SILENCE! How China silences her Citizens abroad

China stifles and controls what people say within the borders of Mainland China but how do they silence and control their citizens abroad?

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  1. There is a YouTube in Australia, his parents were contacted by Chinese police after his anti CCP message on YouTube. And he was forced to delete some videos b/c of this.

  2. Spain got a speach from a chinese person speaking spanish i dont know who he was probably a person from chinese embassy. “China sent help to Spain from alibaba, huawey, xiaomi, etc” and stop calling this pandemic “chinese virus or the wuhan virus”

  3. Well with Drew Pavlou getting suspended for 2 YEARS from the CCP controlled Uni of Qld for his Hong Kong protests shows the level they will go to even overseas. Along with what looks like a certain level of corruption in the state of Victoria with their involvement in the Belt and Road, I’m embarrassed with what is happening in my country.

  4. Conquering Southern China, CNC, & Stay Awesome China changed my opinion of people in China. Your podcasts have provided a future plan of treatment while separating the people (fair) from the CCP (reciprocal). Thanks for the education, Serpentza.

  5. He didnt even change shirt after he posted video about talking HK and talking to this serpentza guy. Same white polo shirt. I call it BS. Made up video…

  6. I’m really developing a certain disgust for that word “unacceptable”. It’s the go-to word for every level of real and perceived naughtiness and I hear it daily. It’s too soft. Even the consonants slide easily over the lips, a bit of passive hissing included.
    It’s a milk-toast expression that needs a protein shake plus pounds of cayenne to describe the actions of the CCP.
    Intolerable is a bit better. It is also used as “intolerance”, like an insult to individual ideologies. An insult on the playground. Yeah, I TOLERATE the noise from my upstairs neighbor…
    At least ‘intolerable’ has a ‘T’ in it, so it’s almost as good as spitting on that which is not to be “tolerated”.
    Can I get a WORD challenge here?
    Bravo, kid.

  7. Political amnesty visa under a tourists visa whenever a Chinese student in the US is intimidated like that would be a nice thing. Instant green card to the whole family. I wonder how that would pan out.

  8. LOL … As I’m typing, 22 communist-loving ass holes “dislike” this very good video. Good work, serpentza. Heaps of respect to the guy you interviewed.

  9. I see YouTube thought it prudent to un-ring my notification bell (SMH). Great work as always Winston. I have been listening to you and Matthew almost nonstop since I discovered your channels two weeks ago. Better late than never.

  10. You’re saying too much information. This is easily enough for them to figure out who this guy is. You shouldn’t put people in danger.

  11. I think the 50 cent trolls are commenting so much that your videos are showing up in my feed again. I really enjoyed your interview with Chris in C unscripted. In fact, that video brought me here. Cheers

  12. This is only the beginning. When you come back to China they will harass you on the internet and on the telephone. Stupid people will stalk you in order to bother you.

  13. imagine if we didnt invest in a totalitarian state as we did. then we would have a China acting just like North Korea with Winnie the ping as a simular icon as Kim ill Sung. Now the face of the CCP is opened for us all. once and for all i hope. Im not a beliver but bless the brave souls of true human chinese people who knows this and shares their stories behind the iron curtain.

  14. The fact that this tyrannical government had to go and get the guy’s parents to get him to delete his posts is so pathetic and childish.

  15. China _was_ an incredibly friendly and hospitable place … not so sure that if you were there now, you’d find it so friendly and hospitable.

    Of course, it is the fault of the Chinese Communist Party, but the citizens there have been controlled so tightly and for so long that they (for the most part) believe the CCP and are incredibly malleable and seem to have no long term memory, and that _is_ on them.

    OTOH, if I were living there with that authoritarian regime hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles I’d probably be malleable and less inclined to remember events and facts myself.

  16. I like the final part of this video. I feel so much for the Chinese people. They have such enthusiasm for welcoming foreigners. They are wonderful big hearted generous people. Of course there are bad ones who give China a bad face in the world. But on my travels there (not as extensive as Winston’s & c_milk’s) the Chinese people I met have been the best. They don’t deserve the government they’ve got. The CCP is below the Chinese people.

  17. Being a student of history, the way China is acting reminds me so much of
    Hitler’s Germany before the war started. Very appalling what the CCP do.
    Also glad you showed the nicer side of Chinese people as well.

  18. Yes, the Chinese population, like actually all common people outside the western world, are extremely hospitable and friendly. No matter how poor, they will share everything with you and you are the honerary guest.
    Imagine someone from Pakistan, Russia, China, Indonesia or Zimbabwe visiting Western Europe or USA.. they won’t even be let into our world. And if they get here, people typically would not talk to that person, or let that person into their home. Even if we are 1000 times wealthier. That’s food for thought.

