Street Beggars, At Home & Abroad -Part 2of2 ; Philippines

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  1. its best not to give money in the philippines unless you know the family and they are truly good people and are truly in temporary need of the cash. most of them are just looking to get money from the rich american…

  2. Yah.. starting a dependency, it almost leaves them in a worse position when they’re counting on you. It’s practically like adopting them at that point. Especially if they know where to find you at your home.

  3. I have the same working rules, experiences and scam victim-hood status as you seem to have had in the States, Henry. One of my favorite lines to a prospective bum (for money or cigarettes) is, “Not today.” That makes them stop and think long enough for me to make an exit.

  4. I think that’s the way to go when possible , to get some food for them . But I do realize it is a different story in the Philippines. Also if you help a neighbor then they will think your the bank and then that can but ruff . It’s tuff. If there is a whole bunch of people asking for money then I would say no to all .

  5. Hello, I have watch about every one of your vids love them, if you do not mind my asking questions and have the time, I have loads of them. First off I can not decide if I want to stay in Cebu or Pampanga, I have a friend that is from Cebu so I feel she could help with advice there but she has never been to Manila so could not offer much there. My plan is living there long term. I do not know if your willing to take the time but if so I can send my email addy. thank you so much

  6. I left a comment and a guess it didn’t go though , so I’ll try it again lol. I think the way to go is to buy them food . But I no in the Philippines it’s a little different. If there was alot of people looking for money I would say no to all .

  7. If you visit the main site (link at end of video).. use the Ask Henry link there to reach me at myÔĽŅ email. I get kinda flooded so it takes me some time to respond sometimes. Personally, I’d pick Cebu over Manila anyday. But some people need Manila and the jobs it offers, so I guess it comes down to what you want from a city. Cebu has many natural places nearby to visit and the city is big, but not as insane as Manila.

  8. Every video I watch my respect and admiration goes up. You sir, have a very well balanced approach to life and know what it means to give back, pay it forward or whatever favorite catch phrase you want to throw in there.
    Looking forward to some day sharing a few beverages, meals and great conversation with you! ūüôā

  9. Dude right on the money. Riverside am/pm gas station with similar excuses. “Run out of money, no job, no home, need gas money to drive to brothers or sisters home”. Never had that experience yet here in Texas.
    Compassion is a good thing. That’s what makes us human. But to make us look like a fool after helping others, it’s heartbreaking. I think you need to draw a line. That will keep your humanity with no guilt.

  10. Difficult question which seems to demand that you make a judgement call every time you are approached by a beggar. My approach is to choose 1 or 2 charities that you like and give to them and cut down on the willy nilly shelling out to everybody who asks for money. You still have to decide who to give to but when you refuse, you wont feel so guilty about it. I can tell that you are a good person that this even bothers you at all.

  11. Ditto, I bought food from fast food places and handed them out. I offer and do handyman stuff to the less fortunate ones. I don’t hand out money to people I don’t know. Simply because I want to see it being spent the right way.

  12. I don’t give to street people in Canada but do give to them in the Phil . Mostly because there is really no social safety net for basic needs. I don’t give much .. Just a little..

  13. I agree with you. Because my family resides, has worked and retires in the US? People will come to our gated house in the Philippines asking for presents every Christmas. And they are not even relatives or even from our neighborhood. My poor neighbors has principles and pride, could not swallow to do such a thing. I do buy them cases of beer and dog meat. Have you tried dog meat? At time in dire straights, when they can’t afford to bury their loveones. I help out. Or donate a casket.

  14. That is very kind of you, to help them. I have been offered dog meat here in my village, but I politely turned it down and left. It’s just to much a variant to my own culture for me personally to eat. But I understand it is part of the culture here in some areas.

  15. You make a good point. I think the only way around this is either to only offer to give food, or donate to local-run orphanages that you can visit and see the work being done.

  16. I had a guy in California, at a gas station, tell me he had to leave his family a few blocks down the road (in the heat) because they ran out of gas. I told him, “Climb in, we’ll pick them up and I’ll get them Icees while I put gas in your car.” Suddenly he was totally opposed to that idea. Totally bogus story.

  17. If you want to help street people, give to charities that help street people. Never give to beggars, you hurt them as much as you help them if you do. If you must give money to poor people, always give it in trade for work, even if the work is only helping other poor people. A little research can identify good charities, usually they are very small, local organizations that are on the ground in the worst areas every day, helping people.

  18. It’s always nice to help. It lifts my spirit to do more good. But I just have to be vigilant who to help. My experience in California is quite different. Blacks would approach me and ask money. Like it’s an order not help. So I say, dude you got $60 worth of Nike shoes and $200 cell phone. I told him I’ll buy his shoes for $20, he refuse and leave.

