The Sounds of The Philippines

When I was re-introduced to the Philippines in 2004 I made a call to Marianne, or did she call me, anyway I noticed the sounds in the background were a lot different than I was used to here in the United States. This place sounds alive to me you can tell there is a lot going on just from the background noises I could here over the phone. Distinctly different types of sounds from the traffic being mostly motorcycles and tricycles and a few cars to trucks with loud mufflers to busses with loud trumpet horns. If you go outside at night just about anywhere in the US it is dead quiet most places except for down town New York and some large cites, but in the other areas there is little noise at all. Early in the morning often around 4:30 AM the roosters start crowing, when one starts they all sound off, it can get noisy. During the daytime I hear the cows sounding off near my house, I have cows only feet away from the back of my house. There are a multitude of street vendors selling ice cream, bread and pastries, DVDs and hey either have misic playing or hand operated horns like you had on your bicycle as a kid. Here are some videos of sounds you here every day just about anywhere in the Philippines.



This is a noisy two stroke motorcycle common here in the Philippines



Sounds of the Ice Cream Vender




Here you can hear the unique sounds from the traffic on the road.

It looks the same just about everywhere you go in the Philippines.

Notice the sounds around are very different than you would here any US city.


Excellent video for street sounds, this one in in Cebu City.


And check out this circle in Cebu City I have driven this one several times the Osmena Circle.




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