Some Repair At The Shrimp Pond

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  1. Impressive flow thru the cut, if had width and depth, length.
    Could do Poo sticks, say ten times against a stopwatch ( should have one on the cellphone!) over a measured distance , take an average.
    Calculate the flow rate!
    Be good to compare against pumps( solar or mechanical).
    Have seen small solar pumps( 12 volts) on Lazarda, relatively cheap ( 10 to 15$ ) up to 800 Litres per hour, quoted flow( if you can believe that?!)
    Wonder how many, that solar panel and battery from the fish pen could run?
    Any thoughts Carlos alberto?

    Give me data, and more data!!!!

  2. With your data collection( ex number cruncher speaking !! Lol) , do a chart, showing air pressure as well , to correlate with the observed height measurements.
    Air pressure has a surprisingly significant effect on the height of the sea!

    “Air pressure normally varies between 950 and 1050 hPa during a year, the expected variation in sea level due to air pressure is between +63 cm and -37 cm around mean sea level.”

  3. Hi Brian and Jay great video Brian this will work out soon enough yes for sure rebuild the pond as you go along and record everything on paper and on your computer as well guys both of you just be patient guys do what you can I do understand what you’re saying and doing Brian and Jay great work keep me posted on things ok salamat have a great day Brian and Jay God bless the guys and your family’s as well and be safe always boys always here watching from the Ross family in cebu consolation Philippines

  4. Why not just install an irrigation gate…I’m not there so I don’t know the particulars, but I do live in rice country and have seen them before…just an armchair farmer talking here…lol

  5. more water grow up weight ,,,,,,,,,,,,,wheight grow up pressure ………….low level water low presure at door ……………where pier are small make pipe for transfer water and cover pipe ,make similar transfer that at lacke house

  6. put pipe BRIAN fi 110 or 200 and cover part left- right for not affect pier …………….in time water affect pier if not pass through pipe !!

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