Should Marijuana Be Legalized In Indonesia? | STREET DEBATE

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  1. I feel that the first girl who speaks English have a combination of American and Indonesian accent. But why she needs to force herself replying in English every time?

  2. One of the main reasons why most of asian countries make it illegal is because they know that weed is rotated illigally and it’s basically become a business for most of em.. people only really care about money. If it legal then this business would be broken down and there won’t be income for these people. Hence in the name of taboo it’s illigal.

  3. 4:40 this moron has no idea what he is talking about and this is the only reason cannabis is illegal anywhere still, morons with no actual education on what the substance even is.
    This old fool just speaking out his ass

  4. I’m okay with recreational Marijuana being illegal…as long as tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar are, too.

    There’s absolutely no reason medical Marijuana should be illegal.

  5. As with every drug the most harmfull thing about cannabis are the diluents and biocidals that are used in the production. It certainly has medical effects. One of it is that is lowers immune system activity, which is good if suffering from autoimmune diseases, not so good if you have a real infection.
    The mental addiction to cannabis can be very strong and it is very bad for schizophrenic people.

  6. 6:35 oh c’mon bro… A person need to eat 22 kg or smoke 680kgs/1500 pound’s of weed within 15 min to make their name in the history of mankind and dude, who are these lot of users you’re talking about , thought the competition was still goin on 😒

  7. If People cannot dredge up the level of inquiry that ‘a free individual’ can ‘rightfully’ assume for themselves? These People do not deserve; *nor are they fit* for ‘such a high level’ of Personal Autonomy.
    For them? A ‘Leader’ or a ‘panel of ‘Experts’ can ‘Look after them’ in their stead…

  8. banning weed because ? there is hardly any side effects and almost nobody in the world goes aggressive when consumed too much, but alcohol , nah lets keep that. i smoke everyday, i have a good job , a house , i don’t look like a crackhead, now say the same of someone that drinks everyday, also weed is not addictive, but alcohol is, anyone saying it is should look more into it, also u cannot overdose on weed.,… how stupid man..

  9. Indonesia’s Government and other governments of the world are a perfect example of bureaucracy at its worst .
    It’s a damn medicine , like morphine etc . It doesn’t take a genius to disguise the difference . Besides , in its medicinal form , the THC has been removed .

  10. No proper education about marijuana in Indonesia is the critical factor that creates negative stereotypr in the society. Media just makes it worse in displaying solely the criminal side of it. When it comes to Indonesia, religious beliefs also play an important role.

  11. haha when governments get involved in legalizing drugs it’s always about taxing goods, MONEY. Honestly any civilian high on their butts who wants to legalize this is just gonna get ripped off by the government sooner or later when it goes legal.

  12. As Indonesian myself, I feel proud of the people answers. They could get their stance why they agree and not agree! To speak up about our mind is not a really Indonesian thing and this culture are decreasing by time. KUDOS FELLOW INDONESIAN!

  13. Medical marijuana is a joke and it’s destroying America. We are still holding our ground in Texas. Indonesia stay stong. Don’t back down. Keep your country clear of drugs. You have our full support.

  14. The really is que está prohibida el consumo de esa drogas y otras más, es un delito, a las leyes en Argentina,,,. Muy interesante la información saludos cordiales desde 🇦🇷 Argentina

  15. The way we make laws…
    Sometimes I think we need to reform/evolve this process.
    – for one, we need to involve more people in the decision process.
    – we also need to include more experts, from all applicable fields.
    – finally, we need to include the businesses with financial interests.

    The 3rd point above is probably the most important because it will make the decision process more transparent.
    Most times, they are behind many of the laws that are being crafted/passed/imposed on the general public.
    They also operate in the background, covertly; and it’s often a taboo to suggest that they exists.
    Terms such as “special-interest groups”, pharmacy, etc, are sometimes used. 🙂

    If you want it to be legalized, be willing to sign away to rights to production&distribution to only the pharma-companies.

  16. Interesting, to think they have formed strong opinions from T.V programs and not Scientific studies or research and that drove the people/ government to reverse their decision about it.

