Shrimp Pond Update 3/8/21

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  1. Dont put in the timber wedges, they will do more harm than good. You want the presure of the mud to force the boards evenly against the slot in the concrete to help form a seal. Putting in wedges on the river side like you had is only going to push the board the wedge is on away from the sealing edge.
    Compact in the dirt to force the boards appart.
    I do want this to work for you Brian

  2. How about using a semi trash pump with some lay flat hose to refill the pond as the water goes down. That way you don’t have to worry about always lifting the gates and tides. The water goes down just pump some in. I know its gas ⛽ but it might save your back and shoulders.

  3. That pond water level is still not steady, because of berm leaks. When it’s high tide water from the river will seep in through the berm leaks and when it’s low tide water from the pond escapes out thru leaks.

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