Some Love For The Peppers And Hanging Tomatoes

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  1. Hi Brian, plants require an assortment of trace elements for good growth.
    Some of thes are ,
    Chlorine, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, sodium , zinc.
    I think there are approx. 84 in total.
    Plus your main ones N.P.K.
    If they are not in your soil mix your plants are going to struggle to grow.
    I use a product called thrive which is a completely water soluble fertilizer which contains everything in it.
    All you do is mix a small amount into a watering can and water your plants every couple of weeks.
    I think aquasol is another brand name for a similar product.

  2. Try a foliar spray on everything include fertilizer andinsecticde in spay can with water every 3 days, for about 3 wks, you will see a difference. Use nap sack sprayer

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  4. and liquid substance preparation in 15minutes for boiled and 5 minutes boiled ,,,,total 20 minutes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and 500g dust sulfate copper can make 100-200 liter liquid tratament

  5. with sulfate cooper are tratament for some insects ,worm and mashrooms and offer succes into garden ………………with liquid spray tree lemon and legums , at insects not like sulfate copper and go of garden all

  6. BRIAN buy sulfate cooper name colour blue ——–after put water 10 liter at boiled in free air ,not close room that emanation vapors toxic for lungs , after water boiled put one small spoon sulfate cooper at 1 liter water and mixed with stick 5 minutes , after close fire and put one hand cousin and mixed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,after put into spray window and spray tree ,legums for NOT YEELOW LEAF become ……..yellow leaf come of at mashrooms attacks kill leaf after plants die !!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sulfate copper are very low price at chimics shops !!!

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