About four months ago we had squatters move into our neighborhood. I feel sorry for them because every time it rains their place floods out. They also have no running water and no electricity. Also..AM I A COMPLAINER ???…LET ME KNOW.



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About me : Retired American Expat Brian & Filipina wife Luisa, living in the Angeles City / Clark Pampanga Philippines.


  1. Dude …you are human …you are a human born and raised in the USA. At times, the USA mentality will break through your mental efforts to be understanding.
    Plus …sometimes, you just have to get peoples attention. In a polite way …so don’t beat yourself up …too much. A light paddling from time to time to keep yourself in check is good, beating self up, not good.

  2. I subbed you from Day 1 because I also retired in my 50’s and married my pinoy bride 9 years ago. We live in her home town of Olongapo and just today we finally waited long enough for our medical travel pass to get to S&R. They try. A little. BUT all I could think about was this is the breeding ground for the virus! Just wanted to say what up and when you went thru your day with your wife I cracked up because it matched my day exactly. Her watching utube on pad and me going thru 100’s of Netflix movies and never selecting one! I couldn’t think of a better place to be though. I am learning how to complete one or two tasks a day and actually be happy!! This place teaches me something about myself everyday. Some good and some nnot so good. Lol

  3. Brian you complain a lot but so what. As long as your not being botos, itโ€™s ok. We expats should never stop being who are and especially Americans. Itโ€™s just a way we express that something is either not right or can be improved on. Once you stop complaining you stop being aware of the wrongs going on around you. Thatโ€™s un-American! Lol keep keeping it real.

  4. Hey Brian, buy box of donuts loaded with lots of sugar๐Ÿจ, milk๐Ÿผ and honey๐Ÿ and take it to Barangay Hall of Shame (BHS) ๐Ÿค…and see what happens…you could go a bit farther and bring to the BHS Capitan ๐ŸŒ a big banana ๐ŸŽ‚ …before hand, design your own passes, make the heading copy from some one who already has one and then take them to the BHS to be sign after you load all them with lots of the sugar๐Ÿ’ฐ …it will work…on arrival, ask them is this the BHS? They might ask you, what is the BHS? Tell them the new “Back Home System” ๐Ÿš› ๐Ÿš• ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ๐Ÿ˜ it might work!! Who knows…you could stick a VIP in a corner somewhere and they may ask you what this means?, tell them, Vison Impaired Person ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿด ๐Ÿ‚ wear dark glasses ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜ท ๐Ÿ˜ฑ now, that I got you all going… send me $5, so we can give it to “BHS. ๐Ÿ”ญ๐Ÿ“น ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐ŸŒƒ ๐Ÿ†comedy club”. ๐ŸŽ ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐ŸŽŠ ๐ŸŽˆ

  5. Since this is the Philippines Brian, usually a little under the table transaction will get you the result that you need. Two dollars or 50 Philippine pesos may do the trick. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

  6. Does the barangay and the residents know about the squatters? How did they get in that gated village. And if your barangay can’t produce quarantine pass. Report it to the DILG or to the mayor.

  7. Brian u r all good mate compared to some of the back stabbing 2 faced expats I have met in AC always complaining and never happy. They don’t know how good they have got it

  8. Thatโ€™s sad thereโ€™s no order at the hall to have the passes for the neighborhood you did right phill to speak up iโ€™m like you speak up get shit done or for someone to acknowledge that youโ€™re there and ask may we help you

  9. If masks work, then why the need for social distancing? If social distancing works then why the need for masks? If both work why the need to shut down the local businessโ€™ ? all a huge big ass scam, weโ€™ve all been screwed….

  10. Are these passes mandated by the central govt? As I said all along, all these rules are just power plays by the local despots. Govt. bureaucrats over there are lazy, corrupt and are not there to help people.

  11. Really they shouldn’t be allowed squatting…it makes the place scammy..the value of the area goes down.. who ever looks after the subdivision should be inform.

