Shrimp Pond Update

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  1. Holes like those used to drive me crazy , the dam yabbies would tunnel between ponds and cause the fish to pass between. Making maintaining fish sizes difficult. The holes were also a nightmare to plug.
    The water causes the boards to expand and close up small leaks as long as the boards are wedged in tight.

  2. I don’t know if it would be a viable solution, but cat litter has alot of clay in it, so when repairing leakage, perhaps using bags of cat litter compacted into repair trench might help prevent leakage…just a suggestion…

  3. Perhaps if fitted PVC U-shaped conduit in the cement grooves using water proof silicone, might improve the situation .
    I must say I like the idea( from pat mosher) of using as big an inner tube as would fit between the two sheets of boards, , connecting a 10 foot hose and valve to the end and using a footpump to inflate it, can easily get 35 or more psi, pressing the boards sideways into the grooves.
    Don’t actually have to go into the sluice and use/ remove wedges each time!
    One man operation situation lol.
    Glad you a had a bit of a look around the banks at a suitable time( timing was important), for possible leaks!
    Was wondering about those, presumably will need fixing, prior to introducing fry!
    Not only to prevent fry escaping, but preventing, possible predators coming in!!


  5. Maybe you could put some tarp in the water and part way up the bank were the leaks are . Weigh it down with stones . Yes I agree the water will wash the mud out . But things are looking much better than before . I worked construction 40 + years a lot of it was concrete but you know how things are on the internet someone always disagrees with the way you do things .

  6. Fish pond on tiding rivers are more susceptible to leaks than inland ponds. This #1 problem should be checked always because burrowing critters like crabs, eels, snakeheads, catfish and rats can bore holes deep into the berm that can lead to seeping of water through the other side as leaks.

  7. Your so determined that you know best. Pholopinos as well as all of Asia have been using singular boards and dirt not silt to seal there ponds for hundreds of years successfully. If your not going to invest in modern equipment then dont try modifying what is known to work. If it aint broken dont fix it.
    Thats the reality of things.
    I am sorry if i hurt your ego but face up to it, perhaps you dont know best.

  8. Love to watch the two of you work, especially as I sit here in my easy chair. As an inveterate armchair quarterback, I do have a couple of comments:

    1. You might want to rethink about removing the mud in the high places. That hydrostatic pressure wash of water going back and forth in the leaks in the banks will cause them to fail catastrophically if not taken care of. Mark the leaks out and hire a crew for a couple of days to move mud from the high area of the pond to where they have dug out the leaks ready to refill.

    2. You might want to put ropes around the bags of mud and lower them in the channel between the boards. A couple of people could remove the bags in a short period of time and as they are lowered they could be tamped down to fill the edges.

    Looks like the barrel was good idea! I like your idea of using the barrel and the boards together.

  9. well, you may have solved the problem of keeping water inside the pond…now another problem is how do you aerate the pond and refresh the water? Also you may not have to fix all the leaks…here is why:
    I think that you should consider PVC pipes running from the creek, through channels dug through the dirt berm wall and running into the pond…long sections of PVC pipe glued together, with an upturned L section of pipe inside the pond, connected by a 90 degree elbow connector….

    the pipes would have to be supported by sticks sunk into the mud of the pond…the pipes would run into the pond and end at different locations…at the top of the L-section above the pond water surface would be some sort of screen attached just below the top of the L section of the pipe…at high tide the water would flow into the pipes and into the pond, flowing out of the top of the L section opening and then flowing through a circular screen attached below the top of the L section….
    as the water spills out of the top of the pipe and into the pond at high tide, the screen through which it flows aerates the water naturally by putting air bubbles in the flowing water…
    this way it would not matter if you have some leaks in the pond…at each high tide the pond would be topped off to some extent…refreshing the water and aerating it..and also compensating for any leaks in the berm and or gate…besides aerating the water, it would also refresh the water and keep your shrimp alive and healthy because the water is constantly refreshed by inflow through the pipes and outflow through leaks in the berm and or gate…

    the exact placement and height of the pipes would have to be configured according to the height of the high tides that are expected…in case a tide is TOO high, you would have to have an emergency outlet pipe at a somewhat higher height that would allow water to flow out of the pond and into the creek

  10. Looking good. I agree that backup is very good idea, help slow down slow leaks. Need a hand tamper to pound ground firm around die repairs.

  11. I just have this gut feeling that you have been taken advantage of here, that the owner knew the Berms leak and knows you will have to fix them. We shall see ; time will tell.. We all know water seems to find it’s way.

  12. The rain is good . Remember ur rice fields.

    Why didn’t u clue rubber around the edge of the boards. Ti help seal the edge im just curious

  13. Dang all the issues this pond has it almost would have been better to buy(if money allowed) raw land and start from scratch! 🀷 Also I was watching another chanel and the azzola thrived with their shrimp pond! And cat tails all around the bank helped ballance the ph in the pond! I don’t know if if can grow there but I can send some seeds so you can try it md the cat tails are loved by the pigs too! I thought I would share that with you in hopes it might help!!

  14. Have you considered having Tatay plane an angel on 5 foot boards that are six inches wide to use as one big continuous wedge against the full vertical length of the check? Would need 4 of them. Better bring a ladder if you are planning to get down in there yourself.

  15. Excellent!! So happy for you to see this problem get solvedπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ now all ya need is a phillipino beaver to take care of them leaks

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