I gave Sunny a brand new Sony RX100M7 thanks to Sony Korea! – Amazon Affiliate Link

Due to the current downtrend in tourism, hotels are a bit cheaper and there are some amazing deals on right now. I took Sunny to the Signiel hotel in Seoul and while we were there decided to give her a brand new compact camera for her to use for her business and her YouTube channel. It’s so much better than her iPhone!

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  1. You two are the sweetest couple & I loved Sunny’s reaction receiving the new Sony camera – can’t believe she was still using an iphone7! Stay safe x

  2. It was good to see Sunny you can bring her along more we won’t be mad.. What a nice gift and she so happy and cute… I hope to see more shoe content from her. Glad y’all got to spend some time together.

  3. Sunny is such a beautiful sweetheart 😭 I cannot handle the cuteness of this relationship! Anyway loved the video and the variety it has 😄

  4. Xander has your accent gotten thicker? LOL you sound more English, like in the first videos, for a while, it sounded like you were getting closer to Haeppy’s accent. xD

  5. Me, an aspiring YouTuber with 7 videos: Ah yes, this expensive camera is exactly what I need!
    Great video though! Glad Sunny was happy lol

  6. just wanted to check in from the Live Chat as instructed to give my thumbs up! Thanks again. had fun! sleep well and keep your immune system up!

  7. Careful she could be using you for money. Girl looks like she cares about luxury a bit too much. And bro, I think your wife would be more deserving of a 1300 dollar camera……cmon. You break up and now she gets to keep a 1300 dollar camera.

  8. The canon g7x Mark ii is actually better in low light because it has a lower 1.8 lens compared to the Sony’s f2.8… but I understand it’s sponsored by Sony. 🤫

  9. Her reaction was the first thing ever. You should talk more Korean in your videos. I know that may mean a little extra work to translate. But would be soooo good.

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