  12. Your doing it easy.
    I talk to many canadian, aussies snd states boys and they just want get out of there now the boredom has finished them. Lucky to have your family and luts bussiness to keep you interested brian as the whole balibago angeles scene is over for a long long time. The WP boys with 7 bars are about to bolt, rents cant be sustained with no income and others are realising its over as well. It will be a brand new different angeles next year which may be interesting except when things like fontana close. Was a good day out there for the family
    Who knows what next year will bring but the way and things we had before are gone
    Great years great times.

  13. You don’t complain too much, I would be much worse. Your just speaking a small part of what most of the people there are thinking but afraid to say. Remember what you always say, “It is what it is”, or as I say, “Welcome to the Philippines, prepare to be underwhelmed.”

  14. A lot of redtape that serve no purposes. In Thailand were I am now, we had lockdown and curfew but never needed local pass. Never heard others mentioning passes in Vietnam or Malaysia. You are not complaining you are showing us of badly organized they are.

  15. After watching many of yr videos….. perhaps life is PI is just too frustrating for you…..itโ€™s easier to go with the flow .than to swim against the current.

  16. You certainly don’t complain too much. Welcome to the Philippines: OUT OF STOCK. I was once told by Globe that they were out of stock account numbers. One time a spa was out of stock MASSAGE. What? I’ve been to over 40 countries, and bless-them, the Philippines has the nicest, sweetest most hospitable people on Earth, but they run their businesses like they can’t think ahead. It’s usually nice that everything is so casual, but it can be frustrating from time to time.

  17. I feel your pain I shake my head at the way things work there. Simple things become over complicated for no real reason e.g. 10+ years to get a title for a house that was paid off 12 years ago.

  18. Why you need a quarantine pass every where you look there people are all gathered together no social distancing. Itโ€™s a money power thing. Should just open everything up no one obeys rules anyway.

  19. I hear your Frustration – same here in Mabalacat – I had to get a pass and was told we issued 19000 passes to 15000 homes and “OUT OF STOCK” basically was told that PNP was involved and they do no longer issue passes, however they where friendly and said we can issue a temporary prass with no expiration,, a 8.5×11 but it works. Just the way it’s done here in Philippines and at times it can be frustrating but we are here by choice so we live with it. Great walk and I feel like you at times – we have those less fortunate here in the barangay and here it is about 100 families combined. And worst part is during the relief distribution they where left out as there is no address and they not registered.. Tough Life for many..

  20. Brian, you never complain to much. You’re being honest and telling it like it is. People can suck a lemon if they don’t like it!!
    Now on the Covid-19..
    I watched a video about Italys handling of the virus, and it’s not a virus but a bacteria. It causes blood clots. This is what kills the victims. Italian doctors started doing autopsies and found this . They’re using asprin and an antibiotic called Apromax to keep the blood from clotting on people that come in contact with the bacteria. The government here in the US won’t permit autopsies on people who’ve died with the so called virus, because they found out about the bacteria, and lied all this time, and shut down our country, so they don’t want us knowing about the bacteria and the truth. What a crock of horse crap!! I’m going to my doctor and getting me some Apromax. Just to be on the safe side. I knew all along it wasn’t a virus. I believe in another video of yours, I said this. Just wanted to let you know. I love all your videos, but I don’t comment that much. A big hello to Lot Lot and Hannah Grace!!Have a great day! ๐ŸŒน

  21. I find their government offices amusing, papers stacked in ever corner, filing cabinets, typewriters and old time log books. A small IBM 486 usually is somewhere also covered in dust. And they require 15 copies of every document you give them. I heard if you could look inside a filipinos mind it would appear similar…

  22. My fiancรฉ went to that very same barangay office for her quarantine pass yesterday. They tell her to come back Friday. Ugh!!!!

  23. I went do to Mabalacat city hall to get a pass and there was at least 300 people in line and they told me it could be up to five hours before I could get one. I just left With in mind that GCQ itโ€™s just around the corner

  24. Do what you have to do Brian. Even if its considered complaining. By the way do you have a drone? Would be kool to see a birds eye view. Love all the green. I live in a desert.

