Some Philippines/USA Differences I’ve Noticed, 1of2

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  1. too many westerner have no problem turning their backs on their fellow man.
    Generally, the Pinoy are open armed. Humble humble humble.
    Just one of the reasons why I am moving to Phils : )
    Great post : )

  2. our western society has been socially engineered for the people to become detached. Divide and conquer tactic..destroy the family unit, and the establishment gains more steam

  3. I’ve lived in Chicago, Florida, New York and California, and the friendliest people by far are New Yorkers. The least friendly are in San Francisco. New Yorkers will strike up a conservation about anything, whereas Californians, especially women, will mind their own business and not say a word to you. 

  4. I live in San Diego, so I was interested in your reaction to coming home.  Thanks for the video.  The weather is better here for sure…..but that is about all that is better than the PI. 

  5. Yes, Filipinos are exceptionally friendly. I’ve felt it both in Manila and Cebu. Whenever I asked for the whereabouts of a bus or a public transport, they were like not satisfied just with saying ‘it’s that way’. In some instances they dropped their own work, and waited for that bus/jeepney to come so that I don’t get lost.

    1. Agreed. One of the hardest things to do is communicate with people the reality of life here. I have encouraged friends to come over and enjoy the P.I. for all its worth. I do caution them to remember that they are not as young, handsome,charming, special or wonderful as this girl will tell you that you are. I further caution them not to tell me that they understand what I said is true but in their situation “this one is different”. Of course she may be “different” but in most cases she is not. Invariably this is what they tell me. “This ones different”.

    2. @AmericanPatriot53 If you go through some of my other videos, I’ve covered in detail the dangers of getting mugged, online scammers, crime, self-defense overseas and other items that are part of life in the PH.  I try to cover both the pros and cons because its my belief that, much as I love it here, its not for everyone and street smarts are an absolute must.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines From an American who has lived over 20 years in the Philippines cumulatively, I believe that you paint too rosy a picture of the country and the people. It’s not that I do not love the country or the people because I really do but with time you will get a chance to see behind the curtain. Significant perils await all new arrivals here and failure to address that is doing your readers/viewers a disservice.

    4. yes, if i ask someone where my stop is on a jeepney, about five people alerted me that the stop was coming up who overheard my question.  

  6. I`ve find out the same in Philippines Henry! You are not alone if you REALLY REALLY want to! Here in Finland it is the same as you said…”what do you WANT for/from me!?” attitude! There in Philippines you really MEET the people, not only the things or opinions they think. Maybe we also meet someday in Lapu-Lapu, God knows! Have a nice time in California! We still have 11 nights for Christmas and our flight to Mactan…feeling a bit excited thinking of our new 2. home ..which I see the very first time there.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Yep! Hope so Henry! This time we only stay until March 30 when is our flight back..but it will be our pleasure if we can meet ! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  Leo and Eva

  7. Have a great holiday Henry, wish I could leave Western New York and the snow and cold and return to Bohol, my future home, with you. Maybe we could tip a couple San Migs in the near future. Take care.

  8. May be in the USA folks are scared to let strangers into their personal space because of the prevalence of guns in the society.  Is the “right to bear arms” part of the constitution there? We need to be super-alert when you live in violence prone societies.

    1. I’m a migrant to the U.S. from the Philippines.  I’ve had many experiences where ladies clutch their bags when I am near or am walking near them.

    2. Gun ownership is allowed in the PH as well, with certain restrictions, but not for foreigners to carry on their person.  Most of what people fear (rape, theft, murder) in the US does not involve a gun.  Most assaults are with weapons other than a gun.  (bat, knife, razor, blunt object, crowbar, etc.)

      I don’t think the difference has anything to do with guns at all.  I believe it has far more to do with our US cultural stance on privacy.  The PH people are more integrated on a community level.  In the US, we don’t know or visit the neighbors on our own street to the degree Filipinos do.

  9. Henry, I do share your sentiments here. The only difference between you and me, is I am a Filipino by birth. I’ve lived and worked for 23 years in 5 different countries. I am 46 yrs old now so basically half of my life was spent in Phils and another half in some other foreign countries. Despite of living in big cities and enjoying a nice paying job, there’s always this longing in me to go back. I do miss the simplicity of life back home and the people. My life here in america is a big contrast to what I am used to while living in Phils. Am I a happier person now than I was then? Maybe  not…but don’t get me wrong, I am always grateful for having this chance to live and work in different places abroad. Cheers!

  10. Don’t you get flak from some in the U.S. when you speak as if the U.S. seem to be not good enough anymore?  Of course, we know you don’t mean that.

    1. I haven’t gotten any flak on things I’ve mentioned about the US, largely other Americans see the very same thing.  There are pros/cons about any country.  I don’t shy away from either for any country.  It’s better to just see things as they are.  🙂

  11. CA. in particular is very suspicious of all strangers. This guy is trying to sell me something, or hit one me, or perhaps something worse. In the Philippines, the locals seem to be happy, or perhaps even “honored” that a foreigner has chosen to speak to them.

  12. What i missed in the the sincerity of the people that you’ve talk to , you can feel it ..and their concerned to a person even if they dont know you personally.,you feel the dignity and the respect …

  13. Henry, you have to know that some of what you have here (I have not yet listened to Part II on this topic) does not exactly square with your frequent commentaries to us from the last year of your videos about the guys who say, “Hey friend!” (remember that video you did?) and try to act that way until you challenge them with “So, if I am your friend, what is my name?” The maid scam(s) you mentioned. The phone load requests. The new people who meet you there (in the Phils) and then two weeks later they pop the question about you helping them with their money matters. You have shared with us your concerns about neighbors asking you (prior to getting your motorscooter) when you were walking past on the road, “So where are you going?” and you warned us to keep the answer very vague and just keep walking.  Remember how you say not to let others know that you are headed away from your Phils house for even 3-4 days of travel to another city or island? Or the warning to not let a woman one meets know where one actually lives/stays while in the Phils.  Remember that loud & clear warning you gave out? You know where I am going with all this commentary. Because it is contrary to what you are saying here in this video. I am not trying to nitpick any of what you are saying in this video or what you told us in the previous ones. I just would like more clarity – if I may ask it. Thank you. I hope the time back in CA was great. And, yes, I appreciate the cross cultural, up close and personal looks you are trying to share with the rest of us.

    1. This is because not all Filipinos are exactly the same.  The vast majority of Filipinos I run into are very good people, very friendly.  But ever so often I run into one that is either being opportunistic and/or drunk.. so I put them in their place and move on.  It’s much like life in the USA.. not ‘all’ people are rude.. or friendly.  You run into a bit of both.

  14. Great video! Great point! I live in New-York city, and I cannot get people to talk to me in my own neighborhood. I approach them, but they simply would not stop to answer any question. The women always keep staring at their cell phones, and would not make eye contact. After a while you feel like a ghost. On the other hand, I have been to Montreal, Canada quite a few times, and I found the Canadians to be much more friendly.

  15. Living in Manila as a white guy is interesting. Usually they ask me as I walk the street “where you going?” Which I always found odd.

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