Street Beggars, At Home & Abroad -Part 1of2 ; Philippines

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  1. Definitely a hard issue to tackle. I personally would never give send money to the people that come on TV . But I do give money to people on the streets here in the states . But there is a limit to that .

  2. good video!! when i was there in olongapo city the beggers saw a white guy and i had a mob of people following me with there hand out!! all the way to the river!! i was a little upset with this and after saying no for the whole walk they finally gave up and went away.. later that day i was talking to a guy and he said if i had given just one peso to one of them i would have had to give one to all of them of i would have been surrounded by them and they would not let me move till i did.

  3. Ditto to the TV donations. And yes also to the limit donations. I did have see any beggar’s in Cebu but that was because i didn’t stand still very long. My girlfriend and I, with her 2 kids were always on the move. But in her home town of Argao there were a few and i bought them something to eat. No money. Same in Dalaguete south further south of Argao.

  4. I used to give the street children a piso if i had spare. But now i just ask them if they are hungry or thirsty and then buy something for them if they say yes. Becuse many of the street kids are working for someone else.

  5. The time I was in Manila, north luzon and bacolod I never had an adult ask me for money but in Manila by the airport had many kids neg almost constantly. I feel we must give something but yes they always come back but I could not just let them go hungry. Many times they would sleep on sidewalks. I never saw a Filipino give anything , they just ignored them. On the other side I never saw a white person refuse. Maybe it was a scam I dunno. BUt we must help I think.

  6. Great info-video. I say no money. Just like in Mexico, Philippines has a lot of professional beggars and syndicated beggars. The reason it’s a crime. It’s just not being in-forced. Like in California. I prefer buying oranges and flowers from Hispanics. We will never know and we cannot judge if they are really poor. If you notice the majority who beg are women and children. The fathers and men either are gambling or drunk in the early hrs.

  7. I actually met a professional beggar in Manila during my college days. At first, I thought it was a prank or joke by my friends who were neighbors to these family. They got a brick 2 story 5 bedroom house with 2 wheels. And I heard they got family in the US. But to be fooled like that makes me want to burn their house down. I did my investigation, by stalking the said beggars. They left early morns in their van and drove to a disclose ghetto place with beggar clothes. And beg the whole day.

  8. The one thing I’d add to that is that so often, once a Filipino here realizes his g/f is pregnant.. he disappears and abandons the woman. I know so many single mothers here it’s insane.

  9. A similar thing happened to my ex MILaw in Mexico. She is poor but works at the flea market selling used clothes and housewares. A supposed “poor” Mexican woman asked if she could HAVE the small refrigerator my MIL was selling. She had compassion on her and though she needed the money, gave it away to her. By sheer chance, she ran into the same woman at the pawn shop later where the woman pawned it. Had a cellphone and a wad of cash scamming people.

  10. The hard part is figuring out whether the person in front of you is really in need or just a pro, like you said. Not always easy to tell, I’ve been fooled before and probably turned away people who really needed it. We’re usually busy just leaving the store, on our way somewhere, mind on something else when it happens.

  11. About 30 minutes ago, here at the ICM mall, a kid of about 12 years walks up and says, “Gimme money.” I said, “Are you asking me or telling me?” He then said, “Gimme money, I”m hungry.” I had a Snickers bar in my hand so I broke it in half and gave it to him. He didn’t even bother to eat it, just said again, “Give me money.” I told him, “If you were hungry, you’d be eating that candy bar.”, and I left. It’s crazy.

  12. Henry seem like your screening all of these comments? My wife and I don’t give to street beggars. We give to organized charities. My favorite is a place that cares for children that were abused by their families (Sexual & physical) another is a place that takes Elderly many who are homeless off the street and cares for them. Some filipinos do abandon their old. So thats how we do our bit. We have been doing this long enough that they recognize us and allow us onto their compound.

  13. Yah, it’s an extra-step for me, but as I explained in the ‘Toxic Expat’ videos.. too many whack-jobs were spamming their racist rants here. Adding the Approval step has stopped them in their tracks. Wish I didn’t have to, but it’s become necessary to keep the riff-raff from dumping their hatred onto the comments section.

  14. It’s sad. I was thought by my parents to help people in need. No reward or agenda. Should be coming from the heart. My reward is in heaven. It hurts me, when people exploits your kindness and care. How can you draw a line, if you grew up having a set of values. It’s crazy and maddening.

