Sinopoly LIFEPO4 90 AH Battery Pack – Emergency Power in the Philippines

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  1. Your solution to the rolling blackouts is OK for short blackouts and if your not using too much power, but remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. If your inverter needs to increase the voltage by 20 times to bring the 12 volts to 240 then you need 20 amps per hour for each 1 amp you use for each hour. Also don’t think you can use watts to figure out the load, you will need to use VA (volt amps) when using an inverter. Watts is only for billing purposes not for actual load purposes. Also your inverter is not 100% efficient so it is probably closer to 25 amps needed for each amp that you draw. If you draw even one amp I calculate that your battery will last less than 4 hours before being full discharged. A few hours of power with the convenience you mention is not a bad thing, but batteries of any type have limited capacity and almost always less than you wanted and needed. Glad you can still hook up to the vehicle and have the alternator running to supply power for longer term uses.

  2. I think a ‘blackout’ is when you drink so much that you can’t remember ANYTHING from the night before and a ‘brownout’ is when the terrible things you said (or did😱) gradually come back to you during the day.

    Is that any help? 😳

  3. My first comment Ned. Let me tell you that you are the absolute first Philippine vlogger I watched. I forget why you were recommended, but I’ve followed you for as long as you’ve been vlogging. I’m stuck here in Florida until I’m finally able to travel international without a ton of hassles.

    I’m gonna be one of the ones that tells you to get a Honda generator. The new ones are fairly quiet and work great. Being in Florida it’s an absolute must just in case the big one hits.
    I wouldn’t continue to run your car like you’re doing. Those Hyundai are known for blowing motors unfortunately and idling for hours isn’t doing the engine any favors.
    Lastly, of the three you did well Mr. Clean. 😜

  4. Why dont you get solar pannels ???????????? we have a 100amp hour battery it does all our stuff tv computer fans run it all the time charging its free we only have one solar pannel 300w one then you have a good solar set up have look my solar set up our inverter is 3000 wats as well

  5. There is an electrical power condition called a brown out but they don’t use them any more. A brown out is when a generating utility cant provide enough power to meet their demand. In a brownout condition they reduce the output voltage of the generators which allows for more total amps to be available from the generator. Voltage and current are inversely proportional in an electrical circuit when one goes up, the other goes down proportionally. The only problem with a brownout is any motor connected loads run really hot and it tends to burn up motors. Lights just get dimmer. When utilities intentionally lower the voltage they are responsible for damages due to over current to motors. The utilities don’t want that liability. So now they just do rolling blackouts and shut off part of the load for an hour or 2 at a time. They spread the power loss over all the different circuits so the power loss time remains short.

  6. Yes, a solar array would be great, One step closer to reducing your emissions, China is pretty hot on solar panels, just have to get the good ones. A nice 4 kilowatt system be sweet.😎 solar and renewable energy products are advancing very fast,always good to research, lots of current information on YouTube.

  7. Great review. Thats what I like watching.

    But How long does it power a 1HP aircon then? Maybe a real life test?
    And affiliate links to the items so others can get too.

  8. We have a fairly large home in Naval, Biliran and we were thinking about making a fairly substantial investment in solar panels(maybe 40/50). We are wimps and like our air con. 🙂

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