1. hi Paul i been watching you on my private youtube ,i think i watched you too much that i decided to make my own Vlog i hope to meet you oneday im your biggest fan

  2. Paul is a nice guy but seems desperate fo $$$ like all Philippine XPats in permanent lockdown. Good luck trying yo get into the country. Going there anytime soon doesnt seem worth it risking your time and money right now.

  3. new subsciber – hey paul been following you. hope one day next year i can meet you. tomorrow im 62 single and ready to mingle lol. take care paul. retire end of the month .

  4. This is a recommendation not advice Paul πŸ™‚ I purchased a Yamaha 150cc “Liquid Cooled” Scooter last year in Leyte – Extremely happy with it – “Liquid Cooled makes a world of difference given the heat in the Philippines. Best of luck to you.

  5. I bought a 2015 Honda wave with 16km for 25,000pesos. I was scared of the cvt transmission so went with the wave . I seen a lot of older waves still running good so another reason y I bought it .

  6. I was here before but, youtube and I are having some livestream issues and i can only comment after the live stream is over! Can you sing for us New York New York? LOL

  7. Been riding Scooters for over 50 years. I’ve spent a lot of time researching Philippine scooters in case I get over there. For dependability and quality I”d definitely go with Honda. The Honda Click 125 looks like the scoot, I’d get. Most bang for the buck. Let me tell you some things I like about it. Enough room under seat to store full face helmet. Combined braking system (automatically put more braking to the rear wheels than the front) making it a much on gravel and/or hydroplaning. Fuel Injected. Water cooled thus tighter tolerances, resulting in more horsepower and fuel efficiency. Parking Brake. Automatic. Du Ed Sam price 76,900.

    If you want to pay less, and don’t care most of the above features on the 125 Click, the Honda Beat is a smaller bike and they are on sale right now for 64,900.

    If you don’t mind a manual transmission (5 Speed) the Honda TMX125 Alpha on Sale right now for 47,499. That’s probably the bike I’d buy, if I was in the Philippines. But I like manuals and I like bigger fuel tank and I like the rear brake under my right foot.

    If you want a semi-auto (combination between manual and auto ((no clutch))) there is the Honda Wave 110 Alpha for 47,700.

    All of the above Prices are at Du Ed Sam Inc. in Dumaguete. Here’s their website => http://www.dueksam.com.ph/

    DES also sells Yamahas. That would be my second choice of motorcycle brands.

    If you want to go really dirt cheap, Kawasaki has a CT100B. Manual transmission, 4 speed. This does not have an electric starter. 41,900. Also available at DES. Probably be my second choice if in the Philippines. They sell used for about 32,000 pesos, thus not a lot of depreciation.

    Good luck.

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