  15. I was at this very busy intersection near Mercedes hotel when I first got there and there was this family begging there, the mother with a baby was on the traffic island in the middle of the intersection and the kits were spread out over the area, this little girl started following me around tugging at my pants pocket and making a heartbreaking sad face, for 15 min I could not get rid of her , so frustrated I gave her a handful of 5 and 10 pesos coins, she looks at the coins and starts-continued

  16. continued- calling all the other beggar kids to come over to me, I’m watching in horror as half naked kids start running towards me and signaling even more kids to join, I counted 11 running at least towards me, all I could do was run into the nearest mall to get rid of them, the moral of the story is that in the end this kids are the ones who are the victim, sad really.

  17. I’ve struggled with the same thing when I was there. In the states, its not so difficult to ignore because there is all sorts of social services available, and people are looking for money for their vice. When in the Phil, I have told myself I cannot keep giving, but I still do at times. I also keep a few single pecos in my pocket, so I can toss them one and keep walking.

  18. its hard to see how metro manila life is for some, i help as many as i can every time we go to philippines, but when you help 1, they tell all their friends next thing you know i got 20 kids begging sad

  19. Henry im with you , you can’t play God… you will wake up broke , then see how many people help you…. most of the people with kids in there arms begging all day in that heat are gippos even there fellow Philippine neighbours can’t be doing with them, ive seen them put there 80year old grandmother  out in the streets, they drive her there , she’s blind and can’t walk , they dump her there at sunrise, begging and then collect her at dusk it  a full time job to them… sad but true… and when they get the days takings, they drink it… better you give her 1 litre of water and a chicken filet  sandwich , if your feeling sorry for the poor soul…. there’s being mugged and there’s being a mug….

    1. @GlassLegend40
      lot’s of decent women on there..but be careful. if they find out you are an American they might ask you to send them m,oney…

    2. @Chris Nata Cool thanks much bro..hopefully I could connect with a decent philipina as a conection incase I decide to go back..And They would love me,. too since, I’m real generous and flexible person…

  20. yeh the street beggars do really annoy me, not all of them as some are genuine but when u get a kid or an adult say to you hey give me money, not even a please or a look of sadness upon their face, some of these beggars are very nicely dressed not skinny and looking starving and have a nice cell phone or nice jewellery adorning them, it bugs the hell outa me the way they ask as they just assume ur rich cuz ur white, some I give yes the ones that really look as if they need it, but most just get a wala oi or wale pera reply. if I gave every one that asked my whole 4 mths allowance could be gone in just 2 weeks that’s how often I get asked to give, well not asked they kinda order you 

    1. Just make it simple, don’t give them money lol or else they wont go looking for a job or do something about thier life at the end they will stuck by begging.

  21. It’s a struggle because there are Pro beggars there actually lead a (Filipino) middle class existence based on begging. If someone tells me that they’re hungry then I offer to buy them some cooked rice if I’m going to “donate” anything. But that will only happen when they have kids with them. It’s sad to say but begging is the only job in the Philippines that many can get.

  22. I only once gave to a street begger ,,, when I looked down at him and he had one eye it was impossible to say no  ,,, then I had 20 kids around me with hands out until we got a taxi ,,, after I did that my GF scolded me for 5 mins ,,, opps

  23. I use to give money to the children in AC, but my gf after about 2 weeks told me it’s illegal.. and told me they are scamming , and to only give money to old beggars, old because they can’t do any work or get any job.. it made sense and i have followed that ever since, but i do often carry snacks with me and will give those to the kids sugo nuts ect ect 🙂

  24. I tend to follow the local view on this and I view things as I see them, I have seen the same kids begging then gambling with other beggars so you start to see that they are doing this as a way to live and don’t want to try and do anything better.  I also agree the bottom line is you simply cannot help all of them as there is too many.  Also I take the approach if you want to help here then find something worth while find a kid who wants to go to school and help them through school, we have a number of scholars who we help through school as that is the best way out of poverty not simply handing out cash.  I buy in to the old saying give a beggar food and he will be back again tomorrow but teach a beggar how to grow or fish and he will be fed for ever.

  25. i used to give quite often; but over the  past few yrs, my life has sucked so bad i haven’t; its actually recognized as a sociological-development issue–we will start giving more when we have more to give; supposedly, the next Stage of sociological development could begin in 10yrs or so, the 1st Stage in history at which most of our deficiency-needs will be met; they are hopeful

  26. I am in Angels City Philippines,  And here we have a lot of beggars. I use to give until the local Police told me that most of the come from the mountains by the bus load to beg for money and most of them come from the same village and at the end of the day they put money in one pot to share with everyone.  Now the kids near the SM have a Pimp that they have to give money to, In return he will protect them. Here it is a crime to touch them (push them away) so its easier just to give them 10 or 20 pesos for them to go away

  27. Don’t give them money it’s simple, most beggars are drug abusers, they just buy drugs but ye some are really in need but if you give them money then they wont find a job or do something for thier lives and at the end they will stuck into begging till they die and that’s awful life, by giving them money it’s like encourage them more to beg because they can get easy money from begging. You yourself don’t plock cash out of a tree and you have to work for your cash.