  25. I don’t think you complain to much,,, in fact you don’t complain enough,,,So the only way to get things altered is to complain,,, but you need to complain to the right people,,, not the workers who are just doing their jobs but their managers. Or the barangy captain or even the mayor,,, If there is enough of you (expats) get together and petition them,,, or maybe stand for mayor yourself(if poss) In Life things will always stay the same,,, Unless you complain. Next vid headlines expat puts up for Mayor. Go on Brian you can do it.

  26. Hey Brian, I think you have a great attitude given the situation the world is in. I’m here in the Philippines now for 6 months from Arizona. It’s not easy to keep a good mental attitude during all of this. Hang in there!!

  27. I think the points you made were excellent it just speaking your mind I would view things similar if I was in your shoes and from your observations good video by the way

  28. Nice having squatters next to your house. Dogs, chickens, roosters,people, baby shit. Noise. Barking dogs. Chickens,cats, Burning trash, Crime, Diseases, Great place to live. You pay rent but they pay nothing.

  29. Brian…. I think you complain too much. I’m just like you. May be it comes by ageing. hahaha. Nah, you’re great. The philippines has always been like that since the spaniards’ occupation Brian.

  30. You live in a very nice neighborhood. I am a real estate broker and have been a sub for about 3 years now. I am curious what a buildable parcel of land cost is in your area?

  31. I’ve always said, if Filipinos spent as much time doing a great job, as they do being ‘sorry’ about doing a bad job. They’d be doing great!


  33. Your good its the times very frustrating some places more than others, really enjoy listening and appreciate all the info.very helpful take care

  34. No just say “And what if not here in the morning? ” Maybe I need to go and talk to the Major and ask why the job is not done as promised.

  35. One of the most simple but entertainibg show in modern society. Brian’s cleverness and
    compelling voice and the gang
    sum it all up. Right On!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

  36. Its complaining Brian but you can only get run around so much before it really starts to get to you, and seems like some people over there push you to where you have to become aggressive. Its really a shame.

  37. LMAO Roll with the punches, but shit doesnt flow uphill is all i know i’ve seen things happen when something is shown and then they get real quick about stuff lol. But you are right sit still watch and see how it works sometimes its a power trip sometimes it’s just that they dont have it. But dang if they get caught out watch it fly. As i’ve said i’ve seen it happen.

  38. Itโ€™s more fun in the Philippines!!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Be pushy? Sometimes it works. But the bureaucrats are unmotivated and corruptible. (They canโ€™t help it when your higher ups are the same thing). Always good to know someone if you can find them.

  39. There is an ad on this video about sweat and hard work made America. Contrast that idea with the phrase, “Sorry sir, we don’t want to do our job so you will have to come back.”

  40. Filipinos major problem is the lack of discipline. No one cares about your time, just theirs. You ask people to line up and they’re all over the place and won’t listen. Now I’m Filipino-American and us Filipinos in America may have carried this annoying habit around to other countries. For example, in a packed store or other public places where there is a line, they will casually walk in front of you and cut their place in line as if you weren’ there. I’ve argued with people over this. Now I’m not saying its only Filipinos that do this but it seems most of the time they are. They call these Filipinos FOB’s or fresh off the boat because they haven’t learned the rules and etiquette of their host country yet. So now I’ve retired here in the Philippines, there are more of these people than ever! Oh well. But in general, Filipinos are mostly nice and respectful.

  41. I don’t think you complain to much myself, it’s just life there, shit happens. I was just thinking ,have you ever just went around and filmed all of the wires and telephone poles and how messed up they are and give out and award to the worst mess you can find out of all of them. I swear some look like they are about to fall right over, I would hate to be driving and have one fall on me.Hay have you ever thought of a husband VS. wife competition at the house during the lock down and film it ?

  42. Brian this shit start tomorow, I get my to day. As you say, you have to rush and sometimes it is appropriate to give them shit so they understand. After all, they are Lazy and useless. And in my Barangay they have been sleeping for 4 days and finally when I show my face there is action throughout the gang. It should be unnecessary, and four days to make a copied sheet with a signature from a Lazy Captein is a shame.