  19. only way to stop china is bombing it probably, or does anyone have a better idea? it will eat all the smaller countries near it eventually and will be unstoppable if that keeps going..

  20. He should not have said that he organized the FB event, now he can be identified, should use bigger pixilation and slightly alternated voice

  21. If/when he decides to go back to China, this will be on his “record” and may considerably affect his personal and professional life. After living in several cities and provinces in China and travelling all around for work or pleasure, from 2008 to 2018, one of my biggest reasons to return home (even if China was home already, after 10 years and with Chinese family and friends , I don’t think a 老外 can ever really feel at home there) was in fact the (de)evolution I could noticed towards us, and how recently, it was so easy for locals to turn on/against us based on what they read on a forum or random WeChat group, no matter what. All the best luck for him and for all Chinese which are clear of thought and experience these kind of issues. My heart is with you.

  22. Yes sure serpentza, its called the art of war against foreign inference.
    I don’t need to watch this video to know whats all about.

  23. This is just one way how the Chinese government controls it’s citizens through fear. What people around the world need to understand is the communist party is much like the National Socialist Party under Hitler which used fear and arrests against its citizens. The Chinese people are forced to go along with the practices because they have no other choice much like the German people under the Nazis.

  24. I finally managed to get some medical N-95 style masks from one company who was still selling to anyone and was glad of it. The Chinese abroad had bought up so much of all the PPE’s and other cleaning supplies until people have to make what they need on their jobs here and that is so sad. I have you to thank for sharing that information about what was going on and worked to resolve my issue. The CCP is the cause of the virus problem and also the mass shortages and we have them to blame for our turmoil around the world.

  25. Totalitarianism showing its true ugly face. I give credit to people like this young man who speak out. Imagine how it would be, either in your home country or studying abroad, and constantly being on edge and worrying about yourself and your family. That is no way to live.

  26. To anyone that hasn’t seen Conquering Northern China AND Conquering Southern China, they’re 100% worth watching, regardless of the current political climate.

    My mother even liked it, and that means something.

  27. I appreciate the video, and it’s definitely interesting, but I just wanted to mention something. You say that his comment gives credibility to what you said before. But for who? I already believe you. For Chinese people? They don’t understand English. And you don’t have subtitles on your video. I recently discovered prozzie after searching for some more Taiwan related content as that’s what interests me, and noticed he has videos with subtitles. Have you considered doing this? Or even doing an interview in Chinese with EN subtitles? Like you said, Chinese people are more likely to believe another Chinese person, and him showing the cover of the passport was pretty great. It’s a shame I cannot show this to my Chinese friend.

  28. If a policeman in America asks you for permission to search your car say, “That’s not necessary.” They will only ask for permission if they do not have probable cause, or they wouldn’t need to ask. The reason to refuse is simple. You have to stand outside of your car while the police officer rifles through your property for around ten minutes. Cars are whizzing by if you are on the highway while the drivers are rubbernecking, so it is dangerous and embarrassing as well as being a waste of time for both you and the police. I also remain silent unless asked a direct question because it is my right and it gives the officer less to think about while writing the citation/warning/report. That’s it: 1. Turn the interior light on so they can see any potential threats and don’t have to shine the flashlight in the car. 2. Hands on the wheel so they don’t think you are trying to stash drugs or reach for a weapon 3. Remain silent unless asked a direct question. Don’t lie or show disrespect. If the answer is incriminating, refuse to answer. You can say, “I can’t answer that.” Many times they ask do you know why I pulled you over. Of course not, you can’t read their mind and should not admit to a crime while answering. Don’t argue with the officer. Arguments are made in court. 4. If you are arrested, defer any further questions to your attorney. You can be polite and friendly while being firm about your rights. The police can lie and trick you with multiple interrogators, but it is a crime to lie to them. That is a no win situation in the interrogation room or jail, so only offer helpful information or talk if you are totally innocent. For instance, you can tell other detainees to choose their friends wisely so they change their ways, especially if the detention officers and sheriff’s deputies are violating your human rights in full view. That can really scare other inmates straight if the victim is being tortured for information.

  29. @serpentza you need to stop letting people share so much identifying information. Any one piece by itself is not identifying, but combined the CCP would be able to identify this guy. Do the guy a favour and beep out some of the info.

  30. Although it would take a lot of processing power it is possible to reconstruct his face from this video. As he moves the video gives out more information.

  31. BRAIN WASHED 😭 EVIL = C.*C.P. = The *ANTI Christ = 👹 ♨️SATAN ism 😈 😱 😭 😨 = The PEOPLES ■**■ANTI 😢LIBERATION■ of Their CHINESE😍Peoples’ (GOD GIVEN)✔ but 😭 ■”STOLEN” 😲 ●HUMAN✔ ●RIGHTs✔ 🤔 😣SADLY 😭

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