Stocking The Pits That Have Fish With Azolla

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  1. Chickens must be heathy, you didn’t mention any wheezing. Wish you would take some of those gold tilapia and make a small decorative fish pond next to your house.

  2. jungle wood for barbeque BRIAN !!!! ….there put tree banana ,make hole 1m deep with full compost and seed tree banana ……on land with sand similar 1.5m deep hole coimpost and seed tree banana !!!! for use production all land

  3. for azzola ,,,,,,one sack with compost put in middle line ,compost remain into sack and onluy phosphate use ………phosphate spread GINA and at middle one sack with compost inside for test evolution and not nitrogen !!!! after 15days sack reverse and after 30days throw

  4. I don’t know how you don’t trip with 7 dogs underfoot, I’d be in that water in no time. Do you keep them around as a cobra control method ?

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