Silliman Beach, North End of Dumaguete.. A Quick Look on a Cloudy Day

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  1. Thanks Henry. Do you ride your motorcycle everywhere, or do you just walk? Is this close to you where you live? Thanks for the video take care Henry.

    1. @Very Good i plan on re-visiting bohol with lyn once we can work it out with her work schedule.  as for living there again, it would depend on what i lyn and i decided together.  for now we’re both content in duma and hope to travel together later this year.

    2. @Tom Thompson i’ve mostly been riding since i got to duma.  i did more walking on bohol where the scenery is more natural.  here in town, lots of traffic.

    1. @lonnie nail what i keep hearing is that sharks are kinda rare in shallow water here.  mostly thresher sharks which are deeper.. whale sharks which are harmless and white tip sharks which ‘supposedly’ are not aggressive.  (depending on when was their last meal, maybe?)  🙂

    1. @Makoy Unggoy there are still SO many places to see.  it seems like months since the sun has come out much.  we had a sunny day 2 days ago, but back to overcast again.  rain has been light, but not great for riding around or doing outdoor vids.  🙁  little by little, day by day.  🙂

  2. Hi Henry I have a question you might know, yesterday being the supper bowl,, is there a place there that you could watch the game live? Or big sporting events is there a place to watch?

    1. @larry morris lots of the hotels and restaurants put on the big games or boxing/soccer events to bring in customers.  some hotels might charge 100p (about $2) but it usually includes a beer or two.  🙂

  3. I really hope I have plenty of time when I am in Dumaguete in june, puhon. Your videos are very informative as usual. Never been at Silliman beach for years. The last time was in 1992. I also hope I have time to take a visit at Kamalig. So many great places you have captured in videos. Just need time to visit 🙂 I think the city of Dumaguete has developed to a greater place to live than 20 years ago. The heavy traffic in the morning and late afternoon in the weekdays is not positive though.

  4. In reference to Sharks.  Unfortunately Shark populations  in PH have dramatically fallen due to illegal fishing from both local and Chinese fishermen.  Despite PH laws outlawing the practice the overwhelming demand for Shark Fin in China, has wiped out a majority of the sharks in all but a few places in the PH.  Where there are sharks the local ph  population has developed a tourist industry to protect them  (Malapasqua:  Thresher Shark).  Tubbataha-reef sharks.  Oslob with Whale Sharks  (which aren;t really sharks). 

    Locally in Dumaguette there are several protected Marine Sanctuaries but only a very limited number of sharks within their boundaries. Finding sharks while scuba diving in PH is becoming a rare but special event.  Spread the word that we all need to protect them.

  5. Great Video …My GF lives in Bagacay in Dumaguete City don’t know how far that is from where she lives. 8.5 years dating online can you believe it ?….

  6. Top channel kuya!
    Have you any vids on siquijor or planning on filming any vids there any time soon?
    as it is only a short distance by boat from dumaguete

    1. @Woodzy W it is on our list to visit together (with lyn), but lately the weather has been very overcast, windy or rainy.  should clear up soon.  

    1. @Eugene Lefebvre Desnouettes it’s not the nicest beach around here, but it looks better on a sunny day and the kids enjoy it.

  7. Thanx for showing the places the tourists do’nt go…Thats what I do when I am visiting   another country,,Kinda risky sometimes but adventurous!!
    Thanx again Henry!!

  8. Have you been to Agan-an? The beach there is a bit better plus they have decent cottages for rent. It’s on the opposite side of the airport runway seen on this video. You can go there by following the road right beside the airport. 🙂

  9. wow, what a change! i actually grew up near silliman beach and the two people that were selling street foods were actually my cousins. I am impress to see the new road being built. When i was growing up it used to be just pavements. Thanks for the video.. just made my day. Hope to see u around in March 2017!!1

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