Skyline GT-R Heaven in Bangkok Thailand

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Today I visited my friends at SkyGallery, which is one of the best Nissan Skyline shops in the world and is located here in Bangkok Thailand.


  1. The concept of this channel is just unique and one of a kind. A foreigner in Bangkok, showing the Thailand’s car culture (very extreme and nice) to the rest of the world. Keep it up man. Really enjoying your videos! love and support from S.Korea!

  2. Love watching your videos, Subscribed: ✅

    Great to hear the information about import laws and how they take a None GTR to a GTR 😎.
    KEEP WORKING and your GTR project will start soon.. I believe in it.. 👍

  3. Can you take a Grab car from Bangkok to Pattaya (and vice versa)? If so, how much would the trip cost? I’ve booked a car service (not a taxi) from Bangkok airport to Pattaya which costs 1,200 baht. I know it takes at least a couple hours to drive between both cities, so I am unsure that a Grab driver will accept a long trip to Bangkok from Pattaya or to Pattaya from Bangkok.

    1. CB Media this is Alex’s brother-in-law Pete. Just switched out from my real name. Glad to see things are taking off so well for you. You won’t regret betting it all on your self. All in. 👍

  4. when out in Thailand i found Grab taxi very helpful. Trying to hail a cab as a foreigner they dont want to take you out the city or try to charge double

  5. Love your videos dude! You have your own vibe that is enjoyable to watch. You also show things that are a bit different than the other expat vloggers. Been to Hua Hin? I love that place. KUTGW!

  6. great video, lots of learning, never seen that stuff before. have so much respect for you. have you ever said why you live there? or is it none of my business? where did you live in the states? i’m detecting an accent but can’t place it.

    1. I traveled all around Asia in 2106 and this was my favorite place. Warm weather year round, very cheap, great food, nice people are badass car scene and I’ve made a lot of great friends here.

  7. Would love to see more Off Roading stuff if you’re into it mate. I have an Isuzu MUX (obviously made in Thailand) and would really love to see what the manufacturers of my car do with it on their own turf! Thanks for the uploads mate. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

    1. @CB Media Thats cool. I bought one of the first into Australia in 2009 and modded the shit out of it. Lot of fun,especially doing track days . Topped it out at 310 kph.

    1. SLOWshiftCHANNEL the restore real GT-R’s. All the ones in the thumbnail are real GT-R. Some are conversations and for those they do not change VIN

    1. @CB Media Waiting for it then! I on the other hand decided to go home. Can’t stand the feeling of not being able to gome home whenever I want. Hope to meet you someday and have a beer 🙂

    1. I am, mask on and sanitizer in my pocket and hands washed 8392732 times a day but I can’t wear the mask while filming. It’s too weird bro. I’m filming in private places so I can film without my mask.

  8. Nice ride. BTW, new riverside condo? I knew I shouldn’t have referenced my riverside condo’s tour vid 😉 Welcome to the hood, riverside tops!

  9. Keep it up bro…. U have great content… Alot better then the other junk on YouTube.. let’s get your views up to Joe Rogan level, where you are making some big money and make your dreams come true… If anyone put your dues in you definitely have my friend.

  10. Hang on bud, your new found friends like Alex, Gweilo 60 all have many viewers who will migrate over to your site. Have you seen Mighty Car Mods channel on you tube?

  11. Ok, Chad, it is your responsibility to explain to us dumb viewers exactly why the government of Thailand would put a 300% import fee on any vehicle, or ban the import altogether. Surely they believe in free trade and open markets, eh? So, in the next video we will want to be educated on this – ok? 😎

    1. LOL the short answer is no. The long answer is to force the population to buy cars made inside their own country to support local businesses and their economy

  12. Awesome video Chad! I saw a Peachtree City Shirt in a previous video! Georgia represent! Love the cool personal views of the city life and car scene! What about any Motorsports in the area?!

    1. There is a ton of motorsports here, it’s some of the best in the world, unfortunately right now all of it is postponed or canceled. As soon as things are back to normal you guys will see it! I promise!

  13. YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO BUILD YOUR OWN R34?….Well I build my own cars for my YOU TUBE Channel, did you see my 2012 Dodge HEMI CHarger? I got that one on my pilot video!..What i do is buy the cars for my channel and customize them a little …then when im done i sell them and move on to the next! So As as a travel vlogger i do Fitness and Cars as well…so we have LIKE interests. 🙂

    1. @CB Media youll get there…im certain of it! Happy to see your channel soaring! your close to getting your SILVER button……Then you will see the algorithm do something amazing after it hits 100k! you will see…hehe thats why i want to get there as soon as possible myself! Take care and stay safe! also since your wearing glasses your safe from particles in the air that could get in your eyes! peace!!

  14. Great information. I had no idea that the taxi’s can also be a Grab driver. That’s cool and comforting. I don’t think the taxi guys can double dip like that in the U.S. Keep up the great work.

  15. So 2 million baht for the car (R34 GTS) and 1 million baht more for the GTR conversion, 3 million baht in total for the complete conversion including the car? That’s more than $100k USD

    1. CB Media I can’t wait to see it, show us more of the hidden stuff there, I see you didn’t cover some of the things in the last video.

    2. CB Media yes my friend, I know, I live in Thailand and in Bangladesh, import duty on cars is crazy in second world/third world countries in Asia, it’s frustrating. I didn’t know the price of the conversion and the price of regular Skylines until I watched your video. I must say your contents are amazing, I love them, I just shared your video of Heng Thammarat’s garage in some automotive groups on Facebook, they all love it too, keep up the good

  16. Well,same like in Malaysia. GTS to GTR. The only problem is the transfer case fouls the tunnel due to it being RWD factory floor pan. RWD from factory floor not same like AWD floor from factory. R32,R33 and R34 have this kind of problem. If you are planning going for AWD, find GTS that AWD from factory. GTS R32,R33 and R34 more cheaper in Malaysia than thailand. You can get it under RM100k or 25k usd here.

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