Sit’n’Talk | Walk’n’Talk | TRUE DIGITAL PARK, BANGKOK

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  1. Mike after 40 I don’t care as much about looking cool . Don’t get me wrong I like to dress nice but I go for comfort first nowadays.

  2. Mike when I was in the Philippines 🇵🇭 I learned to keep small change in my pocket and would give on a case by case. I will say when I was in Manila I had just walked out of McDonald’s with 2 bags of food heading back to my nice hotel room a girl about 14 years old came up to me and asked me for food for her and her sister. Well I was impressed that she did not ask for money 💰 so I gave her enough money for food and I felt good in my heart to help. I am a softie when I see the poor. Another women had her 2 year old put his hand out and it worked on me as well. I would go broke if I gave to everyone so I only gave on a case by case. Good of you to give to that man it will come back to you ten fold some day.

  3. I do feel sorry for the people that are down on their luck and I try to help them out as I see fit as I would never want to be it that position, you just don’t know how they became in that position. I was also wondering if you would be able to tell me a little bit more about your startup?

  4. in my SE Asia travels I was only approached by a “capable” person asking for money in Vietnam, in HCMC, while trying to relax from the heat in one of the parks.
    I too “paid him to leave” more than anything else …. but then he must have told his friends or they saw the transaction – because then I was repeatedly approached by others while still sitting there. Enough that I had to leave the park to get away from them. I left with the feeling they were not “needy” – as so many are – but rather that they just found a niche – using their english, french, german etc to approach westerners for a quick buck. That kind of soured my view.
    I have to remember, while I would prefer to find the perfect recipient for my limited generosity …. someone begging on the street is still begging on the street.

  5. I have yet to be approached by someone in Thailand asking for money, no doubt I don’t live there and stay away from the cities as much as possible when I’m there, I think in almost every Latin American country I have been approached but India and then the Philippines hardened me up to people asking for money, I would have been broke within the first few days if I helped everyone that asked, and I dress down and haven’t worn jewelry in 30 years so I can’t imagine what “rich looking” people go through. Thanks for sharing ✌🏼

  6. Not even a month ago, I’ve been approached by another Thai in a 7-11 no less (and i’m Thai myself), asking for a money. I was staring at him glaringly like he just killed my cat, i mean, even with my family i would never even give a dime. Who in the blue earth he thought he was? I just stepped away from him to another section of snacks, as a sign of “fu(k that beggar bs, ask someone else”

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