Still Filling The Tilapia Pits

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  1. It could have been too much nitrogen in the water from fish effluent ( poop, rotting scales and skin.) that could have put the brown spots on the Azolla. It could be a nitrogen burn in the plant. That could also cause a Chlorophyll deficiency.

  2. One good thing about you’re issues that you are having is that you are showing other your mistakes and showing what not to do… this is a good thing, Like needing a French Drain under the pits to remove the water that will build up under the tarps. I have a feeling that you could just do without the tarps though. The land seems to hold ground water fine.

  3. Iā€™m sure you know this already but just in case, if the water from pump come out of the hose above water it will disrupt the surface tension on the water and help a bit with oxygenation. Of course if the pump you have is tricky to prime that might be why, just a thought. As I understand there are oxygenating plants, not sure if the fish would eat them.

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