Stroll Along the Dumaguete Boulevard of Broken Bricks

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  1. Well Done Ned, this is one of your best videos. I really enjoyed seeing the Blvd as it is now. Been back home in Canada since last July 2020 and miss the Dumaguete life style..

  2. I wondered why nothing seemed to be going on with that condo build for the past couple of years that I’ve been there. I sure do miss the boulevard. But we’ll be back in about 3 years. That is, if the insanity ends there.

  3. Why bother ??? This comment was really unnecessary Ned. Just because you don’t like this place it doesn’t mean that loads of expats think the same as you and they love to hang out there. Including me. You have reviewed tons of restaurants that we don’t like either.

  4. Ned your a lucky Bugger Chichay is so pretty love her long hair your baby Zoe is so fat getting lots of milk hahaha also is her sister married or boyfriend and is she older ? i cant tell in Cebu island they did that building like that on the coast road and they made it a port and a restraint on the top its in small town on the way to Bogo just noticed Janet’s hair is very long to !!!!

  5. Hello I just watched your blogging over the boulevard and you had negative comments about WHY NOTS ,in 1993 it was one of the best restaurants on the boulevard with pinoy and European food.The owner was a Swiss guy called Mark I knew him quite well, I had a house in Dumagete Sibulan till my divorce in 2007,I haven’t been back since but I plan to next year if possible? Why nots was one of the best places Swiss cuisine internet cafe and lots of foreign tourists,it used to get populated in the evening with lot’s of girl’s, but there were just as many strolling over the boulevard looking for foreigners, especially students from Silliman University, I still think of Dumagete city as one of the best places in the Philippines and I can say I have travelled extensively all over the Philippines,Luzon less, but negros CEBU and leyte Mindanao I had a motorbike chinese made a Lifan a clone of a Honda Shadow easy rider model.I used to tour around all over,but tell me has Why Nots changed so much??

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