Sickness Update Apr 05, 2015 – Bacterial Food Poisoning

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  1. Glad to see you well again. Did you get the medication at the pharmacy without seing a doctor? What is the point of a blood test after taking antibiotics?


  2. sorry to hear you have been unwell, hope everything turns out well. Hope it was not from the Tacos you enjoy so much

    Had an instance where every one was getting lethargic at a place I worked, turned out the water was being left in the urn overnight and reboiled the next day, so 1st thing in the morning I always change the water in my kettle now

  3. I’m glad you found a solution and am curious if you just figured it out on your own or did you get professional help to know what antibiotic to take.

  4. Glad your feeling better. Not sure how much water you are drinking but try pounding down as much as you can and see it that make a difference. Extreme tiredness is a symptom  of dehydration which gets worse if the digestive tract is not real happy. A liquid meal like chicken soup would make you feel better and sudden changes in temperature could make you more lethargic as your body adjust. As we get older this adjustment may take more time.    

  5. What I do not understand of people is why they’ll take  antibiotics without consulthing a doctor first.
    I’ve never take medication without consulting a doctor first accept for any painkillers.
    It’s good to hear you’re feeling better now though.

  6. You should not diagnose yourself unless you have extensive medical training; nor should you take the antibiotics without talking to a medical professional – regardless of the results…

    1. @MrMongo321 Nonsense! Nobody knows you better than yourself.

      Henry certainly knows what’s going on with his own body. Bacterial infections are not hard to diagnose.

  7. Henry “el rey” velez. I have a question my brother. To start I’m happy that you are feeling better. My question is two fold. One .. You discuss the other bloggers in the philippines, like my philippine journey.. And also the bald guy with Michelle . I forget at the moment his name forgive me. Are you fa,Iliad with pops z, or something to that nature and also bebotsonly??? I am not exactly clear on what angle bebotsonly is trying to take. By no means am I trashing it… More so I don’t understand it. Any insight you can give I will appreciate it because you live there and understand the culture better than I .

    1. @ty cromwell Mike Philippines (my philippine journey) is a good friend of mine, over on iloilo. i just visited with him on my way back from boracay. Ned/Michelle (my philippine dreams) are also good friends of mine and we get together every so often when our schedule line up for breakfast or to cover an event in town. as for popz.. for whatever reason, he began making snide remarks about me and a few other vloggers, so i block/banned him. whatever his problem is, i want nothing to do with it. as for bebotsonly, i’m friends with a friend of his, but don’t know him personally. he does a whole other angle on the PH which introduces young filipinas to expats. personally, i think that’s a mine-field to handle given the way laws are structured in the PH regarding ‘human-trafficking’. it’s too risky for me, but he seems to have survived it (so far) that i know of.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines That’s life in the Philippines.  You have to take an active role in your medical care, not passive like in the US.  Sounds like you are doing well Henry, all the best.

    2. @Beyond Idaho ha! i did take in all the good advice i got here, and learned a few things along the way. regarding diagnosis.. doctors say, “when you hear hoofbeats, expect horses before expecting zebras.” a bacterial infection seemed the simplest, most likely answer. if that was the case (and it was) then antibiotics should have an immediate effect. if a/biotics did nothing in 2 days.. then it was time to look at something systemic.. such as low blood sugar, hypertension or low testosterone. i still plan on doing those tests after i’m done with the a/biotic course.. i’m curious where i stand with that.

  8. Henry do you have an email? I want to present my financials status with the early retirement and I wanted to get your opinion but I wish to do so private.

  9. Yes henry better watch eating out in 2002 I got red tide poisoning in manila I don’t eat shell fish or squid balls any more. I thought squid was OK to eat from street vendors in manila.ended up in hospital 3 days later.Dr told me don’t eat shell fish here has red tide poisoning .so for me no more squid.shrimp.scallops.crabs abilone no way.hope you are better now.good luck eat better from home.safer

    1. @William Austin i refuse to each ‘kimchi’ that is prepared along the shore or street. i know it’s supposedly ‘cooked’ in lemon juice and/or vinegar but i don’t like it so much that i’ll risk stomach pains to have some. my other g/f insisted on getting some in cebu.. i had a pork chop. i was fine, she was in and out of the toilet the next 24 hours with a fever.

  10. Good to hear that youre in the clear. Henry. but bloodwork is still a good idea anti-biotics can be decieving at times. I found out I had an iron deficiency when i thought it was a bad cold/allergies 

    1. @Master Hughes i don’t think anyone was specifically trying to poison ‘me’. rather it was the fact that the resto had lost it’s last ‘real’ cook months ago and made a cook out of one of the waiters.. who has ZERO understanding of food prep or health standards. that’s how it happens here.. a cheap manager and delegating in sheer incompetence which puts the customers at risk. trust me, some people are really just way too under-qualified to be managing a bbq stand, let alone an entire restaurant. but in a culture where managers are chosen based on the fact that they are a relative (nepotism) and not merit.. it happens way too often.

