Social Media Old Dog New Tricks June 1 2020

Social Media Old Dog New Tricks June 1 2020

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  1. Paul your San Fernando Valley born and raised. Have you been keeping up On the protest riots and looting, In LA County and the United States. Over the murder of George Floyd By a police officer. I say murder because the police officer was arrested for murder.

  2. Wow Paul 14k! Snoopy Dance! Gaylord is looking fit today! Excellent quote/question Gary! Let’s see…. if you answer all 14k subs it would require 467 replies a day on a 30 day month so we should see a new video once every 2 months. LOL Do stay true to yourself Paul. As Sammy Davis Jr. sang I gotta be me. If you changed your dynamics would change and so would your sub count. You are responsible for releasing Baby Mae’ turtle from its shell. Good on you just don’t let her throw her mops, lipstick and high heels into the “Freedom Trash Can” from the 70’s. Both you and Baby Mae have added value, informational and entertainment to all of our lives. Never feel forced to reply or have regrets the past. God Bless Both Of You.

  3. Fantastic video Paul, for what it’s worth here’s my take on things you remind me of an American version of Terence “Foreigner in the Philippines” you both have a way of captivating the viewer and sharing your stories with seriousness and a bit of humor mixed in . You’re one out of a handful of bloggers that I not only look forward to watching but I can watch beginning to end. Best of luck and Happiness with Baby Mae and continued success with both of your channels.

  4. Good psychoanalysis Paul. Might have to call you Dr. Paul. My advice, just ignore the trolls. They’re not worth the time. Continue enjoying being away from the chaos back here in the states. Hope to be there soon as long as civil war doesn’t break out back here.

  5. Always looking forward to seeing your videos! I love and really enjoy watching you because you are real and straight to the point. I can relate to your life as well as baby Mae!!!!keep on making videos so I’ll have something to watch! May the good Lord continue to bless you and Mae forever! Love you and Mae!

  6. Hi Paul, I was listening to John Prine songs last night, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie and today I’m watching your video and your right there, like those guys are the story tellers of music, they didn’t make the money or have the following of the Stones or Zepplins. I think they were happier because they did it their way and like any great story teller they would go off course and end up back to finish the story and when someone needed help they were the first in line to get the ball rolling. Whether you agree or not that is you. It may be different because you do it through YouTube but it also the same. Thanks for your stories and the smile and laughter.

  7. I have seen a guy restart his life into a better one. You went there with “demons”, struggled a bit to find your stride then settled into a new man who is more at peace. This is what so many men dream of doing after the divorce and the kids are grown. We look at our lives and ask, “Is this all there is to it?” “Are my best years behind me?” “Will I find love again in a healthy relationship?” So you give guys hope, that is why I think many guys watch your channel.

  8. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What I like about Baby Mae: She is grateful & expresses gratitude upon receiving small gestures of friendship, whether in the form of a cake 🎂 or some other tiny gift. I am not religious but I often think of the Bible story in which Jesus cured 10 lepers but only one eventually thanked Him. Far too often people take things for granted however Mae does not. Paul, I love the anecdote in one of your videos about Mae’s joy in having her first Christmas 🎄 tree ! Cheers from Perth 🦘🦘🦘

  9. So here’s my observation Paul. I think you are happier then you were 6 months ago. I don’t think it’s because of any change in you but in the people that surround you. Your happiness has escalated because of the changes in Mae and getting to watch someone develop and come out of her shell. It is so cool. I personally get joy out of watching that. It’s why I support your channel Paulio. It brings value to my life. It educates me in an area that interests me simply because I’m moving there. Remember one thing about the naysayers bro. 99 % of the digital warriors would never say the negative stuff to your face. On the flip side, almost all of the supporters would say it to your face. Good video. Peace.

  10. Hi Paul I am planning to retire to the Philippines the information i get from vloggers like yourself living in one place the advantages and disadvantages its great. Valencia is my area of choice hope you someday

  11. Have I noticed if social media has changed you?
    No. You are still genuine. Your stories still make me laugh. Your outlook on life is inspiring. I too plan on retiring to the Phillipines soon. I can only hope I’ll find the joy you have found. Thanks Paul.
    Keep up the good work

  12. Paul, you are missing out on all the “fun” back here in the States — rioting, looting, cars being burned, freeways shut down by roving bands of thugs preventing citizens from going about their business and trying to enjoy life. Oh yes, and the free food, yum, yum. Just have to wait in line burning gas for two hours to get a couple bags of the free food. USA#1, USA#1.

