Speed Ferry to Vung Tau, Beachfront Hotel & Amusement Park Only 2 Hours From Ho Chi Minh City

In this video Alex from Ninja Teacher visits Vung Tau, the closest and easiest beach side city to get to from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
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    1. That was 5
      years ago. The old Russian hydrofoils have been scrapped and now they have European designed catamarans with twin rolls royce diesels. It’s very safe and comfortable

  1. Very nice video Vung Tau town. This beautiful beach town is only about 1 hr from Sai Gon, right? Thank you, Alex. I heard many American retired here. Check out YouTube “Vung Tau Rider”.

  2. Vung tau is pretty nice, i went there in 2017, and the views there are amazing on a bright sunny day, especially in that amusement park you went to, if you stand near the cliffs, you can pretty much see most of vung tau. it’s pretty cheap, i paid like $13 last time for an all day pass. Did you try the zipline there? I need to go to that christ statue which i never did. BTW, you should go to “CO BA” restaurant and eat some banh khot there. I highly recommend it.

    Now i will say the beach there is very disappointing, it’s dirty and it reminds me a lot of coney island beach here in NYC, which is not a good thing. But Vung tau has way better views than coney island so that makes up for it. The best and cleanest beach i’ve been too was behind some resort in lang co, halfway between Hue and Da nang. Even though the beach is behind the resort, it’s open to everyone and you can just drive up and go there.

  3. Hey I’m looking to teach English abroad and was just wondering if my degree needs to be a 4 year degree? I guess that would be a masters degree in the UK. I have 3 year BSc in accounting and finance, would this be acceptable? Thanks

    1. You need IELTS as a minimum. Many schools don’t want to hire you with a work visa. Police have been cracking down on this and have been raiding hotels

  4. Your obviously not a dog lover or you wouldn’t be living in such a disgusting place !! If they don’t stop eating 🐕 I WILL end up breaking one of their necks over there 💯💯💯💯💯 why aren’t you focused on this ? MUCH MORE important than money ! Answers ?

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