Some Philippines/USA Differences I’ve Noticed, 2of2

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  1. Always enjoy your posts friend : )
    To get a balance, i will spend the summer in Canada,
    and rest of the year, avoiding the Canadian winter, in Phils : D

    1. Good goal ..
      took me more than a few
      years to achieve it..
      finally..its here!!
      now to find that special hide away..
      that may take awhile lol.
      best of luck to you

  2. My (Filipina) wife and I plan to move to the Philippines in three years. We were thinking about Cebu or Bohol. We hope to buy a couple of hectors of lush farm land then build a nice upper scale home (There is no way I would move to a sub division to crowded) . Knowing the locals like you do in the Philippines — do you think this would make us a target or have you seen other expats do this?

    1. I’d consider some security of some kind, out in the province.  a fence with big dog would be good, along with the usual bars on windows.  Some people put high fences but that cuts off the view, imo.  Other than that, just beware of relatives who come to ‘visit’.. but don’t get the hint it’s time to go after a week or so. 

    1. i consider it a good thing, since i’m not much of a soda drinker and it would only rot people’s teeth even faster if soda were even more available than it already is.  imo.

  3. The extreme friendliness of Philippines is true. I’m glad you referred to the whole “could that guy be Ted Bundy?” thing cause it’s true. Approaching western women really is different; certainly here in Australia. I often make the joke to my friends that, “Western women are paranoid that every guy they meet could be a serial killer, so they’re more defensive. But studies show that most serial killers are white men.” LOL

  4. What you said is true we for the most part think there is something up when some one walks up to us and start asking questions.  I try hard not to be that way.  And yes the Philippine is a awesome place to live

  5. i was all over Luzon Bataan to Capas to Palawan and they all where friendly and no lack of conversation from jeepny rides to jollibees.. its a great place to visit or live..

  6. Its a mixed bag if you ask me.  Yes Filipinos are easy to speak with and get information from. Not really quick to anger because nothing seems to bother them. You also wont see one get out of their seat for an older person. On the surface I think your right but deeper down I am not sure if its so much better. Like lend money out once and see if it comes back. is that nice, polite or just different view. JMHO

  7. I do not intend to be offensive… To: K Gamble and other future ex-pats in his situation… please come here, rent awhile, talk to some long term expats like myself and then make your long term living plans if you decide to stay. I grow weary of (and no longer bother) trying to explain to my fellow N.Americans that very little of what they are considering to do in their future retirement here will be even remotely like they imagine it will be or like you could plan for in the USA or Canada. I have been living in the Alaskan arctic and sub-arctic for all of my adult life w/a X-cultural job and wife and even I had to make some major revisions in my plans when I came to live here. This might as well be another planet because life as you know it even in the remotest areas of NA is totally different here.

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