  13. I think those people who say bad things about you are just jealous. I think you are enjoying your life and have a beautiful girlfriend

  14. I would expect this from you in regards to Jenny. I think you are an awesome guy and that is why you are being blessed. We need more down to earth guys like you.

  15. The those people that say those negative comments toward you, they obviously haven’t watched your channel in depth. You are a really great mature guy and put out excellent content that people can learn from. You penned one of my comments and well it wasn’t negative. It was just a comment about your budget and why to leave $100.. as a shit happens in your monthly budget. I just gave an example of some medical issue I had with my ears and you pinned the comment. You actually take time and view comments and I think that’s really great. Keep that 10 year old curiosity!! 🙂 cheers, Mark in San Juan.. La Union

  16. Paul enjoy your content,love your personality,if there’s times I’m feeling blue yeah always make me laugh with your humor. Take care buddy.

  17. your videos are interesting, learning day by day from you for my future retirement day.. i was working in dumaguete for 2 years as a salesman sometime 1998 to 1999 i am.familiar and like the place especially the coastal area going to.Amlan. 😊😊👍

  18. You have discover what life really is about. That shop to you drop life is a prisen. We are about same age IM swedich have been Living in my rv in sweden and spain the last 5 years. Simple easy lifstyle. By my self and the dog. When we focus at what we can do for our neighbour he Will do the same to us. That is the all we need to do. To find the best tving in this life.LOVE. Real love from heart to heart. I gess you know by now that sex has nothing to do whid love. Dogs and cats have sex. We can have both. IF we are lucky.

  19. Here you go Paul. I just heard this line this morning and I think I’m going to take it to heart. The concept of, “thinking like an old man and thinking like a mature evolved person”.

  20. Hi Paul, nice to see that you are such a down to earth guy, that has finally found the right place in this world that the Philippine women tend to respect and appriciate who you really are. I myself am planning on moving to the Philippines in Aug 2021 to be with my fiance, we have been together for over three years now, so at the mo I’m still waiting to get back to work. Keep up the good work and don’t change your ways. Stay Safe and take care. From MD

  21. I love your straight forward, no nonsense…….. horse shit. You’re funnier than you think just being a straight up guy. You may not realize that collectively between yourself and other “locals” in your neck of the woods you guys are informative ( to the best of your abilities ) to project an attitude that the rest of the world needs to adapt. ( like that’ll happen ). Living day by day to being your highest self, ( whatever that is ), enjoying life and not giving a rodents anal cavity as what the rest of the world thinks. I’m awaiting for my passport renewal, visa nonsense on many fronts, and this virus thing to clear the air and I’m ready to join you guys somewhere in SE Asia. Keep you the good work, both you and Mae . C ya……

  22. Paul I’ve been watching you from day 1 on YouTube and the biggest change I’ve seen on you is more confidence and more comfortable on your YouTube videos, I see you Paul have rediscovered your self in some ways with the help from YouTube and the friends from YouTube. All good you are a champ Paul.

  23. You are much more PC now. No more bombs like you use to throw in the beginning. You have gotten much better with your videos and I always look forward to your new stories/observations. Thanks for what you do. Do not worry about the haters, they even hate themselves!

  24. “To thine own self be true” And that is what brought me to your channel (I think about a year ago.) Your video on why you moved to the Philippines hooked me. Honest, sincere, heartfelt. I think that you have maintained that quality and I look forward to more from you in the future. Rock on!

  25. Jeez, I think I’ve had comments pinned…yikes! It’s been fun to see Mae blossom. I remember when she would hide her face even when your camera shot was just sweeping by her in the resto.

  26. Paul, This YouTube channel is better than any psychoanalysis or psychotherapy for you. Since that’s true you owe me, your audience, and all your subscribers $ 100 an hour. We will figure out what that total number is and send you the bill pronto. Lol

  27. I could sit around and talk to you for hours…….. but I wouldn’t want to buy a car from you…because I think you could sell me anything….LOL!!