  43. I don’t blame you for complaining but I do find it a bit funny. So many westerners move to the PI because they are fed up with the big bureaucratic govt and lifestyle in the west. They want to live where ppl are free to live without so many federal rules and regulations. But when they miss the benefits and efficiency that comes along with that big overbearing govt in the west. They want to have it both ways. There is a reason why your dollar goes so far in the PI. It cost money to hire and train professionals. Most of the Vloggers spend so much time complaining about life in the PI to which I say there is a reason you chose to live there. I am curious though how are there squatters in a gated community? Nice video!

  44. Well, logic is not one of their strong points… But yea, same madness everywhere; supposedly strict rules (that only apply to some?) alongside people just doing whatever they want…

    I mean, breaking all the social distancing rules while lining up for a Quarantine pass that you can probably get spares of if you know the right guy? And the people who work there are probably raising their exposure risk significantly while standing around doing absolutely nothing?

  45. That’s part of life,if you don’t complain or say something you will never get things changed. If they are at work they should be helping people these there job.

  46. Brian you always need to be vocal in the Philippines, the public servants are the slowest and most incompetent in Asia. I can honestly tell you there is no fairness, the wealthy there are arrogant spoilt children. I fully support your interpretation of the one truth, money is all corrupting in the Philippines. Nepotism and cronyism is rampant. Your a patient man. Never join there ranks stay true to truth, Justice and the western way.

  47. Hi Brain its not complaining it is venting the way of life there is not like western way I think you have been doing a good job hope you and family are all healthy

  48. I feel you, but you have to keep reminding yourself that youโ€™re in the Philippines. The level of customer services you receive from a government office is not going to be the same as in the states. If you complain in the states, someone will be held accountable for their lack of action. In the Philippines, I think the level of accountability for inaction is not as high.

  49. My dad is American and my mom is Filipina. The U.S. embassy said that our immigrant visas for the U.S. have been approved and were ready for pick up in Manila. Upon arriving at the embassy, we waited hours to be helped, only for the bullshit to start. My dad was dealing with the Filipino worker in the embassy, same bullshit you are saying here. Many workers not doing anything. Anyways, the guy at the embassy told my dad to come back in a few weeks because they ran out of visas. My dad could see thru his bullshit. Visas are carefully allocated per an individual basis. Meaning if the United States say they have a visa allocated for you, they have one waiting for you and they cannot reissue it to someone else. Visas have numbers for goodness sake.

    Anyways the Filipino worker kept saying that they were out. Was he waiting for a handout? A bribe? My dad started raising his voice. Thankfully a white guy in the background (likely an American worker) heard what was going on and he told the Filipino worker to step aside and that he would handle it. After my dad showed him the documents issued by the US immigration, the American worker was like, “Of course we have your visas. Give me a minute.”

    Within 4 minutes the American worker handed the visas over and we were on our way.

    The blatant corruption in the Philippines is why that country is cursed to trail behind the rest of Asia. So sickening.

  50. The philippines is getting too much like china… communist China that is…. too much control of the people… with this covid hoax they got you all like in prision slaves… time to get out of that oppressed country… no more freedom left there…

  51. You have to report these squatters for illegal squatting. Go to the local authorities and write a letter to the Mayor and Governor to elevate the problem.

  52. LOL I thought you were editing the swear words. Government is crazy no matter where or which country. It just boils down to the noisy wheel gets the grease. The same things happens in the Laguna area as well. Good stuff on the videos

  53. You’re doing fine. It’s the human to complain. I live in PI for 20 plus years. Many things to improve. Those squatters creating health issue with no plumbing g. You are paying good money in your su division to put up with health issue. There should be a place to address it.

  54. Hey Philly, first went to the Philippines in 1988 and have been there more than 20 times for more than one year total time. Those government functions need to improve. With so much attention on the Philippines through youtube, etc, hopefully they will be shamed into doing better. You provide a service by showing what is going on. We all know, though, that the Philippines has way more pros than they have cons but we should not accept or condone poor customer service from the local governments. No need for you to change anything about your reporting or the way you express your opinions. Infinite love from Atlanta!

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