Ever wondered if you should become a digital nomad by making money online? Here is the reality of being a digital nomad and why I chose Bali as a digital nomad. Checkout the Michael Kors Lexington 2 Smartwatch here: Thanks to Michael Kors for sponsoring this video!

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  1. True that! It is the best but financially a very uncertain lifestyle! You have to learn to live with very little money and save up when you have make a lot. I suggest to build your secure business and clientele first and start travel after that.

  2. Went to Bali over the summer and really enjoyed it. We actually went to that coffee shop at 3:06. Props too for talking about the negatives of being a digital nomad. Nobody ever seem to want to talk about the downsides of things.

  3. Nah we wanna just enjoy your videos for a good 30 mn and then go back to real life. Like being a doctor, lawyer, policeman, you know like the jobs that do a significant positive change in people’s lives. When we get time, we can be nomads and volunteer abroad instead of being in a hostel and writing about destinations. Sick of Bali.

  4. Christian please tell us about if you have felt tired of travelling till the point you’ve doubted if you wanna keep going being a full time traveller? And if that was the case, how did you get over that? Thank you!!!!

  5. Already make 5k a month working on my laptop. So im ready to jump in on this lifestyle. The only thing hard to figure out is how they manage the visa problems.

  6. I really connected with this video. As a Digital Nomad for almost 3+ years now I can really agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. Great job!

  7. The video is super informative. I am building up to it as I also love to travel and aslo have channel. You should definitely visit Pakistan and explore from the metro to the peak
    of mountains.

  8. I come from Bali. I am local. Careful you all that wish to be diginoms. We dont like you doing what your doing on our island.
    Note… i think you all need to be careful with anywhere, because doing what youre doing can easily upset locals. Digiital nomads have this self entitlement and pretentiousness attitude around here. wake up…Bali isnt yours… stop acting like youre local…Bali was nicer when they were just visiting….now this… everybody decides to stay… and these videos that put Bali on the map again… we dont need it… nobody here calls it paradise… we call it home…. only foreigner perception has called this paradise.. look where thats got us…

  9. Appreciate the Free Advice and seemed like you had some Humble ambitions so very pleased with the Nomad vid. Totally agree with people not accepting others, very common these days so cool seeing that mentioned. Oh! Goodluck with the chick Lol:P Srsly.

  10. Pleaseeeee, Can you talk about receiving money from all over the world?! Best online accounts, apps, websites, anything! <3
    Love your videos, always well-edited! <3

  11. loving this, thank u for sharing and so true <3
    The seat on scooter made me laugh... thats why i alwayssss travel with a sarong in my backpack. Multipurpose thing 🙂 going from beachtowel, to spare towel, to blanket on airplanes and transits, ... and from getting your butt burned 🙂 enjoy your journey, thanks to keep on inspiring

  12. Co-working spaces make the life of a digital nomad so easy. If I hadn’t started working in co-working spaces, I wouldn’t have stayed in Bali for 8 months. The co-working spaces you showed are really the best in Canggu.🌴❤

  13. oh brother. All the benefits about places to work had nothing to do about work.  Time to grow up kids. Without paying taxes in your home country you will not be entitled to retirement benefits which you will need later in life.

  14. Having lived the life for 9 months in Hawaii, Fiji and Australia getting full time London software contract rates until that ended and I then found work in Brisbane for another 3 months (I had a working holiday visa for that) I am considering going back as a freelancer working from Bali where I know people for a UK client that has been sending me enough work to live off for a year now. I know I probably broke some rules doing some work for a UK client while in the US on a tourist visa so a video on the visa situations in the most popular destinations would be super helpful. Taxes are the other thing. I know I could have saved myself tax if I’d set things up differently before I left the UK.

