1. Duterte says a lot of nonsense, and then later walks it back. I’ll bet, later, when he feels an even greater threat from China, there will be a US naval base. There’s a reason both S Korea and Japan are happy to host the US.

  2. I understand that with China as there regional neighbor this is a sensitive issue but Duterte and the Philippines have to decide do they want us 100% involved in the defense of the Philippines with China right on their doorstep claiming all of the South China Sea or not.. None of this part time let’s play war games bull… He loves free stuff and China and Russia give it to him that the Philippine Government is a welfare state..

  3. Great video mate.. can you give a fellow Aussie a shout out? I’m stuck in Sydney at the moment but the misses is supervising our house build in the biliran province.. would appreciate a shout out to help build my channel.. thanks heaps.. can’t wait to get back up there..

  4. The shipyard and the rumored “US Navy return to Subic Bay” are two separate issues. Don’t conflate the two. I doubt the USN would want a permanent presence there given the diplomatic issues involved and the expense. The US and Philippine military (and Japan, and Vietnam, and Singapore, and South Korea) are more concerned with the shipyard being purchased by a Chinese front company. I suspect the current administration in the Philippines would be happy to see it sold to a Chinese company but the Philippine military and many of the oligarchy are pushing back. The Chinese have two years to make it happen and then there’s a change of administration. But…the USN in Subic Bay with a base? No way.

  5. Hi Peter, good looking son and partner. That is a good looking park and a nice place to refresh your brains. Look up PhillyinPhilippines, he is a nice guy originally from Philadelphia, now married to a Filipina and living near Clark/ Angeles City, he was near you the other day. I think, you 2 could hit it off.
    There is another guy, you should look up Becomingfilipino, he found a great place called Cateel in Davao Oriental, what a nice untouch beautiful beach areas and very safe, yes in Mindanao.
    Well body have a good one….Jesse from Central FL in USA. I believe our Navy will still be returning to your area there…well, well, we have a hurticane/typhoon coming up and need to get ready for that.

  6. Pete , Duterte’ is an actor in a worldwide play… The Philippines needs to repel Chinese encroachment to survive and the USA is the natural partner to strengthen the country. The 3 Gorges dam is near breaking with the near biblical flooding above it which would destroy China’s agriculture and manufacturing.

  7. All the best for your future, We hope you both can work things out. I love the dog looking at you while eating and walking off with the food. I can imaging it saying F U. Im out of here HAHAHA

  8. I see your home country just declared a state of emergency. And wow are the PI lockdown conditions god awful for most everyone but especially over 60’s like myself. I was planning to visit there about now to consider relocating from Thailand. Change of scenery, new adventure sort of a thing. But seeing how things have gone there in contrast to Thailand I would never even consider it. I have to put on a mask for large shopping centers and stores but that is it. Didn’t even wear one at the immigration office and none of the agents were either. Guess the boss was away. 😆. Good luck to you and the little one. This Covid thing isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s all been engineered to create the world as it is now and take the common folks down.

  9. You and your buddy Dwaine Woolley are both recent fathers, and he and Shanta are planning on taking their family to Australia to escape the lockdown in Manila. The confinement in their condo is making him feel depressed. Good luck with your plans Peter.
    I think vloggers in the PH have to watch what they say especially if they’re not local, but once they’re out of the country, they can freely express themselves including what they really think about this administration.

  10. …..$2 coffee….down the drain…..Since I want to do some tourism in the Philippines, I would rather NOT see a big USA base there…..That’s all I need is for 5000 Navy sailors…all single, to be going and grabbing up filipino girls like crazy…..no thanks….

  11. He said no way to oppose China in the West Philippine Sea…folded. He said China is first…begging for Chinese Vaccines…you all might have Chinese shots in your futures. Good luck with that.

  12. It is a private business venture and the military had nothing to do with the sale. Australia and the US companies sre private. The contract was bid on by a Chinese company and an Austrailia American company. It still will go through. They do not want the Chinese there.

  13. Yor son is growing like a weed Peter. God bless you and your family my friend. Had to come back to the states for a medical procedure and am waiting for the PI to open up so I can come back.

  14. I have a great pic right there at the subic bay letters with my ex, miss her… I should have been better man… she was great, so much temptation in PH =( lol

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