  17. In ancient India the use of ganja, marijuana was so widely used that it was part of the civilization. The British in their rule wanted to ban it but failed. And made a conclusion that it was part of life of India. And today we see USA using it as psychological medicine and also research is being done to use it against cancer.

  18. Even marijuana is illegal in indonesia alot ppl still using that (not for medicine) so i understand why goverment banned marijuana
    What goverment need is hard regulation for control that in hospital

  19. It will never be legalized, there are a lot of religious oppositions. Even people that you have interviewed confused about drugs with opioids with marijuana, they think it’s the same.

  20. Asian Boss is a racist chanel torwards south Asians amd Asean nations. They only feature good things about their own country South Korea. When it vomes to other countries they degrade and look down.

  21. I remember seeing a video of a tobacco-addicted Indonesian child chain smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. You go to jail for using cannabis as medicine but something like that is totally fine? I will never understand

  22. I think going from strong punishment to legalisation would be too big a jump for them. They will need to take it step by step, which will include educating the people about weed and reducing the punishment e.g fines instead of jail time. Then after that it will be easier to talk about legalisation

  23. In India Marijuana doesn’t even make it to news because it’s everywhere. It is linked religiously to Hinduism and you’ll find sages smoking it around, you could just sit beside them and wait for your turn to smoke it if you want to. I am sure even some ministers are in to it. Quite frankly it’s alright to me, marijuana can make two arch rivals to just sit down and talk and chill.

  24. “It is not forbidden to use in a medical use but not for recreational use, cause if people argue with that what about Alcohol & Cigarette which is everything is good, but in moderation”

    -Catriona Gray (Miss Universe 2018)

  25. Well….
    If you ban Marijuana, you should ban smoke.
    Both are bad.

    To be exact, the derivate of Marijuana should be legal but the use for it to smoke weed should be banned.

    consume weed then becomes addict.
    What’s the difference with smoke?
    Oh… smoke company pays lots of money and sponsoring lots of event

  26. It should be legalized, if not for smoking poth it still can be used as export, cooking, and medicinal things. Legalize it and there will be a new industry, police and national security tried again and again to banish marijuana, spending taxpayer a lot of money yet marijuana is still there.

  27. My roommate was prescribed hydrocodone after her hip replacement surgery. It didn’t help much with the pain and she couldn’t sleep. Since it didn’t help for the pain, she was taking the pills every hour.
    She didn’t know that hydrocodone was an opioid and addictive. When she ran out, she started to experience withdrawals. Pain, shakes, sweating, vomit, and no appetite.
    The only thing that helped was when I gave her marijuana. She was relaxed, had an appetite and could finally sleep through her hip pain. Helped with her withdrawals and physical therapy too.
    Marijuana is far better and healthier than prescription drugs for pain.

  28. If you don’t agree with marijuana for recreational use then you shouldn’t agree for alcohol to be legal for recreational use either. Alcohol does damage to the young minds too plus I’ve never met anyone who gets angry or violent when they smoke weed. Unfortunately I’ve met many people who get violent when drinking.

  29. the problem is Indonesia’s govt base everything on religion instead of logic. 2/3 of Indonesian men smoke cigarettes, killing ppl on the daily, yet they refuse to use marijuana as a treatment for medicinal uses. It’s obvious that first world countries have used them for decades to treat patients, backed up w scientific facts, but this country is too ignorant and the politics are dumb af

  30. I’ve never personally smoked or used anything like that.
    But, I will say that the medicinal use of marijuana is real. The problem is that there’s a negative association with the plant. The medicinal form from what I understand has none of these negative effects and is used for pain relief among other medicinal uses.
    Making it illegal will just make people find ways to get it; often which is illegal and less than ideal means. They could get a bad version of it that could make them really sick.
    I think Indonesia and other countries around the world should educate people of the medicinal benefits.

  31. aku rasa kebanyakan orang nggak sadar kalo undang-undang bisa ngebatasin seberapa legal sesuatu wkwk. paling nggak sebagai obat/terapi harus legal lah. banyak penyakit terutama yang berhubungan dengan saraf yang bisa diobati dengan ganja. tapi penggunaan untuk rekreasi/bersenang-senang tetap ilegal saja, atau paling nggak diregulasikan secara ketat.