  11. Henry, did you get blood tests and consult with a Doctor or other medical professional before starting the antibiotics you are on. It is very dangerous to self proscribe medications etc. I am glad you are feeling better but you need to see a medical professional and get an accurate diagnosis to ascertain the cause of your illness. Hate to see you really get sick. Hopefully everything turns out alright.

  12. Glad ya got a handle on it Henry and feeling back up to snuff bud!  
    Growing up, primarily around Hispanics. My best buds mom made the food in the morning, let it sit on the stove without lids.And everyone helped themselves when hungry , thru out the day. Not knowing how many flies etc had “rested” on this food. She made her own chorizo, hung it in carport to dry, as she made her own Tripa’s too. We ate it no problem and I think, that’s why our immune systems are stronger. I rarely get sick, then it’s a cold and will be 3-5 years before I catch another. I will nibble raw hamburger cooking it, as my mom did,I  like my steaks rare for most part….

    1. @Slappy Fistwad feels good to be in the land of the living again. 🙂 meanwhile, an expat i’d planned to meet for dinner yesterday came down with e.coli poisoning from some seafood. he’s in hospital for 4 days, gonna be okay.

  13. i got sick yesterday in thialand luckly i threw it up and only felt bad one day my first mistake was to pick place that was very cheap i got two dishes that only cost around 2.50 usd a piece so i only spent 5 usd and an water for an buck i ate about an third of the first noodle dish that had beef in it i forget the name of the dish and i started throwing up and couldnt stop throwing up right away i threw up in the bowl that it was in and some outside so i didnt get known on the floor. i told the worker and he blamed me and still wanted me to pay for it and the other dish i didnt even take an bite out of. it wasnt much money but out of principle their was no way that i was going to pay for the food. i was very polite at first but i started to lose patience and raised my tone an little bit i felt like just walking out but was affraid to get an arrested in other country and figured he may relize my voice getting louder would scare the customers off. he still didnt bend but i came up with an solution i offerd to pay for the water and he accepted and things were resolved i hope he didnt serve that dish to anybody else. i went back to my hotel and sleep and rested the rest of the day and when i woke up thank god i felt better

    1. I think it was something else before that got you sick. It takes a while for something to cause issues. Price is not necessarily reflective on food standards. What it a busy place?

    2. @john doe i’ve heard stories of a simple disagreement in thailand escalating badly. about a year ago, an expat was killed by a taxi driver over a dispute about the fare. crazy stuff.

  14. I think the first 2 things anyone should look at when feeling overly tired
    is low testosterone ( common in men over 45 + ) and hypo thyroidism,
    which are very common, followed then by diabetes. This would be more
    systemic problems, and blood tests would need to be done.
      Because you undertook to a anti-biotic regime to cure your problem,
    that’s the very first thing to look at when in a foreign country. The local
    people seem to be able to eat anything and not get sick, as their systems
    have evolved over time to be able to eat just about anything.
      I know when I was in Mexico for 2 weeks, I had constant stomach pain,
    and gases built up. Had diarhea, all the time. I know it was from the food,
    as there’s hardly any refrigeration systems there- meats are all out in the
    open in the warm climate in the market. The locals do not get sick there.
       My solution- I thought it was the water ( even though bottled) or it was in
    the meat I was eating. I decided to do 2 things that cured me. I only drank
    Corona beer ( water is distilled) and ate fish-and it worked just fine. I lost
    quite a bit of weight though. Funny thing is that here in Canada- I can literally
    eat “anything” and not get sick. I guess it depends where your from ?? and
    what types of foods your used to eating. I’m a little bit worried about getting
    sick on the food, when I go there for a vacation.

    1. @Anthony Hill ;none that are ‘mandatory’ or required by law. some people get their Hepatitis and malaria shots. there is no vaccine for dengue. also Tetanus is one to consider.

  15. The problem with food in the Philippines is it is left out all day. Food contamination is very prevalent do to lack of knowledge of proper food handling.

    1. @Mika Lee yes. it takes a cast-iron stomach, ready to handle the inevitable bacteria local here. i do fine most of the time, but guys who come here for their first international travel excursion usually have the hardest time with stomach issues. i’ve spent a lot of time in mexico and street food in los angeles, calif., so i’ve built up at least some resistance over the years. but nothing protects you from things like e.coli or salmonella. those are bad news for everybody.

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