Tata Comes To Harvest Some Bananas

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  1. Far out Consing is carrying a bunch of leaves n that young fella has how many ….. you gotta love the youngsters ……. wholly molly….. it must be a world wide phenomenon these youngsters share….

  2. Donโ€™t worry about it, it will grow back in no time. Bananas grow like weeds. Believe me, I know. Growing up on Guam we cut our bananas down to a stump, in a week they grew a foot.

  3. i also have problem now..in 1 week i work only 2 days .. because of covid virus…thats why i’m searching for alternative income this time….a part time job or buy and sell of anything….

  4. Everybody has to hustle anymore, a few peso’s are a few peso’s that’s for sure. Covid sucks even more in the Philippines where hustling is life.

  5. Glad to see your selling the pig’s to cut the funds loose for the fish project, you see bananas are growing very well all around you, take some of that land and do the banana thing and plant rice brother, its for sure and go all in on the fisher project, you can see how its suffering in how long it’s been and how small the fish are. On the average it’s two to three per kilio with the fish bro..

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