Singapore – What’s inside Singapore’s famous domes? Cinematic vlog 17

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My Journey to travel the world and leave my old life behind had led me to the Beautiful city of Singapore. i decided to explore the two famous domes which held a little world inside. The flower dome, and the cloud dome located next to the marina bay sands. the flower dome is home to many species of flowers, and the cloud dome has its own mountain in the centre with a beautiful man made waterfall. Both domes cost16 SGD to enter or if you do two in a day it will cost $28 all together. It was an incredible experience and something i would highly recommend! It was amazing to travel in Singapore for a few days! Huge videos coming people! so soo excited to show you what is next!

Mutemath – Monument (Kasbo remix)

OZESZA – A Moment Apart


  1. I would love to see a full video on how you start editting for these intro’s. I am trying to learn new techniques but theres no such thing on youtube like you do it! keep up the amazing work

  2. That moment when I saw several parts building up the Marina Bay Sands. I know this is something way more awesome! Love the cinematic footages you’ve manage to capture even in the super crowded place. Transitions were great and your efforts will surely be seen and appreciated by many people. Looking forward to see more awesome video from you TK! TC from Malaysia 🙋‍♂️

  3. Oh my god !!! Benn your work is so inspiring!! you blow my mind literally every single time a watch your videos, its just breathtaking!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work ! cain’t wait to see your new video !!

  4. I really love your videos. Your editing is just amazing but also you as a person you are so laid back unlike many people on YouTube who constantly shout at the camera and are fake. Great job on this vlog, can’t wait to see the next one 🙂 Also I found the entire video just so beautiful I don’t know how to explain it was just visually very nice to watch, just the way you didn’t have to use crazy loud music, etc, to make a stunning edit/video.

  5. I just love every part of your film.!! You’re my inspiration T! Just need some gears and i will do my cvlog too. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Great concent! I can see how much effort you put into these vlogs! And judging by the dates you release content, you’re just getting better and better!!! keep it up 🙂 Let me know if you’re heading to Komodo!

  7. I am Vietnamese, I am very happy to watch your video. I like your video. Everything is very different in my eyes. I am very happy that one day will meet you in Vietnam. We hope you come to Vietnam a few more times. I will be your tour guide to explore the west Việt Nam. Western Vietnam where you never arrived.
    All FREE for YOU!

  8. you had a big problem on your videos. how can they just 23k views and only 177k sub. Cmon. This is priceless. Should be millions and millions boths sub and views.

  9. hey ben, what framerate did you shoot in?
    is it 25p even for the clips u slowed down, if yes why didnt you choose a higher framerate ?
    might be my monitor but it feels a bit stuttery sometimes
    just trying to figure that out, other than that amazing video as always !

  10. Hi Benn, I’m Japanese, and I’m currently studying on the Gold Coast. You got me into start making video. Hopefully I can see you one day!

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