  19. I absolutely never, ever give money to anyone on the street. Legitimate or not, the whole process of begging on the street is something that needs to be discouraged. Those who are truly in need should go through some agency that can properly weed out the grifters, and for those who truly want to help, definitely fund those agencies.
    But as a matter of principle, I will absolutely never reward this sort of obnoxious behavior.

  20. i agree with you . and i be happy to starve every otherday ig i knew the food i was going without went into the belly of a child in a third world country. id starve for a week if i knew it was really going directly to a starving child. the thing is its hard to know if your money you give gos to the real needy

  21. I hear you brother! It is hard for me as well. I guess because you and I both grew up in LA.
    There was this one guy I would see over in Barretto are (near Subic Bay). He had one leg, badly crossed eyes, and just looked like he was down on his luck. I gave him money the first two times I saw him. By the third time I was starting to get irritated with him, I had had a drink or two and when he approached me I flat out told him to stop begging and go make something to sell!
    So, I see how it can get to you.
    Here is my suggestion. As you know, everyone one there eats rice three to five times a day. They love that stuff. So, just go to the market ( I know you do as I saw it in one of your videos) and buy about 10kg of rice. Buy some Ziploc style bags. When you get home divide up the rice in convenience easy to carry bags. Always keep a bag or two with you. When you run into someone asking for money just ask them what they are going to do with the money you give them and if they say they want to EAT, then hand them the bag. That little baggy of rice will feed them for two days. You will feel good you helped them, they will have a full belly, and you will not be supporting the scammers. This is my suggestion to you. Hope it helps. God Bless

  22. I use to give money to beggars here in the states until this one guy . . . . . . . I was getting off the highway going to work and was approached on the off-ramp. Now, this was a guy I had given money, food and cigarettes to before since I saw him at least once a day. The guy asked for money and I immediately thought he’d be better off having a job and being able to support himself. I told him he should come by the warehouse I work and I’d get him an application and help him get a job. He told me straight out – “I am not accepting applications today”.

    Seriously – lmao – WTF is that???
    I have not given a beggar a single thing since then.

  23. I have a religious friend and when she gives someone money…a very rare occasion, b/c she doesn’t have that much to give, but she would hold the person’s hands and pray vocally “Lord please bless this money and if this person is lying to me let your wrath come back on him/her a thousand times.” And she has told me that when she does that..the scammers have backed away and not taken the money.¬† A little unconventional, but I guess it works…

  24. hey lifebeyondthesea…GIVE ME TWO DOLLARS NOW!!! lol…just to prove to you that I watched the video…lol…my mom shares your philosophy..she would help anyone that is trying to help themselves, but for lowlifes that sit around and do nothing, she said she wouldn’t give them a nickel…

  25. i’ve lived in bangkok so i’ve seem my fair share of pan handlers.¬† i try to give some money to most of them… the smallest denomination coin the govt. has. but i often offer to get food.. no one has ever taken me up on that. women with children>>>¬† if they are actively breast feeding, ok. there was a lady who had a business renting women and babies, placed them around town, and kept the money above the meager wages she paid. i’ve seen a guy who had missing toes and fingers… have his chauffeured Mercedes¬† set him out in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon

    i have 2 pretty firm rules… if thais give money to the beggar, so will it.¬† if they look like they have positioned themselves in a tourist area because that is where the money is.. then, no, sorry.

  26. It¬†is now a rare occasion that I will give money out on the street here in California.¬† I have been lied to and scammed so much, that I now¬†reject just about every request. There is too much “opportunity” here, for someone to make some sort of living, if they would just try harder, rather than take the easier road. I use to think that everyone that was homeless, was homeless¬†because of bad luck or something like that. Not true! Many “choose” that lifestyle because they don’t want the responsibility. I DON’T REWARD LAZINESS! I give up my life for that cash, so WHY should I give it to a person that has no self respect? I still wrestle a little with the “question” when I am asked, but I say NO to my myself first.¬† Having said that…My considerations “might” be different when I get to the Islands because there are many that don’t have the level of opportunities that we have here in the states.¬† But even then, I can’t help everyone, and not all the time. Everything has it’s limits. With the children though, I might not be able to resist.¬† I will have to exercise wisdom in those circumstances. Only time will tell when I get there.¬† Thank you Reekay for speaking on this subject.¬† It has been an “uneasy” subject for me, and a question that must be addressed when I get to the¬†Philippines.¬†When I go there, and if I can’t be comfortable being amongst the people without constantly being hit up for cash all the time, that will become a nuisance real fast.¬† And I don’t know if I would want to retire there.

    1. I’m willing to make exception for the elderly or handicapped. ¬†Others.. same here, been scammed way too much by able-bodied people asking for a handout.

