Subic Bay Residents Charity Drive

Subic Bay Residents Charity Drive. #ResidentsStrongerTogether #SBMA #Subicbay


  1. If you want to give to people in need,that’s good.But I wouldn’t do it from your home cause if later people get desperate and know where you are and feel you have more food whats to stop them from taking/stealing everything maybe even at your death for their needs.It might come to that and you don’t want to put your family in that type of danger.

  2. whats with the mask….lol why are the filthy rich churches not doing any help? they collecting millions of dollars each sunday from people….. cant spend a few 1000 dollars to help? hope people remembering that and start thinking!!!

  3. careful cos you guys break your visa rules!!! had guys been picked up by NBI and deported for doing charity work…. there is a vloger in duma… who had same problems…. he been asked to stop or face fines and deportation… you guys better be smart!!! phil is a stupid country… PS: delete this video asap cos u admitting breaking your tourist visa rules. if u both have other visas disregard this.

  4. Pete! That is great.  Especially during the Easter holiday? Amazing!  The act of giving in these times will be remembered by those who matter.  And you allow trolls to get under your skin? Why?  When you find the cellar dwellers attempt to put you down. just remember the good you are doing in your community.  On another note, I have heard you mention ” on the fence” I believe is the term….what does that mean.? Is that a geographical area? God bless you and your beautiful family, Pete!

  5. We recently spent $600 to feed 42 families in Bataan and a bunch of families in Olongapo. We felt it was our duty to help as my Wife and I are still blessed both to be working. Bataan it was through family and for Olongapo in coordination with friends of ours on the SBMA and Subic Bay Football (Soccer) Club who my daughter was able to practice and play with for 3 weeks in 2018 while visiting and people out in Olongapo they purchased, divided and distributed the food and many have said it was a big BIG help, so kudos to you helping your community. Hopefully after this is all said and done this will all bring us closer as peoples. We enjoy your YouTube programming, we get a lot of good info. from it so keep it up!

  6. it’s a great thing you’re doing I’m sending help to Filipinos that I know because I have nowhere else to turn I’m not rich but I’m doing the best I can now what I want to know what the hell is the Philippine government doing nothing as usual I think it’s about 60 cases in the all the Philippines of this virus and it completely destroyed their economy they have stopped people from earning a living. why am I not surprised duterte is a criminal.

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