Super Typhoon Yolanda: Massive Devastation – Philippines

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  1. You out did yourself with this video, Henry. Very poignant video, it brought tears to my eyes, I immediately donated a couple hundred USD. I hope others get the same reaction. What happen in the Philippines is beyond comprehension and words.

  2. Hello Amigo. This place , the Philippines is Dommed.. typhoon after typhoon , bad weather each and every year.. I was there for almost 6 months. and weather was actually pretty good. Only 3 days of rain.. Anyways.. Some say pple are so bad there and God is angry at this country … Could that be true.. Not necessary or posibility ???.. Is because year after Year.. the Typhoons seem to get bigger and stronger.. With bigger casualties.. Take care amigo.. A fellow Mexican here..

    1. Translation: “They got what they deserve but please protect me”… Nice example of Christian love… Isn t “pointing the finger” against the teachings of the Christ? And since we re at it, “speaking the name of the Lord in vain” goes against the 3 rd commandment, so maybe you should refrain from using His name to justify such a hateful and selfish behaviour…

    2. As Macchavelli wrote: “It is better to be feared than to be loved”. The church and government in the Philippines unfortunately use this to increase their power and control over the poorest and less educated people. Sadly, the power of the church and the government are probably the main reason for the downsides of the Filipino culture.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I guess you made the point right Henry. Why not in the Sin City? or Washington? I’m a God-believer myself but often, we probably misused God’s name with our belief. Planets are frequently changing…from day of dinosaur to Super-YolanDay. And God forbid, asteroid maybe aiming our way too. No one knows, and using the word “wrath of God” is both scary and confusing. To me, God is Love and beyond that is.. i don’t wanna know. As a filipino-chinese then american, believing and understanding are two different things. Sometimes, we don’t wana believe on things that we can simply understand. Thanks for your concern with our country – amigo!

    4. I’d say people who think it’s the wrath of God haven’t thought it through very well.  Where’s the wrath for Las Vegas?  Or Washington?  If natural disasters are “God’s wrath”.. why is it churches get destroyed along with supermarkets and elementary schools?  No, it’s simplistic to think that way.  Wind, gravity, water, barometric pressures.. the Earth is a constantly moving ‘soup’ of physics and huge storms are simply a part of that.

  3. THANK YOU for your effort @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines to ask people all over the globe to DONATE and HELP the Filipinos! Very much appreciated.

    To ALL, please if you have the means to help and donate please do, any amount will help, big or small, whatever you can. Red Cross Philippines and Catholic Relief Services are great organizations to donate!

  4. i have had no contact with my friend in ormoc since Thursday tried calling all weekend but still nothing , tried a google search of missing people but came up with nothing , last message i received from her was ” my friend please pray for us ” its better to know something if shes alive or had passed away then not to know anything at all , im going to keep praying thats all i can do until i hear news 🙁

  5. Thanks Henry. Gets the message across in a big way. When you loose everything that you have when you hardly have anything must be devastating. All those mothers who have lost their children. All those Children who have lost their parents. All those poor people who have lost their loved ones .. No water, No Shelter, No food, No money such a huge test of faith. Imagine that Sad loss.. Take care Henry, keep up the good work.. I will donate all I can..

  6. Henry, I take it you are safe and sound. I’ve been reading reports that where you are in Bohol it has electricity and there are water stations available for the population. How is everyone there? 

    1. i’ve been without power for 3 days, but the local mall has a generator where this net cafe is.  had to wait since everyone in the area is doing the same thing to contact family.  neither panglao nor south bohol (that i know of) have any power when i ride around at night.  just darkness everywhere.  water is on and off randomly so i store what i can.  even so, it’s better here on bohol than leyte or tacloban.. they are the ones really suffering.

    2. I saw your other videos on your report from Bohol. Thank you Henry for keeping us informed on what’s going on out there. We’re all praying for you and the people of the Philippines. Stay well and safe!

  7. A lot of people don’t trust the Red cross anymore . It is a shame but they when they get over 300 million for Katrina Victims and spend just 15 million there is a problem . I will give to Catholic Relief and to my wife’s family .
    I will say everyone needs to give somewhere. I would rather give the donation to you Henry because I no it would get more use. Great vid …

  8. Glad to see the US has responded so quickly..  What other countries have stepped up?.  This is when you see who your friends are. Will be there in 1 week. Fortunately my wife’s family are only slightly affected by this Natural event. This was not an act of God. The God I know does not work that way. 

    1. I agree.  These are the same laws of physics in play that account for falling down a flight of stairs or lightning hitting a home.  The rain falls on the just and the unjust equally.

  9. we are speechless here me and my wife.i did 32 years in the USMC and have seen a lot on this earth both good and very bad.but this destruction hurts me very bad.we will be in the Philippines Dec 2 2013.and we will do all that we can to help to our brothers and sisters there.and no this is not the wrath of god.i need not say more on this.hope to meet up with you Henry.

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