    1. @Miss Eve R. Vroege that rarely happen because those children dont have any families and they think rugby is the only way to get out of their miseries, when they smell it ,they forget their problems … besides u should help the needy and not being snooby to them

  28. when i was there to meet my future wife i gave her a large amount of change and told her if she felt it ok then go ahead , also when the kids came up tp me i would say i dont have any money . it seemed to work very well , i was in manila most of my visit . 

  29. one day i gave a kid i seen often begging a dollar and he was very confused and asked my future wife what it was , she explained it was worth 42pesos and he ran off happy

  30. the government in philippines are very corrupt..u pay taxes and the government put it in their bank accounts…if u want to be a millionaire be a politician in philippines

  31. Does this law also cover the people you see out there doing performance art.  You know playing an instrument or singing or ???.

    1. @Dennis Weifenbach i haven’t seen it enforced, mostly it’s frowned upon. but street performers seem exempt from this. i don’t mind someone playing an instrument in a fixed location, i’ll “support the arts” if it interests me enough to stop and listen. but what i don’t like is when “musicians” come to my outdoor table unsolicited and won’t go away (meanwhile disturbing my conversation and meal) until they get a tip.

  32. UNICEF encourages poor women to have kids. Many end up as street children.

    UNICEF provides food, shelter, doctors and medicine for mothers and children in poor countries – but not for childless women or men. In some places, like Africa, they will pay a mother’s rent – now that alone could tempt a poor childless woman into becoming a mom. UNICEF does not provide contraceptives – not even condoms. Add to this the facts that there are several other NGOs – with similar policies – also working in Africa, the Philippines, and many other 3rd World areas – and they are all encouraging motherhood by making it a criteria for receiving aid. It is little wonder that Sub-Saharan Africa, one of the world’s most aid intensive areas, has the world’s fastest growing population. To increase the numbers of beggars and welfare recipients does not tend to make people more charitable – it usually does the opposite.  See more: go to ‘PREVAB The Prevention of Abuse’, then go to ‘Child labour’.

  33. As long as these people living in poverty will stop having many children that they can’t even afford to give theme enough food or education.. Poverty in our country will not stop..

    1. +Christian VIllegas a very good point. it’s a vicious cycle. but it seems the younger generation is realizing that many kids is not a good thing when resources are low.

  34. You said they’re not very aggressive and I thought hmm in downtown Cebu the beggar kids followed me for two blocks and a prostitute followed me for half a block… and then the very next thing you said is “mostly they are in the bigger cities like Cebu, downtown”. Ha!

  35. I can’t say I know the economics and circumstances of the beggars but I know that some fishy stuff goes on. The kid lying down on the sidewalk in Fuente Circle (many hotels nearby) with mud on his leg obviously just smeared it on himself and I’m sure he wasn’t really crippled (I mean how did he get there in the first place). Yeah there’s real poverty there but much of the beggardom there is an act.

  36. Something I discovered, a lot of these kids are in gangs. Whatever they collect, they go back to their head quarters, give it to the boss (most likely a guy in his mid 30s or 40s), none of them for the kids. The kids get shelter and food and that’s all. Depending on how much they collect, they might not even get 3x a meal per day. The kids also do all kinds of crimes. Because the boss knows if caught, police can’t do nothing to the kids. Just lecture them and off they go or send them to dsws or some kind of child services and brought there.

  37. One thing people may not realise that a lot of beggars that come from the mountain use other people‘s babies for sympathy purposes to collect money because I noticed the same beggars in Surigao over many years having a baby in their arms surely those babies must grow up !

  38. Foreigners are prohibited by law from giving money to minor children (so I’ve been told and read)…The idea there is it can be seen by officials as an “inducement’ that could lead to child trafficking or sexual exploitation…The young girls that have dirt on their faces that are dressed up in indigenous costumes are working for a syndicate (they look dirt poor, are dirty, and are carrying a baby begging ~ Well they are dirt poor but they have a roof over their head a something to eat ~ professional beggars at a young age)…There’s an army of them here on Luzon…I give rarely ~ When approached I say “Wala” (nothing) and “Oma-liska” (get lost/leave)…From time to time I’ll give left over take out food to a beggar or give some spare change to a handicap person…Most of the time I give nothing (not even P100 per month ~ Not to be mean, just not to be scammed)…I’m already taking care of a family as it is so I’m doing my part and don’t feel guilty one bit about not giving street beggars anything (I use to give 30 years ago/20 years ago/10 years ago but not now that I have my own to take care of)…My charity (all of it) starts and stays at home…

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