Tatay William Seals The Gaps Under Our Doors

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  1. The current grand solar minimum is called the Eddie grand solar minimum.
    The last one was called the Maunder minimum (1645 – 1710)
    And the one before that the, Wolf minimum (1270 – 1350)
    Check out what it was like to live during these periods in history.

  2. Each planet has several cycles and some have electromagnetic fields.
    Example mercury has a rotation period of 58.6days and a revolution period of 87.97days.
    Venus 243 days and 224.7 days.
    Jupiter revolution period almost 12 years.
    Saturn 29.5 earth years.
    Pluto 248 earth years.
    Just to name a few.
    All these planets affect tidal influences on the sun which in turn affect sun spot activity and solar weather and the electromagnetic field of the sun.
    This in turn affects and interacts with us and our weather on earth, in varying and precise time cycles.

  3. I would like to pass on another bit of information.
    These extremes in weather events world wide are going to increase and intensify till 2024 then we are going to have a couple of better years and then it’s going to intensify again from 2028 to around 2035.
    This will lead to crop losses and food shortages and civil unrest in places around the world.
    How do I know this. Let me explain a little.
    We are all aware of the affects that the moon has on our tides here on earth.
    We have 4 tides on earth.
    The sun and other major planets affect our weather as well.
    These are called cycles. The moon has a 28.25 day cycle.
    We are in a cycle that occurs every approx. 400 years called the grand solar minimum.
    There is another larger cycle the last time earth was at this position was 79ad.
    That’s why the ancient peoples watched planetary movements and its affects on food and growth cycles. Animal migration cycles , tidal and planting and fishing times.
    This sun cycle is called the Eddie grand solar minimum. The last time it happened it was termed the mini ice age.

  4. Spinach leaves, Zucchini, Cucumber are all great feed for shrimp, also pumpkin.They are great for feed as they reduce the feed cost, also bringing back the topic of the A word….yes Azolla

  5. Now since Tatay did a great job. It would now be nice to lightly sand and varnish the doors so moisture does not exspand them when it rains.

  6. the two of you could design that door strip they have back home , to fit on the bottom of the the front door (all size doors) out of scrap metal and rubber and sell it in P.I.

  7. Running why not some aluminum strips with rubber on the back or on the bottom then you can adjust them I don’t know maybe you can get them over there I don’t know

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