  28. Hey Paul, because of senior moments or lack of ginkgo I don’t know but whenever someone shows me something that I’m trying to learn I get my phone out and I video tape it so when that person is gone and I’m trying to think how can I do this I go back to the recording and I have it.

  29. Good Video Paul. I know exactly what you mean about the people who say right away that you’re Lying 🤥 is usually more of a trait of their own. I have also noticed the ones who say I’m going to honest with you, to tell you the truth or believe me tells me that they are full of BS. But to be fair when I bought a new car and I was sent to the finance manager and he said I’m going to do you a favor I thought that he was probably lying and didn’t have my best interest in mind 😊 like we talked about when you were first thinking about doing this it’s great to do a YouTube channel so that your kids and future generations can go to YouTube and see what Paul McGill was all about. You’re doing a great thing by just enjoying it and not caring so much about what people think about it and the comments which drove me crazy when I first started. I plan on getting back to making videos I have just decided to leave my wife and baby out of it. Because of some of the negatives it can cause. Keep up the good work and enjoy 👍

  30. Many Ex-pats youtubers are sex-pats, secrete pedophiles and e-beggars. But I have never ever thought that of you or Gio. That’s why I like both of your videos so much.!!! I’ll keep my mouth shut on the rest of them lol…….

  31. Paul. It’s a shame but those people or all over the world. Just don’t give them any Of your time. Remmber. Your a used car salesman. Thay have no heart. Just keep doing what you and baby may. Do let them go. Your be better off

  32. Paul, It really takes guts to put your personal life out there, and you seem so comfortable doing it. Thanks, I’ve learned a lot by following you.

  33. Well Paul… all i can say is you better go to the stationary store and buy an appointment book as i believe once this lockdown is over an travel opens up again.. you are gonna get so many people looking to visit Duma and meet you in person!
    Im hoping to do so …best wishes keep on keeping on!

  34. Hi Paul, been watching for some time now and see a very happy couple that share their life with me. The reason I choose to watch your channel is that you and Mae have charisma.

  35. Paul. You are blooming. Hahahaha I love it. You are so Dead on , real and honest. Amazing sense of grounding . And your humour shines all the time. Keep up the great stuff 👍. It’s all about you

  36. Speaking of personal changes, unless they re-open the barber shops soon here in Michigan, I’m gonna be changing into a man-bun or a pony-tail guy.
    Please, Gov. Whitmer, don’t let that happen to me!

  37. I can’t believe how your ego has swelled so much, your full of your own self importance, your so full of yourself can’t believe YouTube had nothing to do with it 😂😂😂. You haven’t changed a bit, your still top old dog to me 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇮🇪

  38. Paul,
    I enjoy you videos because you are genuine and give us insight into your life and most importantly, your life experiences. I do not believe that haters have their own issues in life and have no right to judge others. Keep on doing what you do, I love to watch your videos!

  39. Thanks for another great video. (And I like the longer ones, btw.)
    I agree with the guy who said that your videos give him hope. That’s what they do for me, too.
    Every marketer uses the worn-out phrase “Golden Years.” But everyone knows it’s a lie. But you’re the first person who made me think that retirement really might be the happiest time of my whole life. The only period when I really had time for myself, lived near gorgeous beaches & lands, had tons of friends and time to shoot the breeze with them, a cute place to live, time to get into shape, resort getaways I can actually afford, and a chance at love that ain’t in the cards for me in the West.
    Paul, no wonder you look so happy!
    I want some of what you’ve got.
    Thanks for your honesty, thanks for your laugh, thanks for the way you suddenly bark out QUARANTINE!!!!
    But most of all, thanks for the hope.

  40. Since your very first video when you arrived in the Philippines to Now. I have notice you look younger and It seams that your face does not hurt you to smile anymore.

  41. I enjoy your vlogs. Curious if you make decent money from Youtube. I know you do this for yourself but extra $$ is always welcome.

  42. Hi Paul don’t worry about the nay sayers keep up the great work, have you talked about if your with a Filipina your also with her family. This might be something to talk about.

