Sorting Seeds For The Garden

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  1. put rice halls on soil for amelioration soil become balck soile in time ,,,,,,,,,3 years must time . Example for piglets leaf ,,,,,,one line azzola last hole line cover with soil ( soil mixed 50 % – 50% compost ) ,,,,,,,,after in line plantation at 5 meter distance on line between tree banana……result fruit banana and leaf for piglets . In future market pigs recovery ,exist vaccine covid now and covid disapiar after vaccination population

  2. Why not grow some romaine other lettuce variety that are more heat tolerant and try getting some shade cloth or net. Cause I’ve seen some lettuce farms in hotter parts of the philippines that grow lettuce with shade nets.

  3. Monatserdbeeren is german for Monthly strawberries. It`s a hybrid of wild and domestig strawberries. The fruit is smaller but more tasty and a plant has much more berries.

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