Super Typhoon Yolanda: Direct Hit to Bogo – Philippines

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  1. WOW!
    Mate, I was watching the events unfold live here in Australia.
    You are one lucky guy.
    Go and buy a lottery ticket.
    Happy to hear your workers are safe and you are looking after them.
    Are you aware that more is on the way and should get there by Wednesday?
    Appears to be coming in at Northern Mindanao and could swing to the north.
    Anyway, keep your head down for a bit longer..

  2. Glad to see you are OK Henry. But for the people severely affected by the typhoon, OMG. I am just speechless about what just has happened to those people who are suffering right now.

  3. …the day when pigs fly! OMG! Also 1 nipa hut of my wife`s relatives mother in law just gone with the wind! Sorry about your loss Henry, but so nice you think the others who did lost their all. Salamat!

  4. So Glad to hear from you Henry!  Thank you so much for all your work on bringing us and update.  My GF Family is in Surigao and we have word they are all ok…not too much damage, but no power and water for now.  God Bless!

  5. Good to know your fine. It’s the middle of November. There’s 1 or 2 more typhoons coming before the new year. Just be prepared and know where the evacuation centers are. 

  6. Sorry about your pigs. My close friends sister has/had a farm in Bogo as well and we cannot reach her. Can you please pass this name around CAROL PATIGDAS, and if any information on her condition appears please contact me at : Thank you. God bless

  7. hi Henry, glad to see you got through it all ok, I sent money to the Canadian Red Cross in care of the Philippine disaster relief, and yes you are right, there will be all manner of people milking this do death via the internet, and that is a shame for sure, anyhow again, glad to see you are ok. By the way, I am very much looking forward to my very first time ever trip to the Philippines, the last week of this coming January, I will be spending most of my time around Paranaque City, but i may try to get down to Bohol. Thanks again for all your videos.

  8. Sorry about your business, Henry. Glad to see you personally is ay ok :-). Thanks for your videos. I really enjoy watching them. Entertaining and most of all informative.

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  10. I know its late news/old news. I too am sorry for your loss. I hope some good news and fortune comes your way if it hasn’t happened already.  Is there away you could rebuild further south that isn’t a less hurricane area?   Wishing you the best!

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