  43. Paul, make sure Mae has a bank account tied to her channel before she goes live. She may have super chat contributors and not receive them. You look so much younger. Must be that poney tail.

  44. I personally enjoy your videos because of how real you are you don’t take yourself to seriously. Your interesting to watch plus I find you funny . Keep up the great content. There is no need to respond to my
    message. Just wanted let you know I’m a fan of your channel.

  45. You are my favorite channel. Brother you’re all heart. You leave everything better than you found it. I’ve watched Mae’s channel grow and yours as well, YOU made this happen. I agree, If you dont like what you see just turn it off… no room for haters, you miserable bastards!! Just keep telling the truth, we’ll stay with you…. thanks Paul…

  46. VERY MUCH “ENJOY” your videos. Your “HONESTY” is greatly appreciated. You have a “REALISTIC” grasp of “REALITY” of life in general and life in the Philippines. ….Thank you Paul….keep up your good work and great videos, ,,,,,,.Chuck from Canada

  47. Paul, I believe you’re in Dumaguete, would it be possible to meet with you, if you’re available, around the first part of the year, if travel has opened up. I’m thinking about living there if it agrees with me?

  48. I agree with the majority of comments that your videos demonstrate a very up beat, positive view of life. I always seem to feel better after watching your videos. Thats why I enjoy them and intend to remain a subscriber. You are demonstrating to me how a nice guy can retire in SEA on a small amount of money and live a great life. Just ignore the trolls and haters and continue to do what you’re doing. Your doing a great job.

  49. So have you talked to any expats that have brought their Filipina wife to America and then when they retired moved to PI? I would like to hear some stories…

  50. I’m a fairly new viewer to your channel. I enjoy your view on life. Seeing the caring quality of Mae I’ve got to think this has been a real positive influence on your life. Keep the videos coming. Thanks

  51. Your going to get bad comments. Many people will be jealous.
    Never mind them, people who leave comments like that. Would never fly to the other side of the world.

  52. I’m an american living in liloan using my girlfriend’s phone since my US phone died. I’ve been here for one year this month. The video I remember vivedly was the one where Mae was decorating the Christmas tree and you asked about her memories of trees she had in the past,to wihich she replied this is the first one. At the time,that nearly brought me to tears. There are so many things that we take for granted in US that are out of reach for most people here.BTW, I’m 66 years old and my girlfriend is 35. Love your channel. Keep it up.I too have noticed the transition of you and Mae to the better. Let’s hope the lock down is over SOON!!!

  53. Howdy Paul,
    I have felt some of the feelings that you have expressed in this video..You seem to make some sense about some of the things that you are saying…As an independent thinking person I also disagree with some of your thoughts and that is okay as well…Keep up the great work while being retired…Is that an oxymoron?

  54. Paul, you are bang on with your analysis of the haters. They are merely projecting their inadequacy’s in their comments. My personal observation is that I have been watching your channel for a few months now. I find you brutally honest, articulate and bright even though you say you aren’t. I support your channel by the watching the ads , subscribe to Baby Mae’s, Filipina Pea and Gio’s programs because of you. Keep up the good videos and hope to meet in person and share a beer or coffee one day.

  55. Paul you old goat. Im not really into the ole lady, but I like your attitude. You’re My kinda monkey around guy. You need to do a video about US expats with spouses that live abroad and lack hangout buds. Its a long overdue largely ignored or overlooked topic. The wife/spouse has family and friends to gravitate to, but the expat rarely experiences such thing. Cheers mate.

  56. The best job to have is doing a hobby that you enjoy. Hope the Boxtrolls (Jr & Sr) are well. BTW Boxtrolls was an animated movie from 2014, worth a view if you have not seen it.

  57. Paul, I think you are finding your true inner peace in life, as the months go on I see you settling in with baby Mae and really finding peace and inner happiness. HECK, I even feel like I am calming down and finding more inner peace after listening to your videos, so thank you for that. I’m on the way, moving to Asia in 2021, and really looking forward to a “second chance at life”, it should be a fun journey. Take care my friend, it’s funny I feel like I know you from watching all the videos.

  58. I love seeing you and baby mae. I love seeing how real and honest you both are. Let the haters hate. It is just jealousy they are not as cool or comfident enough to chase their dreams.

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