Special 500th Video – My Adventure in the Philippines :)

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  1. Henry, I have been watching video’s of the Philippines for about 3 years now and I have to tell you that this is the best one out of all the 1000s that I have seen. I have always enjoyed watching the vids that you post. Having Lyn at the end was epic. GREAT JOB!!! Keep it up.

    1. @Kevin Brown thanks!, it’s been a joy to roam about and soak in the various places i’ve visited and share it online. 🙂

  2. Congrats.  What an adventure and a fantastic place to be at this stage of one’s life.
    Excellent video as if you have a video production crew following you around.  Bravo !!!

  3. “where HAVE you been !?” …lol…… You’re killing me ..I have to stop watching……. I want , no I NEED to get my butt back to Jen as soon as I possibly can……

  4. so awesome Henry congrats again and i look forward to seeing lots more with Lyn aswell. things certainly have improved for you as you both deserve.

  5. Nice video, i loved it. Home is where the heart is, and your heart is in the Philippines that’s for sure. congrats on the 500th video Henry. 

  6. I have seen all your videos Henry, thank you for sharing your life with us, bravo. You have given me the inspiration and courage to venture out to the Philippines and discover a wonderful life I never new existed. Thanks for all the great advice. Congrats! 

  7. Great video Henry! Love the retrospective vibe and the soundtrack. For those of us living vicariously through you, Ned and others, it’s fun to see all the sights, but I think the main thing is that after 2 1/2 years, you are still there and no plans to leave. My wife and I will get there eventually. Peace and Blessings!

  8. Henry, that was really cool. So great that you are able to go live your dreams. And you picked one of the few Phil Collins songs that I actually like.

  9. i want to travel to the Philippines, can you make a video about sickness and disease in the Philippines from your personal poin of view? Thanks and congrats for your Special 500th Video

  10. Great Vid! I’m inspired… next time I go back to PI, I’m going to get one of those batman bikes too. Thanks for sharing your adventure… looking forward to more.

  11. I enjoyed the video,  particular Phil Collins musical background . Do you like Peter Gabriel also? Very creatively put together you really seem to have a passion for video. If you ever come out of retirement,  there is a possible future business in there some way Henry. Brings back video memories…- Congratulations on 500 Videos !! : )

  12. Really cool video!! I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you, reekay. Your videos always keeps me company when i work night shifts. Congratulations and good luck..

  13. Congratulation Henry, and thank you again for all the hard work, dedication and all the effort in providing us quality and excellent vidoes. I am happy for you and wishing you all the happiness. Stay safe my friend, cheers from Los Angeles, Cali. Oh by the way, great song.

  14. Congratulations on your 500th episode. I am just impress by your lack of a production crew and for what you did by yourself is impressive. What an adventure for 2 1/2 years.

  15. Thanks for all the videos Henry.  I’ve enjoyed them all from your time in Mactan.  Would you be interested in doing a video on elderly care homes in the Philippines.   

    1. @les f i’m guessing there are some here in the PH, but culturally families tend to take care of the elderly themselves. much like japan, elderly parents are more often brought into the home of one of the adult children. in the usa there’s an abundance of elderly living facilities. but i’ve not seen one here yet.

    1. @Steve A just talked to him today (allen).. said he was under the weather a few days, but we’re planning on going for a ride in a few days. seems ok in general. 🙂

  16. HA HA!! when you got home Lyn wants to keep you on a short leash. So Funny. How has she been doing? You really been around the Phillipines and showed us so much. THANKS HENRY!!!!!!  P.S. Nice pipes Henry, you sounded just like Phil Collins.LOL 

  17. I love your videos Henry and this one is awesome. The end part is hilarious, because you’re able to show the exact and most Filipina women’s nature, or I would say that’s how I am sometimes. We will start counting for your 1000th video :-). Let’s see if it will take you another 2.5 years to get to that. Cheers 🙂

    1. @Romalyn Villanueva hehe.. yah, and lyn was such a good sport about it. we did lots and lots of ‘takes’ before getting her lines just right. a fun project to do. 🙂

  18. Reekey it Charles of NYC who has finace of Dumageute, long time no hear. I see your doing well and I may add excellent job with the 500th video. Due to the nature of my fiance occupation I’m limited to what I can say here and on Facebook…However more I will continue to watch all of your videos. Thank you for keeping us Yanks updated with all information you provide for our transition on being apart of such a wonderful country and her people. Be well and God bless…

    Best Regards,
    Your friends

    Charles and Christine

  19. Henry mutates slowly but steady to a superstar in the community of western expats in the philippines. A outstanding character and one with style. Thanks and keep on going. Oceanwhisperer from Cebu City.

  20. Very nice video – you really put some effort into it.
    Thank you for all your videos, a great inspiration for me and made an impact on my way of thinking about life – thank you for that as well. Going to the Philippines this may.

