t know. The laptop version is probably not much slower or less powerful for editing.

  27. Being less materialistic and keep yourself “light” is the way to go!! Same as me…:-) And there will always be some people being rude, selfish, jealous and bitter about life and have nothing real value in life than being hateful cyber assholes….but we, the majority loves you and and looking forward to every new video of yours!:-))) Btw….under my total 15 months in BKK these last 3 years I have only had “issues” with other foreigners, never Thai people….I guess you know what I mean…hehe…..

  28. I too am a Georgia boy.Enjoy your videos.Sorry to hear about your Lenovo laptop.They are notorious for losing power.The defect is most likely a MOSFET” Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor” It’s a known design problem that they keep making.A good computer repair shop should be able to bypass it for a nominal charge.Good luck,stay safe,and keep up the great videos.

  29. The Yoga into a custom machine seems like fun, but building a fresh video editing machine with AMD’s latest Threadripper offering will blow away any Intel setup you could configure and it will be cheaper. It seems like you know the right people though so have fun with your new machine and I can’t wait to see more videos.

  30. Another great video! Just a tip tho, you can get an MRT card with your passport, the same way you got the BTS. That way you don’t need to stand in line to get those plastic coins, especially if you’re at the Asoke station. I thought you were closer to the Pantip IT mall, you should check that one out as well, but I do like Fortune Town better. It’s cleaner and a lot more stuff to check out and it’s close to Central PhramRam 9.

  31. Keep living your dream Chad. The vids are always worthwhile to watch, no matter what the content is about, it’s in my favorite country after Australia.

  32. Tunning computer, even the computer doesn,t escape from tunning in Thailand.Amazing😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍Love from Portugal💗💗💗💗💗🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  33. Your honesty about what you don’t know is refreshing, as so many others make themselves out to be Thai centric experts after spending just a few months in country. Keep on keeping on, your channel is always interesting.

  34. Nice break from the car stuff (don’t get me wrong those are cool)…I enjoy seeing the daily crap that goes on around you…Keep grinding bro…

  35. You know I never heard of this place. Sucks I missed it on my last trip. Gonna have to make another trip to Thailand just to visit that.

  36. Here I was, peacefully surfing the web looking for something fun to watch when WHAM!!!! A BLITZKRIEG hit me like a tornado, spun me around like a whirlpool, spanked me like mama then set me back down and said WATCH IT BOY! I had to admit, it was like watching a train-wreck…. I couldn’t pull away. This crazy bugger has more personality than 20 rock bands!!! LOVE THIS PLACE! Yeah, I subscribed.

  37. 🇹🇭Do you want to trade lives? I should have never left Thailand to come back to the states. The quality of life is far superior in Thailand for men.
    Murica is a cesspool on fire right now!

  38. Great Video Chad, we need to get the subs up to 10k per month. Your making the content to do it, we need to help you find the Subscribers! 250K , Come on guys lets get Chad a car!!!

  39. With the mall restrictions I would be less likely to use one of their food courts. Scan and have your temp taken to get in mall. Scan and have temp taken to get into food court. Stand in line to get card and put money on and take off. Reduced seating in food court.

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