So, How’s The Heat in the Philippines?

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  1. So, stay away from “heat islands” — cities with asphalt and concrete roads, buildings that cut off the breeze and you’ll be okay. I like the weather profile there, myself…

  2. Your Spot on Henry. Being overweight as I am I found that having a good supply of Gold Bond was handy because I would get rashes from the sweating…It helped me anyway. Just like in Fla if you’re close to the water it will be more bearable. I don’t think they have no-seeums in the Philippines so that’s a big plus. ha ha My old friend Doming also told me to have a small towel handing to wipe away the sweat. He keep his around his neck…

  3. I found that flying from Canada to Thailand in February…. going from snowy icy winter to 95 degree heat was bad for about two to three weeks..  soaked in sweat, drinking lots of bottled water. (Can’t drink the tap water there).  After two to three weeks…. my body adapted I guess.  Sweating was back to normal, and I felt fine. Even during the hottest part of the year at Sangkron festival time.
             By the way, during my four months in Chaing Mai, Thailand and the Lisu village, I lost over 22 lbs.    When I returned to Canada, I put all the weight back on.  Not good.  Hoping to be in the Phil later this year and lose more weight. Stay there is I can.  Great videos and info.  Thanks.    

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head Henry the cities like Manila can be brutal with the heat for me march and April are the hottest months of the year when we regularly get 35 to 36 degrees C, this year we have had 40 plus on occasions and that really can be painful so I take shelter in an air conditioned room.  If you want to stay cool don’t live in the larger cities!

  5. I grew up in Wisconsin, roughly 500 ft. above sea level and a thousand miles to the nearest ocean.  None of the water there was going anywhere in a hurry.  In August there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Milwaukee and Cebu climate wise.  In February Milwaukee usually gets at least a few days of sub-zero chill.  I’m moving to Cebu as soon as my income will allow.

    1. @Luis Amias it’s not a dry heat so, it’s mostly the humidity that you feel.  sun is shining 4-5 days a week depending on whether it’s rainy season or not.

  6. Hi buddy. I love your explanation. Tnx for that.i appreciate you. Can you tell me for staying there I mean in Philippines how much do I need .I love traveling and go around the world.

    1. @Milad Ghasemi for a single guy, staying in a decent hotel, traveling (not getting an apartment).. figure at least about $75 a day to safely cover lodging, food, transportation and misc items. it could work out to less, depending if you are in the city or small island.

  7. I spent most of my life in the northern midwest USA. Close to zero humidity at the coldest part of the winter, (-20 F), 90%+ humidity at the hottest part of the summer, (90 F). Given a choice I’ll take the heat.

    1. i’m not paranoid, it’s not like danger is around every corner. i just try to be safe and prevent any opportunity for someone to snatch my backpack or wallet. cargo pants with zippers on the front pockets is a good idea.

    2. I didn’t realise foreigners were targeted there to that degree. This isn’t a problem in other developing places like Vietnam. Not even in Cambodia would I be nervous about my habits being noted.

    3. robbery while you are gone from home is far more likely, if someone is watching your habits. in town you pretty much have a random schedule. unless you constantly go to the same ATM every week on the same day, same hour to make a big withdrawal. (not a good idea.) on the safe side, use the banks inside the mall and browse around a bit afterward.

  8. you rock Henry, I got plans to visit Philip we in November . got me worried brother I’m close to 400 pounds no joke.scared of the heat co.i g from Chicago. lool I want to go there for a year kick back with my Filipina sweet heart and enjoy. hopefully will meet up with you , peace my friend .

  9. I don’t agree with you the Philippines is the worst place secondvto dubai…. I am a fit girl that works out every day I am not overweight at all I am super fit and when I when to the Philippines was a torture.!!!…. I am a white hispanic walking down the street was painful the sun fries your scalp and skin it burns 🥵 sooo bad I looked like a tomato 🍅… I am married a Philippino but I told him I love him but I would never be back there I don’t know how people can live there

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