Strolling the Malatapay Merkado (2of3)

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    1. @easymoneynch i began eating street food (cooked bbq) my first week i arrived and never had a problem.  ironically, the one time i did get the runs was from a resto owned by a swiss foreigner.  ha!  i didn’t begin buying meat from the open merkado though until a year later, when i moved to Bohol and a few times here in Dumaguete.  no problems, for me.  maybe the year i spent here first got my body used to it.  and of course, cook meat thoroughly.  what you see in the merkado is usually butchered that morning. 

    1. @lonnie nail i haven’t been there yet, but i have seen they have very beautiful women.  the language barrier is a little tougher though.  PH teaches english to all it’s kids in school.  Thailand doesn’t.

    1. @Jo Jo i really didn’t mind though.  the heat/humidity only bothered me my first 2 months here.  but then i was about 50 pounds heavier back then.

  1. Henry is your name I presume. My name is: Joey. Been watching your videos lately and its very intriguing. I’m not an expat as you are but I was born in Dumaguete City though my 2nd residence is in Bacong where my family and relatives live. Now residing in Belleville, IL. It has been 16 yrs. I haven’t been home though I do kept up with your travel videos. Hopefully we can meet up somewhere in Dumaguete when I do visit my hometown again.I miss my town Bacong very much.

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