Street kid’s FIRST shopping spree.

Thanks to DANNY Starry Storm Wolf ($630 AUD).


6.7 million vnd rescue:
Sleeping on the streets:
Pizza restaurant:
Homeless in Hanoi:
Meeting again in Hanoi:
Chau Anh in Saigon:


  1. Are they homeless or just can’t afford a place to rent when her mum is away getting treatment? In any case, Storm wolf is the man! I think he also gave NHI a big donation. Bless his heart for giving kids a fighting chance at life

  2. This little angel is incredibly bright and very well self taught street knowledge of things in her lifes surrounding considering she is only in 3rd grade. A pretty darn good practical shopper as well. Thank you Troy for all the good help you do.
    I think Mom has been an abused woman and was a bit apprehensive of your helpful intentions. She has seemed to open up a little and actually cracked a smile. Do you know who/ where is Chau’s father is in all of this?
    Thank you for another heartwarming post. Look forward for your next.

  3. Thank you so much Troy for giving up your time and doing this.

    So happy to see Châu Anh smiling and laughing and now has a school backpack the same as her peers. Hopefully it will encourage her to study even harder at school and do well. Also, the mother is more engaging and her demeanour looks a lot better.

    So pleased to be able to be apart of this but also a big shoutout and thanks to: Andrew Tran, Matt Krywonos, Robert Grills, Quy Ly Le, Shuyang Meng and all the other donators, Troy and viewers whom without, none of this would be possible.

    Thank you.

    -Mr Danny Starry Storm Wolf.

  4. Your persistence seems to have paid off Troy. Mom looks to be dressing nicer, wearing makeup and earrings. Nice turn around from sleeping on the street. Bravo.

  5. DANNY Starry Storm Wolf + Troy ,Thank you for making my day. It was awesome to see her being a kid and smiling. You may give her a few dollars to help her today but you have given me and your subs a whole new level of respect for you and your donors for a lifetime. Peace be with you all.

  6. She is a very smart girl in knowing which bag to get (the one on wheels…). Moreover, she deserves everything for a better chance in life: Education, to be heard and of course, to be annoying to you Troy on your mobile hehehehehehe 🙂 And, it is so awesome that Danny played a big part in this. We can’t allow her young spirit be broken, in that, it is really nice to see her shine with mama too.

  7. She probably gets teased at school but she still smiles and is so happy,and the fact she even goes to school when sleeping on streets,she’s so sweet

  8. Reminds me of doing school shopping as a kid. It was always fun. Looks like she had a lot of fun. And I think It helps her self esteem and confidence in school having some new supplies. Another great video. Most videos I watch on YouTube I watch once and never again. I catch myself watching your videos over and over again. Keep going and I think the word will get out and your channel is going to blow up with viewers and subscribers. You’re doing great already.

  9. If every Viewer spend at least about 1$ we will have a big sum as a community 🙂

    I’ve seen your PayPal Link in the infobox.
    I think everyone is able to spend at least 1 Dollar.
    It makes me happy to see where your donations go to.

  10. How priceless would it be to see Chau anh turn up at school beaming with pride with her new backpack and pencils! Danny, you are a superstar, thanks for your continued generosity. Mad props again to big Troy too. 🙏

  11. So wonderful to see this video! Her mom must be feeling better…. she took time to put her lip gloss on! That’s somehow a good sign. It a big sign of hope. Your acts of kindness is so extreme for her that I think it’ll help her trust more that the world isn’t so bad. But somehow watching the wit of her daughter and the smiles and optimism of her, also says she has been a good mom to her. Thanks Troy for such great work! And it’s nice to see Vietnam back to normal. We are still in the Twilight Zone in the states.

  12. I’m not convinced they are as destitute as we think. the mom continues to allude to items they have at “home.” Makes me think they have a proper home somewhere.

  13. Good to see mum looking more alert, maybe she was just deprived of sleep. She even cared enough to check herself out in the mirror, Good work Troy and donors

  14. thats not how you get school supplies buddy you get a list from the school and buy everything on the list if you let the kids choose they will get whatever they want. But good job anyways buddy.

  15. Hi Danny Stormwolf you are a awesome human being in helping these two thru your generosity , this has made a huge impact on mother and daughter , and Troy you are the whole reason we can witness great acts of humanity daily thanks Danny and Troy , i cant wait for the next video each day to brighten my days

  16. Troy what you are doing for people for the poor and needy in Vietnam is very nice of you. You truly have a good heart. I do the same thing to people in the Philippines. I friended a family in the Philippines and help them alot especially during the Covid19 virus. It’s always good to know and see and pics of people you can help have a better and happier life especially the young kids. You are very a good person and I like to say thank you for all you do for all the needy and poor in Vietnam. You are truly a good person with a good heart. Email me at pacificvoyager2019@ or text me at 17062673000. I truly respect you for what you are doing over there to help people in need. What is your PayPal link for donations to help people there?

  17. She is probably my favorite kid from all videos, rough life but has a good spirit.
    Wish i had some money to give since this year im not going to vn, but finances have been rough with this dumb virus sht, the earthquake and the gov rising the damn taxes.

    Respect to the donors and troy for doing this possible in these hard times.

  18. Should give little by little and put the rest money in the bank for both of them for use every month and for emergency, school and rent a place to live then find some thing for the mother to do day ny day basic when her girl start go to school in day time. Good luck to both of them and thanks to Troy and many donators view. God bless you all. CA.USA

  19. Mom looks a lot better in this video, rested and more with it. So excited to see this. Thank you Troy and Danny, and donors for a room for them. I hope they get back to their Village soon when her Mom’s leg is healed.

  20. I am noticing more comfort by the mother also. She’s actually smiling a bit. I still sense that she feels funny accepting all this money because of pride, which is not a bad thing. The child, between last video and this one has said thank you so many times I lost count. The real thanks is the joy we’re seeing while the child buys what she wants. The purchases were very modest too. Wise choices.

  21. Chau Ahn and Nhi both great kids. Nhi has a roof and her siblings to play with. I hope Chau Ahn has school friends. I’m sure with her personality she makes friends easy.

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