  32. “A lot of people overdose and die.” Lol, it’s not even possible to OD on cannabis. The number of people that die from tobacco and alcohol are astronomical but those two substances are perfectly legal. It’s all about how the government and media chooses to spin the narrative. If their agenda is to paint all marijuana users as potheads, then the vast majority will adopt that stance because few will go outside of their way to question it. People are inherently lazy and want to be spoonfed.

  33. Do these people understand the only reason its illegal is because the US government made it that way to control people of color and convinced the rest of the world to go along with them? Great job holding up racist laws.

  34. We aren’t ready for legalization even for medical purposses bcs:
    1. lot of underage smokers (a lot)
    2. its forbidden to get “high” in major religion (islam) and the extremist will… ykwim
    3. tobacco company will do anything to stop legalization

    but still i hope in the future they will legalize it 🙂

  35. Smoking Tabbaco is far more dangerous than smoking Ganja. No one never died from smoking Ganja. Pure Ganja does not cause cancer Like Tabbaco does. And it’s a perfect pain killer, good for a lot of aliments. Arthritis, fits, muscle problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, nerve problems, all forms of pain, help you sleep, help you relax. I prefer Ganja to drinking alcohol.

  36. I see it as most things being, that it has benefits though should be used in moderation. Like most things too much can be bad. Whilst saying that the users are usually people who are not harming others. I can’t say the same for growers or distributors.

    Bottom line. Do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt others. I hope it is done in moderation and with some form of self discipline. Stay happy and stay healthy. Soul body and mind ✌️

  37. Indonesia is a bad place to consume cannabis, they don’t know America continent or Europe. In those countries people consume and nobody cares about that
    I live in Costa Rica, latinamerican country, is illegal here but the people smoke and grow, because the laws aren’t so strict. A lot of doctors, lawyers, students, sick people and others smoke here

  38. I think it’s not because Indonesian people didn’t open minded yet, but mostly they use marijuana for negative thing. Mostly we know that marijuana have benefit for medical side but still a lot of people use it just for having fun/stress reliever.
    Like, a lot of teenagers use it for having fun with their friend which is so stupid thing to do, they do a lot of bad things under the effect of marijuana. In my opinion that it’s okay for medical use as long as the permission is obtained only for doctors and patients who are being treated, even then with strict supervision. Anything apart from medical use must remain illegal.

  39. I find it so wrong that in some Asian countries sex crimes get a few years in prison but someone doing/selling weed gets a decade of jail time. *That’s just insane to me.*

  40. I think this is a universal issue and it all boils down to responsibility and abuse. Much like any medical drugs, particularly prescription pain killers, in order to discourage abuse, it must be made illegal for unauthorized use and distribution. And in order to draw medical and therapeutic benefits from it, it should be made legal to be prescribed by licensed professionals.

  41. As someone with a Chronic Illness and who works in the Cannabis industry in California currently I can say without a doubt that it been stigmatized beyond belief despite the fact that it’s relatively harmless. You can become dependent on it, and it can become a problem for some people, but like with anything there needs to be a balance. I use it for my illness once per night with my dinner, and it helps me significantly. I can process and absorb nutrients better when my condition doesn’t allow me to. It allows me to sleep and recover much easier. All around it can be a very beneficial part of the human experience if used with care respect.

  42. I haven’t watched the video yet but isn’t Indonesia one of those backwards counties that will literally kill you over cannabis possession? If i got the wrong country I’m sorry but if it is then Indonesia is a fool’s paradise.

  43. Hey june. My friends think Marijuana is natural so there just like eh, you know.

    Sighing. People always trying to make money because they use money ti trade for what they want and makes world go round

    Everyone has an opinion. I think as long as you’re not selfish …

  44. Peminat2 Asian Boss sekalian boleh tak support channel saya?
    Saya berasal dari Malaysia. Baru sahaja membuka channel saya yang bertema jalan2 di Malaysia. Harapan saya nak jadi Youtuber yang berjaya di Malaysia macam Asian Boss
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