Take the Bus

Travel around the Philippines on the Philippine Bus system. Marianne and I use the bus to ride to Cebu City all the time and keep our car here for short runs around town. Riding a bus to and from Bogo and Cebu City is a lot of fun, cheap and safe. The number of bus accidents is very low here, sure there are buss accidents but considering the number of buses on the road today you would be luckier to win the lottery then end up in a bus accident. We have personally made the Cebu, Bogo trip many times with no problems. Departing the main terminal which is located near the SM in the reclamation area you take only one bus all the way up to Bogo and get off at the Bogo terminal or anywhere along the way if you want. Coming from the main terminal you wold look at the sign on  the front of each bus until you locate a sign stating “Bogo”, there is also a red and white sign that ways Bogo also in case there is a line. There is no need to purchase a ticket prior to boarding the bus as you do in the USA, that is taken care by the attendant after you are on the road. Always try to have the exact change as change is hard to make on the bus and you the attendant may forget to return your change to you. If it is crowded just wait let it leave  without you because there is one right behind it also heading to Bogo. As soon as the Bogo bus arives you need to get on or it too will end up too crowed. They run every hour all night long so you won’t run out of buses. But going to Cebu City from Bogo the buses run from 1:00AM every hour up until 7:00 PM when the last bus for the day leaves Bogo.  We often walk down to the main road and simply wait in the road until a bus goes by then flag it down, he will stop unless he is overloaded.  Nearly every bus that goes by out street is heading to Cebu City so just hop on there. You can get off anywhere you like on most buses. There is a non stop bus that will not stop to pick you up it boards in Bogo and arrives non stop in Cebu City and is a lot faster than the other buses that stop every few feet is seems. Some of the buses are air conditioned but the great majority of them are not. I don’t mind because the breeze is sufficiently cool for me. The cost for the bus is only P170 from Bogo 98 kilometers to Cebu City, that’s just over $3.00 for the ride one way.  I prefer the Yellow Ceres Lines buses as they are better kept and newer buses the other buses area older and often brake down. The Ceres Lines are Chinese Owned company.  Actually Chinese Filipino company or Chinese that live in the Philippines. The halfway stopover in Carmen is only about 15 minutes so I recommend making a quick  restroom stop or pick up snacks only, don’t try to eat a full meal you will not have enough time to finish it. I usually just grab a bottle of cold water or tea or simply sit it out.

Ceres bus stopover in Carmen a 15 minute stopover about half way

Interior view of the older Ceres Bus
Thanks to: http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j104/kodolclans/jeepsndgirlsarena/ceresfuso.jpg

New Ceres Air Conditioned Bus
New Ceres Airconditioned Bus large windows, and comfortable seats

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