  15. Thank you for this vedio. I hope you make the video about visa. I think its important to know and it would be a huge help in the process of becoming a digital nomade ❤

  16. No offence. But Bali is terribly overcrowded, traffic snarled and polluted. It has great branding, but the reality of living there (as I did for 3 years) is quite different to what you see in videos like this. I admit that as a Westerner living somewhere like Bali, as I did, you change it – mostly for the worst. Unfortunately, so much of Bali has been destroyed now. Just being honest.

  17. Transferwise is Amazing, and I had one claim from World Nomads that was a life saver.

    I lived in Bali as a digital nomad for two years but had to come back to Canada to take care of family.

  18. Wao, Great informative video about Digital Nomad lifestyle. Great stunning views and you man, Great Humble, Passionate vlogger you are. Stay blessed. Much love and respect from Pakistan. 🌍🌹

  19. I’m making around $150 a day, 7 days a week consistently, & plan on making more within the next coming months. Would it be wise of me to take this leap? I don’t own a business, so i dont think i would have the same struggles as many “digital nomads” do. I day trade, so i only spend 2-5 hours a day studying/working. I’ve always wanted to do this since i got involved in trading.

  20. Thank you for the great video and advice! I believe in the saying to “JUST BE YOU” (never seek approval from anyone) and everything will fall into place. LIFE IS SHORT!

  21. Have been watching you for a while, you helped planned our family trip to Thailand , I am so happy for you , with all the success which took alot of hard work and now you inspiring other people to follow their dreams too, you a really good guy Christian and wish you all the best for the future.

  22. More more more! About what each one does everyday as coworkers for the channel, about bank accounts and currency (do you get cash or pay with credit card?), about emergencies (hospitals), about how many hours of video do you star editing?

  23. I’m a digital nomad too. working at for 2 years now and making 4k-5k euro monthly, It’s not a lot but I can pay for my lifestyle while flying all the time

  24. Ive worked with digital nomads, or as I call them, remote team members, for about a year now. Ive had a TON of positive experiences working with folks all over the world. Right now I have one guy in Nigeria, one girl in UK, one guy in Moscow, one guy in UK, one guy in Belarus.. Just to name a few.

    I just posted a video about what its like working with digital nomads that have worked out really well. Typically when you have someone that wants a quick thousand or two thousand dollars for doing one or two tasks, you end up not working with them for very long. Ive found that those who proved their value early and EXCELLENT communication skills tend to be the ones Im shelling out 4-5k on a month.

    Dont think that just because you call it a nifty name, that its going to be easy. You need to provide value to the employer. As long as youre doing that, you can do it from the beach! haha. Check out the video I posted for more details.

  25. Instead of transferwise or any fiat money alternative, you could try getting paid in Stablecoin cryptos. Like USDT. It always equals to 1USD. Advantage is that it has no borders. You’ll get money within minutes.

  26. All fine but STOP to put your hand in front of the camera! Is a behaviour that bother me and a lot of other people, is like to put your hand in face your watchers. That’s an beginner mistake not for pro as you ;). Thanks

  27. I can tell that video is quite motivating! Thank you! I have a question tho, do you shoot commercials or any product videos, real estate videos. What is your main income? How does it work when you travel around Asian countries? Thank you, would appreciate to receive any feedback regarding my questions 🙏

  28. I’ve just uploaded my moving to Bali experience! It was a life changing decision and I cannot wait to share more insights with you. Check it out in my latest video!

  29. Respect you man. so much motivated. i am doing slowly this blogging ,saving some money for my camera accessories from 9-5. i really wanted to do this and your videos are so much motivate too me m taking this stuff now very seriously. Love you brother ❤️

  30. We were starting our digital nomad journey this month and had to stop and we have to go back home in the US because of Covid-19. We want to continue after this crisis. We definitely love Bali and Bangkok.

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  32. Loved the video and Bali is also my second home. One mistake you did was mentioning that to be a digital nomad you have to have your own business or be a freelancer… fortunately that’s not true, I started as a full time employee of a company, with a fixed salary. There are more and more remote full time jobs that give you extra security while being a dn. 😉

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