  27. Here is something that hit me today about this subject of giving to street beggars. It was something my mother told me a long time ago when it came to¬† relationships; ‘Don’t start anything you don’t want to keep up’.¬†When I do move to the Philippines, and live in a neighborhood, I don’t want to be the “Go-To-Guy”.¬† That happens when you START giving out cash to folks.¬†It is only human nature that you become their answer, and the path of least resistance, unless you shut it down, or don’t start it in the first place.¬†If they see you giving money to one person, it only empowers others to do the same, time and time again. Don’t want to alienate myself from everyone, but I do want to¬†set some boundaries and be respected for it.¬†

  28. Some people use the money to buy alcohol or glue to sniff to get high. Those are the ones you need to avoid giving money to. The kids that beg that I have seen are barefoot and dirty and dingy. You can tell they live on the streets.

  29. the kids are barefoot and live in squatters area most the time, but my native pinay GF told me many of them scam, example there mom’s bf or maybe even dad tells them to go beg, they come home with the money and get a little food in return and the guy goes out drinking. she swears to god it happens allot more then ¬†you think…

  30. I take it case by case over here and like you I look for tell tail sign, generally though I don’t give to street people out their begging I have seen too many of then scamming.¬†¬† I was in my car one day and there was a bind women with a helper and she was wondering form car to car trying to beg, as the walked along I then saw her pull the helper out the say as she was about to hit a wing mirror so she clearly wasn’t as blind as she tried to make out!¬† A week later I saw the same two out there but this time it was the helper who was being the blind person It was almost comical if it wasn’t so bad that they do that as it puts people off giving to real deserving cases.¬† I did come across two young kids in McDonalds and they sat in the table next to ours and as we got towards the end of our meal the elder ones asked my wife he we had finished could they finish what we had left as they were hungry.¬† AS soon as she told me what they had said in Tagalog I said tell them to hold on and I went and got them a full meal each as they were clearly deserving cases and we then left them to it with a few more pesos for a day or so and they were incredibly happy and thankful.¬†¬†¬† That’s why for me take it care by case and follow your gut feeling on what to do you will be wrong sometimes but generally you will be right!

  31. In Punta Princesa in Cebu I would stand every morning at the same time having a smoke at the gate on the main road. The 1st day an old man walked by (dusty legs and skin and nothing on his feet and his t-shirt in rags), he didnt say a word, just stuck his hand out and looked at me. I said no and he didn’t complain,he just turned round and carried on with his walk, I felt guilty then when he had gone so the next day i went out the same time just in case he did the same routine daily. He arrived again but this time looked at me and just carried on walking, i called him back and gave him a few Pesos, he was very thankful and the biggest genuine smile appeared on his old weary face.
    I haven’t seen him since so who knows what’s happened to him, gut feeling told you he was genuinely in need of help and I didn’t mind at all.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines¬†I have never thought of it from that angle, you never know…It was also my very 1st beggar i had encountered over there, if i ever see him again, I will video him next time and put him with my little collection of video’s on my channel, thanks!

    2. @Makoy Unggoy i sometimes wonder, in instances such as the one you describe, if perhaps that person was indeed an angel sent to show us a part of ourselves.  and then gone.

  32. Most people are in the position they are in for a reason.¬† They need to make adjustments in their life.¬† If we step in we are interfering in that process.¬† There is a God who is large and in charge and we aren’t Him.¬† If you want to donate give to a local mission or church that has an outreach program.¬† I’ve worked in a couple drug rehab facilitates and seen a lot of stuff.

  33. I got hit up more living in Vegas than I do in Mexico and there are more people living o the streets in the US tha I see here in Mexico as well. Middle class Americans have a skewed viewpoint because they do not visit the poverty zones in the US they say in their neighborhoods and the suburbs. BUt when they travel they do visit those areas in other countries and are shocked. Hey, go to Detroit, Chicago, Compton, Brooklyn, Camden, and you’ll get the truth about the USA.

  34. I’ve lived in PH for 3 years & soon return! A Black Bro from London, UK. Many Filipinos are opportunistic coz’ it trickles down to society from government! Lived in A.C for 18 months – there’s few of my unfortunate & maganda ‘street’ daughters I sometimes cater for by by either: giving little cash, buying footwear or food. As you said their law says we shouldn’t entertain beggars! Cops in O.C.instruct me to clap-away their hands, etc. Use your intelligence &/or discretion – many A.C. teenagers & younger sniff clue (Rugby, etc) on Fields Ave, etc – Filipinos don’t give a sh*t about them; they just walk-on by. Advise: When you’re with babae on-street – if she/they encourages you to financially & food-assist their beggars – know that she doesn’t respect you & herself coz’ many Filipinos like to give food, etc, to their beggars. They encourage that dirty-practice! Peace

  35. Here in Washington state, the beggars I see are when people getting off the freeway. All of them having signs that says “troubled veteran need help” or something similar. Sad situation.

  36. Incredible stories henry. Not like that in Sydney Australia!! They wont follow u!! They just stay in certain areas in the city with signs or ask no hassles with them .

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