Street kid’s first pizza restaurant.

Chau Anh. More current videos to come but this is extra footage I had from last week.


Last video:
First meeting in Hanoi:
Meeting in Saigon:


  1. Shes quite smart, and carefree althou in bad situation. Hope she can continue school after her mom is done wth her foot. Pls tell her to study hard to have a better future Troy..

  2. My sister is over 25 and when we eat together she is 100% of the time on her phone, her food goes cold because she is using the damn phone and it pisses me off so much.
    Ill send her this message 4:53

  3. Please don’t get mad at these kids wanting to play on the phone. I doubt she gets to many chances to do so. She is a very smart girl. And not greedy. I hope to see more videos of her in the future.

  4. A little kindness goes a long way for this little girl and mother, I’m sure it takes there mind off the hardships they face on a daily basis…..well done troy

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