  21. I’ve noticed that you smile an awful lot Reekay! Something must be agreeing with you as you look like the cat that got the cream!
    Loved the video – I broke out into an even bigger grin when at the 6 minute mark you introduced the kids on the beach. Priceless smiles. But then you already know and are living that. Thank you so much for sharing the moments, thoughts and places that you experience with me and the rest of the world in Facebook. Uncalculatable value.

  22. Great vid mate, it gave me goose bumps and I caught myself smiling many times. I want to thank you for your vids, watching them is what, at times, keeps me focused on my main goal. Thanks again Henry and may GBU 🙂

  23. The Batscooter! LOL I wasnt expecting that kind of a video from you!. im so tempted to visit that country one day because of your videos. it looks like paradise

  24. Henry..Congrats on this awesome milestone and capturing the feeling of exploring the PI ! Thanks for all you do and thanks for the friendship bro!

  25. Just to let you know that I’m a big, big fan and a follower of your channel on You Tube. Love reading the threads that you and the rest of your friends/subscribers drop in the comment box below the videos. With 500 videos, I think I need two or three months to watch each one of them on my free time. I just started two weeks ago. Great job!

  26. Great work Henry and congrats on numero 500 it’s a milestone for you and what a great way to document your life, in a way Henry you are making a movie of your life and we are the lucky ones to share in this adventure with you, I have learned a lot from you thanks again man I really appreciate it.

  27. Henry, your videos have given me pause to consider a scouting mission to the Philippines to see about dropping anchor there and possibly retire. I like your insight and perspective on things. I’ve enjoyed all the videos I’ve watched so far. There’s a nugget of wisdom in each of them. Thanks for sharing and best wishes on all your future Philippine adventures. Looking forward to your next video.

    1. @mlmontalvo thanks, glad to be something of a scout for ya. 🙂 so much to see here in the visayas alone.. i’ve only scratched the surface in 2 and a half years. but been loving it.

  28. wow ! That was great…. I saw in Paris for the phil Collins concert !!
     It was brilliant and to combine it as you did was fantastic… Well Dode ..best wishes to you both …

  29. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!! I really enjoyed watching that! I wonder how long it took to make it?  I see a star is born 🙂  Enjoy Reekay……………..John & Sherry

  30. Your living your dream, hence “Take Me Home”, love that song. I’ve been following you for over a year and a half and my wife watches every now and then. We both just watched your 500th video and it’s awesome. Just the sense of family and resilience from the Philippine people is what we appreciate as we watch your videos…
    This is one of the places we hope to visit someday (bucket list) however unlike the States; disability access outside of the U.S. can be difficult. U.S. Cruise industry (on-board) accessibility is great; the ports are another story. And since the Philippine’s have many islands, I was curious as to the accessibility for mobility scooters and wheel chairs on-board ferry’s to Bohol, Cebu,  and getting around the other islands you’ve visited.
    How about a video series on accessibility (Disabled) travel from” YOUR VIEW” on the islands of The Philippines? I’m sure others would find it valuable too.
    God Bless you Henry.

    1. @xbear141 i’ve seen a ‘few’ people in wheelchairs in dumaguete and in cebu. but i imagine it’s quite limited for access away from the malls and inner-city areas. 🙁

  31. Thanx for all the videos. It really is so inspiring. Am counting down the months and looking forward to meet you and Lyn in person…
    Stay happy!

  32. I enjoy your videos Henry, making it to 500 & beyond that’s great. You did the right thing when you moved there to the Philippines.
    Within the next 3 years I will be moving back to the Philippines
    For good, live out my life there, and will be correcting the mistake
    Of not moving back there which I should have done October of

  33. Makes me nostalgic. But must say that the Cebu once knew no longer exists — completely changed. All I have are memories … the exuberance of my youth.

  34. Henry, thank you so much.  You and your videos have been my guiding light in the Philippines as last year and this year I worked for HBO Asia on a mini-series there in Jan, Feb & March.  I am proud to say I have watched and enjoyed every last video.  Thank you.

  35. Best video I have seen from you yet. My wife and I look forward to meeting you one day next year when we go back to the Philippines; She loves your videos as well  🙂

    1. He went to my school in London he is 4 months older ok he got the voice money and ladies but I still have my hair 🙂 I retire next year start building in Cebu I lived there and worked with volunteers Cebu. Love your work.

  36. Now that’s how to do a video Henry. Not Boring, very interesting and fast paced. 
    Can’t wait to get over there and start my retirement/New life adventure.

  37. Very, VERY nice video. By the way, I didn’t know you could sing, Reekay. 🙂 Great video. Very … warm. Take care on your future travels in and around the rest of the Philippines. 🙂

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